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Find hundreds of Bath holiday rentals for your trip to the beautiful spa town of southwest England. Here at Hundredrooms, we understand that finding the perfect holiday accommodation is not always the easiest task. That is why we have taken the time to make sure that we can present you with the largest selection of Bath holiday lettings possible by searching across all of our partners to see what offers they have, and which best suits you and the needs of your trip. Bath is a city full of history and culture and some of the most stunning Georgian architecture in England such as the Circus and Royal Crescent. It is most famous for its hot springs and thermal baths such as Thermae Day Spa, that have been popular since the Roman times and to this day are still the perfect way to relax. Why not book a house to rent in Bath for the weekend with self-catering facilities, and truly feel at home? Bath is equated with the tales of Jane Austen, who was often inspired by the city for her novels. Cultural arts are still very much thriving in this city - you can take a trip to the Theatre Royal during your stay in a self-catering apartment, and explore the various period restaurants, tearooms, and gastropubs. You will also find the greatest selection of traditional pubs and bars in this fantastic city, and there are many ways for you to enjoy Bath just as 18th century society once did. It has been awarded a UNESCO World Heritage Site status and is the perfect destination for a weekend trip in your holiday cottage in the Bath area, particularly if you’re thinking of visiting the neighbouring city of Bristol, or travelling from London. Visit the beautiful city of Bath and its sacred spa identity, and use your holiday home as a base to explore the stunning Somerset countryside alongside the Cotswolds which are not far away.

Places to rent in Bath

  • City centre: If you’re looking to be well located next to the hubs of arts, culture, history and gastronomy, you should consider finding Bath self catering accommodation in the city centre for your trip. It is the location of some of the oldest of sights and points of interest, including the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and so on.
  • Oldfield Park: This area is the perfect choice if you are looking for accommodation in Bath for families. There are also many offers of group accommodation here. It has a range of great charity shops and local cafes and small eating establishments.
  • Bear Flat: This is great if you want holiday accommodation close to the shopping district.
  • Widcombe: If you are looking for something a bit quieter, head to Widcombe which is located across the Halfpenny Footbridge on the other side of the river. There are many independent boutiques and places to eat.
  • Walcot: Considered to be the ‘hipster’ district of Bath with many alternative shops and cosy pubs. You will find a large number of Georgian houses for you to find your short-stay holiday let.

Large group accommodation in Bath

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