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Selection of seafront holiday cottages and sef-catering accommodation

Discover holiday homes to rent on the Isle of Man

Compare the best Isle of Man cottages and holiday lets available on the internet, and you can enjoy the Manx island for its unique culture and rugged coastline for yourself. At only 570 square kilometres, it is a small island that is considered to be a unique beauty in the Irish Sea. Here at Hundredrooms, we understand that finding the perfect holiday rental is not always as easy as you might think. Located between Great Britain and Ireland, this island is steeped in history that dates back to 6500 BC. We offer the best Isle of Man holiday accommodation. Designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it has a bucolic nature that with a landscape with some incredible scenery. It is home to rugged coastlines drawing people to book holiday apartments in the Isle of Man; whether that is for the world famous TT motorbike racing season or for something more calming, there is something for everyone. There are beautiful valleys all over the island, and you may even spot one of its famous tailless cats, known as Manx cats. Semi-autonomous from England, the Isle of Man is a fascinating holiday destination with a pick of the best self-catering cottages you could find. You might recognise the triskelion when visiting here and staying in a an IOM cottage known as the ‘Tree Cassyn Vannin’ in the Manx language, and chances are you will have one in the brickwork somewhere.

Places to stay on the Isle of Man

There are a wide selection of accommodation options when you travel to the Isle of Man. You might be looking for holiday houses ready to compete or spectate in the TT race, or alternatively, we have some tranquil cottages to rent in the Isle of Man. Depending on your needs, we can find you dog friendly accommodation or something that accommodates your bikes if you’re looking to explore the luscious valleys on two wheels. Lose yourself in the Manx hollows, and then retire to the perfect Isle of Man holiday let. The best option for your trip has got to be self-catering accommodation, of which there is a wide range. Whether you’re looking for a country cottage in the South or perhaps an apartment to rent in the West, we can help you decide which is best.

When to visit the Isle of Man

The best time to visit the Manx island in terms of its weather conditions has got to be between the months of June and September. Generally, temperatures are quite cold throughout the year as you would expect. The prices for accommodation are at their highest however, during the annual Isle of Man TT Races in May and June. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous racing events in the world and takes place along the Snaefell Mountain Course, along the roads of the island. This is probably when the island is at its busiest and noisiest, but is also a fantastic time of year to visit!

Large cottage stays on the Isle of Man

Dog-friendly accommodation

1 bedroom holiday cottages

Snaefell and other points of interest

  • Snaefell: Snaefell is the highest mountain in the Isle of Mall, and reaches 2,037 feet. A saying on the island is that on a clear day, from the top you can see six kingdoms; the Isle of Man, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Heaven. Some choose to add a seventh which includes the Sea (also known as Manannán.
  • Castle Rushen: A medieval castle which is located in the capital of Castletown. It is a fantastic medieval masterpiece and often changed hands between the English and the Scots.
  • Peel Castle: This is an original Viking castle, that stands on St Patrick’s Isles overlooking Peel Marina. There is plenty of Manx history to be discovered here, and was once the fort of Magnus Barefoot, the 11th century Viking King of Mann.
  • Calf of Man: A small isle located off the southern tip of the Isle of Man. It has approximately 600 acres and is now popular with birdwatchers and is home to many species of bird including the Manx Shearwater.
  • Laxey Wheel: This is the largest working water wheel in the world, and is built above the village of Laxey.