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Book with Hundredrooms to find the best offers in Newquay cottages to stay and experience this Cornish town like no other. Hundredrooms works endlessly to collate all of the best holiday rentals near the beach so that you can relax into your trip without worrying about booking something that is too expensive. We compare prices, facilities, location immediately, and bring together all of the houses to rent in Newquay that we’ve found from all of our partners all on one page. Newquay is colloquially considered to be the surfing capital of the South West region of Cornwall, and regardless of whether you join the thousands of surfers and beach goers that descend upon this town annually for the electric Boardmasters Festival, you can join the youthful and vibrant atmosphere at any time of year as this town is always alive with a buzz and seaside activity at Watergate Bay and Porth Beach. Many holidaymakers choose to book surf accommodation at Fistral Beach, too. Whether you’re here to surf or not, it has many pubs, bars and clubs alongside and nine sandy beaches that rank highly for the water sports enthusiasts that book Newquay holiday homes year after year. What makes Newquay special is its capacity to attract both families and young people of all ages and from many different places. It is a laid back coastal town that you are sure to fall in love with as soon as you get to know it properly. Located in one of the most beautiful regions in the UK, it is cushioned by gorgeous landscapes of the Celtic Sea, the English Channel and the dramatic cliffs of Cornwall. Make a holiday your own entirely with Hundredrooms - we compare the best holiday apartments in Newquay for you, you and your partner, the family. It’s really very simple - tell us how many people you’re travelling with and what dates you’re thinking of, and we’ll take care of the rest. In a matter of seconds, we collate all of the holiday apartments that we’ve found in one place from all of our respective partners. We save you time and money in coordination with your taste and requirements. Sounds good doesn’t it? It makes the whole process of booking Newquay holiday rentals, which can be an expensive endeavour, that whole lot easier. Here you have more options than any other comparison site, and you’re guaranteed to get the best price. Booking hotels for large families can weigh heavy on your expenses, and we have this in mind when guaranteeing the perfect holiday in Newquay for you.

Places to stay in Newquay, Cornwall

Some of the most gorgeous villages and towns are located immediately outside of Newquay town centre, and one of them is bound to take your fancy as the place for your holiday rental. Booking a self-catering lodge to rent means staying in one of the prettiest villages, and also some of Cornwall’s top surfing spots.

  • Watergate Bay: Around 4 miles north is this sandy beach village which is dog friendly and is a delightful choice for your holiday accommodation. The beach is almost 2 miles in length and is a great place to walk and take in the views.
  • Porth: Another popular area of Newquay that has a lot of self catering accommodation to choose from, alongside one of the biggest beach areas.
  • Mawgan Porth: One of the most popular places to stay due to the many acres of beach that you can enjoy, along with other natural attractions that are great for kids such as caves and rock pools. It has one of the largest offerings of services around the Newquay areas due to the number of restaurants, cafes, surf hire shops, and plenty of apartments to rent in Newquay. Nearby are a large number of coastal warks, and it has regular buses to and from the town.
  • St Mawgan: A small village nearby that is popular for its pubs and the River Menalhyl that runs through the centre. A quaint place to stay.
  • Holywell Bay: This village has a large sandy beach that can be enjoyed by all of the family. Many like to come here to body board or take their dogs across the sand. Here is also the Holywell Cave where at low tide, you can see an Argentinian shipwreck offshore. It is a great place for a picnic, and is taken care of by the National Trust. Booking a holiday apartment here is a good idea if you’re looking for a romantic place to watch the sunset.
  • Crantock: An ancient village which joins the Atlantic Ocean at its beach. It was once known as Langurroc which means ‘The Dwelling of Monks’ in English, and is because a group of Irish hermits had an oratory in the village. It has a large sandy beach and here the River Gannel forms a boundary with the parish of Newquay.

3 bed cottages to rent in Newquay

Cottages to stay in Newquay

Best time of year to visit the UK surf capital

This is known as the best surf spot in the UK, and so for once, the British climate actually makes for fantastic surfing conditions due to the windy south coast! Most people take two factors into consideration when visiting this town - the weather and how busy it will be. It has recently become an all year round destination, and is no longer closed throughout the winter waiting for spring to appear. The prices for Cornwall accommodation are cheapest during the winter period, and you are certain to find a place even over Christmas and New Year. Cornwall rarely experiences snow, and in comparison to the rest of the UK winter temperatures never fall below 10 degrees Celsius. It is usually wet and windy, and slightly warmer than the rest of the country. Spring is a popular time to visit Cornwall due to the pleasant leafy trees and still relative quiet. Without a doubt, summer is the busiest time to visit Newquay and is when prices for holiday rentals are at a premium. Many people flock here during the summer holidays when it is busiest in terms of surf school and more. and prices for accommodation are the highest. If you book last minute, you might find something but prices will be a lot higher. The summer guarantees the best weather however expect queues and crowds. The autumn period after September is also a wonderful period to visit for the Indian summers. It is a great time to visit, as prices are slightly lower but you can also guarantee that you will be able to see the touristic sights that would perhaps otherwise be inundated during the summer period. Surfing is most popular during this time of year when days are long, water is warm and winds aren’t are heavy. It can turn particularly stormy during October and November for surfing conditions.

Newquay Zoo and other points of interest

If you’re looking for things to do in Newquay besides surfing, we can help you out. The place is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and rolling hills so you can enjoy endless walks, and also other leisure activities in the town.

  • Newquay Harbour: Once known as ‘Towan Blystra’ in Cornish, this is a charming spot to walk around and enjoy a coffee next to the boats.
  • Blue Reef Aquarium: One of the most scenic aquarium that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and you can see a range of different themed displays.
  • Newquay Zoo: Visit hundreds of different species in one place, from a lion to a zebra. It is Cornwall’s biggest zoo, and is set next to a scenic lake. It is fun for all of the family, but a particularly great day out for children.
  • Trerice: A Elizabethan manor house and a jewel in the crown of Cornish heritage. It belongs to the National Trust, and has wonderful interiors and gardens.
  • Dairyland Farm World: A good day out for the kids, here you can pet lambs, rabbits, donkeys, piglets and even llamas. It is open in all weather.
  • Newquay Land Train: Put your feet up and go sightseeing at leisure on the road train that goes up and down the promenade.
  • Holywell Bay Fun Park: An adventure park where you can race go-karts and have fun with the kids on slides and more. There are 25 attractions, an ice cream parlour and a diner.

Best beaches in Newquay, UK

With some of the best beaches in the whole of the United Kingdom, you are sure to find something that suits you and your family - whether you’re after great waves to surf, a place to have fish and chips, or calm waters to swim, we have it all.

  • Fistral Beach: Translated from the Cornish, this means ‘Cove of the Foul Water’ although it is far from! Lifeguards are here from May through September and there are lifeguards at times during winter, too. It is one of the most well known beaches in the UK. It has many offerings for bars and restaurants nearby, and you can take dogs here. It has great consistent waves for surfing, and is where most competitions take place due to the fact that it experiences bigger waves than most.
  • Holywell Bay Beach: A little further from Newquay itself (approximately 5 miles) it is a good beach for children as it has a shallow paddling spot. There are no food or toilet facilities, so make sure you bring a picnic. It is a safe spot with dines that reach the sea, and lifeguards through the main season. During the high season however, a cafe is open.
  • Tolcarne Beach: With a beach of golden sand, this is enjoyable place to go for a swim. It has facilities for surf schools and other activities. Dogs are not allowed throughout most of the year, however you can hire beach huts and park nearby.
  • Towan Beach: From the Cornish ‘Tewyn’, this means sand dunes. It has a generally low tide over rock pools which makes it enjoyable for families. Dogs are allowed and there are great parking facilities. The Island off the coast of Newquay is most photographed from this beach. Lifeguards are also present here for a large portion of the year.
  • Crantock Beach: Wondering where the best beach is located for novice surfers? We would recommend this large beach with great waves for all levels. It has a range of rock pools, dunes and caves. It is not far away from Newquay and has a lot of services available to enjoy your day fully.
  • Watergate Bay Beach: This beach has been designated with the highest standard of water quality, which means it is perfect for swimming. You can enjoy restaurants here, and it is renowned for being the most popular beach for many surfing events. Its ‘swell’ from the Atlantic makes for pro waves, and it is backed by cliffs.