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Compare among thousands of apartments in Nottingham and you can visit the ancient English city that dates back before the Roman times, and is where the legend of Robin Hood and tales of his Merry Men all began. Want to find the perfect holiday accommodation in Nottingham? Look no further. Hundredrooms understands that finding a holiday rental can be an arduous task at times; particularly with the wealth of choice that is available nowadays. That is why we have taken the time to compile all of the possible offers from a range of partners for your holiday cottage in Nottingham so that you can easily see all of the available It is often nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Midlands’, and is set in the heart of England and is great spot for shopping while you’re staying in an apartment in Nottingham city centre. Named as UNESCO City of Literature, there are plenty of tours detailing the history of the city. Are you looking forward to relive the adventures of Robin Hood for yourself, in Sherwood Forest? Or perhaps you want to climb up to the top of Nottingham Castle? All this is possible with a self-catering apartment where you can come and go as you please. A popular option for many is to find hen party houses for that special event, where you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife. We believe this is the best option as you are guaranteed complete freedom with what you can do. Due to Nottingham’s coal mining history, is has the largest number of man-made caves than anywhere else in the UK, so you should certainly explore them. Hundredrooms gathers all of the possible options for holiday home in Nottingham on one page - all you have to do is tell us when you’re thinking of visiting, how many people you are and we’ll take care of the rest. Looking for something specific - like dog-friendly accommodation or maybe even a log cabin with a hot tub? We have that too!

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Nottingham can offer a whole range of differing holiday rentals for your trip to this city. Whether you are looking for something rural on the outskirts of the city, or a modern city centre apartment, here we have it all. As well as being famous for its lively nightlife, its very own Sherwood Forest can also be the ultimate retreat. Making its way as an arts hub, the city’s Creative Quarter could be where you decide to book your short-stay apartment. In this area which was formerly the centre of the lace factories, the Hockley district is now popular for contemporary holiday lets in Nottingham. Why not stay in self-catering accommodation with a hot tub? This is a truly decadent option that could be perfect for your holiday. If you’re looking to watch the football at either Notts County or Nottingham Forest FC, we recommend finding a short term rental in the city centre. Alternatively, you can find quieter cottages in Nottingham a little further out of the city.

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When to visit Nottingham

Nottingham is quickly becoming a cultural hub, and will be hosting an autumn book festival to celebrate the lives of the likes of D.H. Lawrence and Lord Byron who all lived here at some point. There are many other iconic art events, such as the Grand Tour art trail that takes place in March. For this reason, the best time of the year to book a city centre apartment is in the spring and the autumn, so you can make the most of the great new cultural events on show.

Nottingham Castle and other points of interest

Nottingham Castle: Located on Castle Rock, which is a strategic position 130 feet high and a former royal fortress.

  • Wollaton Hall: An Elizabethan country house which is now the Nottingham Natural History Museum. It has a deer park, and is used for large scale events. It was built between 1580 and 1588 for Sir Francis Willoughby.
  • City of Caves: Original sandstone caves underneath Nottingham city which descend under the earth to the Anglo-Saxon tunnels that were originally there. Nottingham was formerly known as Tigguo Cobauc in Old Brythonic, which translates to ‘place of caves’.
  • National Justice Museum: Located in a court and prison building, here you can discover more about the history of the penal system that dates back to the 1780s. It forms part of ‘haunted’ Nottingham, with which you can take a ghost tour in an old Victorian courtroom and gaol.
  • The Arboretum, Nottingham: Originally established in the Victorian era, this 19th century park was the first public park in Nottingham. It has over 800 trees planted and is a lovely place for a walk.
  • Old Market Square: The largest surviving pedestrianised city square in the United Kingdom. It is very much located at the epicentre of the city, and covers 22,000 square metres.