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Find holiday apartments in Brighton and you could stay in one of the most popular seaside destinations in the south of England, just a short distance from London. Hundredrooms works to compare thousands of holiday rentals so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than relaxing and enjoying your trip. All you have to do is let us know the dates that you will be travelling and how many people you’ll be travelling with, and in a matter of seconds we will present all of the best serviced apartments on Brighton Seafront on one screen for you to compare. Brighton is the epitome of the lively and vibrant seaside towns in the UK, and with its colourful past as a cultural hub for the mods, rockers and Victorian holidaymakers, it is now one of the most interesting places to spend a weekend in the UK. Not only is it a stone’s throw away from some of the most breathtaking national parks in the south of England, such as the Sussex Downs, it is also close to the UK capital by train. It is a largely independent and bohemian place that endeavours to maintain its sense of uniqueness among British cities; all you need to do is take a trip down to the Lanes during your stay in one of our Brighton holiday rentals to get lost in the streets of various retro goods and throwback items to see that it is a city with a pulse. Explore the seafront, find holiday accommodation near Brighton Marina, and take a trip to Brighton Pier to relive the Regency days of Victorian leisure time - you’ll feel as though you have transported straight on to a film set. It is renowned for its fascinating history associated with the mods and rockers; England’s alternative youth sub-groups that painted its history. As a centre of culture and LGBT communities, you can expect to find a wide range of pubs, bars, restaurants and more during your stay in one of our places to rent in Brighton - all while making the most of warmer climates along the pebbly beaches. Brighton is one of the most decorous cities in the UK; the Regency architecture of the likes of Brighton Pavilion are sure to win you over, and we can help you to find some of the most fabulous cheap accommodation in Brighton so that you can make the most of a weekend in this electric coastal city in the south - whether you’re looking to stay in a beautiful self-catering rental in Hove, or in an apartment with a sea view, we can help you find it all here at Hundredrooms.

Places to stay in Brighton, UK

Brighton has expanded somewhat over the years, and now there are plenty of areas with lots to offer for you to consider booking your holiday homes in this city. We can help demystify its layout to ensure that you will be staying in an area that is perfect for you and your holiday needs.

  • Brunswick: For proximity to the beach, this is one of the best area for holiday homes to rent.Here you can find many leisure activities close by, such as charming cafes, the Old Market theatre and views overlooking the sea. It has a faded seaside charm to it that visitors love.
  • Fiveways: Close both to Preston Park and Brighton city centre. It is particularly popular with young people and is a trendy spot to live, with many multicultural shopping facilities for your holiday house in Brighton.
  • Hanover: For a traditional spot full of English pubs, this area is full of decorative houses and lots of hilly streets. It is a great spot spot to find a holiday flat.
  • Hove: Known as the more affluent area of Brighton, it contains many weekend apartments that are built in the typical Regency architectural style.
  • Kemptown: The central hub for the LGBT+ community in Brighton & Hove. It is a vibrant and lively area with some of the best pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants in the city. Consider booking holiday accommodation here if you are looking for some great spots to eat, drink and immerse yourself.
  • London Road: A regenerated area that has fast become one of the best spots for pubs and restaurants in Brighton. It is a vibrant and unique street, with plenty of things going on. You’ll find excellent markets and places to shop where you can find a whole range of odds and ends.
  • Lewes Road: Largely populated by students, it has some of the best food shops and takeaways. It has largely been gentrified in surroundings areas, which means that it is a good place to find a modern apartment to rent in Brighton.
  • North Laine: The cultural hub of Brighton, it has an incredible array of unique restaurants, pubs and bars that are bound to entice you. It is bordered by some of the principal streets in the city, and has many independent establishments that breed zany culture.
  • Seafront: The most emblematic area of the city, arguably. Many locals choose to relax along the seafront throughout the year, whether that’s outside their beach hut in the evenings or cooking up a storm on a barbeque. It is the best to head down here and watch the sun go down from a beach house.
  • Queen’s Park: If green space is your priority during your trip, booking an apartment to rent here is a great idea to be located next to its Victorian park.
  • The Lanes: This is the oldest area of Brighton, and is a jumble of small alleyways and cottages scattered from the sea up to North Street. It is the best location to be close to all of the best bars and restaurants.
  • The Level: Locals love to hang out here, and it has now become a pleasant public space with a skatepark and kids playground. We recommend booking group rentals here, and there are regular festivals held here. A relaxing spot for both locals and visitors alike.

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When to visit Brighton & Hove

The best time to visit Brighton depends on what you want out of your trip. Unlike many British destinations, it does experience generally good weather throughout the summer, and the winters are quite mild. Summer is usually the best time to visit Brighton; it comes alive from May onwards when it hosts the Brighton Festival and a series of music festivals. August is probably one of the busiest times to book holiday accommodation, as not only is the weather significantly better, but it also when Brighton hosts its annual Pride event, which attracts thousands to the city for a weekend of great events and attractions. Heights in August are at around 20 degrees Celsius which is a lot higher than the rest of the UK, and in January, the weather is a lot cooler, but can still be an interesting time to visit and experience the British seaside in one of our Brighton beach houses. The great thing about Brighton is that it extends far beyond a mere seaside destination; there is much to be enjoyed as a city culturally which makes it a year-round destination.

The Royal Pavilion and other points of interest

During your stay in your Brighton holiday rental, you will have plenty of things to do and see, and some of the most stunning Regency architecture that has inspired films and books for centuries in popular culture. Take a look at just some of the things that you can enjoy here:

  • Brighton Palace Pier: One of the finest examples of Victorian seaside architecture, this pier was opened in 1899 in the holiday boom of the seaside resort town. It is still home to many fairground rides, restaurants, bars and places to sit and enjoy the sea.
  • Royal Pavilion: At first glance, it is hard to imagine that this is a British landmark! Built in a traditional Regency style, it overlooks ponds and is a palace built in a distinctive Asian style. You can wander around and admire the rooms and gardens, and it was originally built for King George IV.
  • Brighton Marina: A working harbour which is a popular place to book a place to stay in Brighton. You can find many retail and commercial shops, alongside cafes and restaurants. It was first opened in 1978.
  • The Lanes: A series of iconic shops and boutiques located down small winding streets and alleyways. They are famous for finding one-off items of furniture, clothing, and retro items, and certainly warrant a visit.
  • Brighton Toy and Model Museum: For a step back in time, visit this museum which has over ten thousand artefacts dating back from the 18th century onwards, such as train collections and antique toys from the UK, US and Europe.
  • Booth Museum of Natural History: A collection of birds, fossils, bones, butterflies and more. It is still very much in its original style, in that of a Victorian collector, and is a great day out.
  • Old Police Cells Museum: Learn about the history of the Sussex police force here, with an fascinating glimpse into the mods and rockers era and far more, dating back to 1830.
  • British Airways i360:

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  • Newquay: A Cornish town which is most famous as the UK surfing capital, and one of the most popular holiday destinations for all of the family. Find holiday rentals in Newquay here.
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