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Compare thousands of the best holiday lettings in England in preparation for your holiday to one of the many diverse destinations in this intriguing and luscious green isle. Whether you’re looking to visit one of its Gothic spired cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool, or you’re looking to get lost in the beautiful towns and villages such as Cambridge and Harrogate that each tell a tale of their own - we have holiday rentals in England to suit you. You won't miss out on any variety, because we work with more than 100 partners to make sure that you have all the possibilities you could need to choose holiday lets in the area. All you have to do is let us know how many people you’re travelling with, and when - we’ll take care of the rest by quickly displaying all results on one screen. Are you looking for holiday cottages in South West England? Look no further - we can find you some of the most remote getaways in the likes of Devon and Cornwall along the Jurassic Coast. Alternatively, are you looking for holiday cottages in the North of England? We can equally impress you with the wealth of choice we have available in the likes of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. Many people dream of spending their holidays in the English countryside, and you can customise your search to suit you best. You might also be looking specifically for holiday cottages in the South East of England, where you can find your dream holiday letting to rent on the Isle of Wight, or in Brighton. The beauty of choosing England for your trip is that you can choose to live next to some of the most picturesque spots possible; what about a riverside holiday cottage? The River Severn offers a whole range of beautiful nearby accommodation, or alternatively, you can find canalside holiday cottages with a traditional pub nearby. Not only are cottages popular, but another popular option is a holiday log cabin. Perhaps you are looking to escape to the North West of England, and explore the Pennines. We have plenty of options, whether you’re looking for a cheap let or a luxury holiday lodge. What are you waiting for? Escape to England now!

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England still contains to this day an uncountable number of cottages which date back to the beginnings of their old population, something you can see in the centres of the majority of the regions. The most interesting villages hold a lot of all the personality of the place ; but also, combined with the most interesting capital cities, all display the wealth passed down from previous generations. This is the trait which best identifies England, which in addition is made up of various areas of special attraction , and each of them can be found all over the main parts this county. Palaces , colleges and all types of buildings which are all over the popular parts of this type of land , of so many styles and from decades ago which seem impossible and which stay in your memory forever. Are you ready to visit the region from start to finish starting from your holiday cottages in England!

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The principal cities in England are all unique in what they bring to English shores. Predominantly, English cities are a fantastic blend of Georgian and Victorian architecture, alongside cutting edge modern builds - you can stay in a beautiful terraced house for your holiday accommodation in England, or a modern holiday apartment in the city centre in the likes of London or Manchester.

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Gastronomy in England

There are a number of typical dishes native to the shores of England that should be tried during your stay in a holiday home in England. To begin the day, the classic English breakfast is served in most places, but in particularly in ‘greasy spoon cafes’. Another firm favourite is the fish and chips, best served sitting on a bench overlooking the sea, but is served everywhere. It is normally served with mushy peas and curry sauce. An English dish that is popular and is often available in a variety of eateries and has been reinvented and modernised, is ‘bangers and mash’. This is usually made up of sausages, mashed potato and gravy. Speaking of gravy - if you’re staying in a cottage for the weekend, you can’t let the Sunday roast go amiss. The most popular dish in England is the chicken tikka masala, and this is thanks to the fantastic range of Indian cuisine in England. You must be sure to try it with a naan bread and poppadoms.