Holiday lettings in Europe

Apartments in the best UK's destinations

With Hundredrooms, experience for the first time the ability to truly distinguish between what is out there in the vast choice of holiday lettings and what is the best quality and cheapest. Never has it been so easy to experience a city as locals do. It is now totally feasible to rent short term apartments in the most popular cities and see more of the world in the most authentic way possible. We can help you to do just that. At present, we have more than 6 million lettings available worldwide for you to enjoy your stay at the cheapest price. And they include the most popular destinations in the UK:

Cottages all over the United Kingdom

Instead you may be looking for cottages in one of the most quaint destinations across the UK. Now it's very simple to run away from the city and enjoy an ultimate weekend getaway anywhere in the country, with the most beautiful landscapes and views that your mind can imagine. These are our featured places:

Villas in the most beautiful islands

You can also be the owner of entire villas for a few days. Pick one next to the sea and enjoy your summer holidays like a boss, which will be very easy in any of this islands. Atlantic or Mediterranean, what water do you prefer?

Holiday lettings next to the best beaches

We know that you love the south west european coast and all their destinations. Portugal, Spain, Italy... sunny countries that you can also enjoy with a short stay in any of our featured holiday lettings next to the beach. These are our favorite destinations, begin the serach in the one you like the most.

Holiday apartments in the top cities

Alternatively if you’re thinking of hopping across to one of Europe’s diverse and amazing cultural capitals or any in the world, we make it just as easy to find the greatest holiday apartments for that something a little different. Take a look at our main European destinations and even beyond for some inspiration for your trip:

Find your lettings anywhere in the UK

Finally, we want you to be able to reach any destination in the United Kingdom that you wish and all their holiday lettings, so here you can find all the areas in the country in order to let you advance in your research.