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Compare apartments in Oxford to save time and money when planning for your trip to this historic university city in the UK. Check what we’ve found! Discover hundreds of Oxford apartments for rent and you too can experience this wondrous university town that is packed with historical colleges, and medieval heritage with a modern twist. Hundredrooms knows that finding holiday rentals can be a difficult endeavour, given the vast range in choice and facilities. We compare thousands of types of Oxford accommodation according to your needs and price range, by searching across a range of our partners. Oxford is a city in the South East of England and is best known as the ‘city of dreaming spires’, thanks to its history as home as the oldest university in the English speaking world which was founded in the 12th century - the University of Oxford and its corresponding colleges such as Kings College, Trinity College and Magdalen College. It can easily be reached from the likes of London, Bristol, Birmingham and Southampton and you are sure to be enchanted by this city and its architectural prowess and examples of English buildings from all periods, dating back to the Saxon era. It is likely that booking a holiday letting in Oxford will mean staying in one of the fairytale buildings overlooking the hub of the city - the great thing about this place is that booking a holiday rental in Oxford city centre will mean you will be in walking distance of everything worth seeing. From your holiday accommodation, you may very well visit the likes of the Bodleian Library or the Radcliffe Camera which are must see sights. One of the best ways to enjoy the city from your holiday apartment is to join the Oxford pub crawl around some of the oldest pubs in the country, or join in the quintessential activity of punting along the river Thames! If you’re looking for something in particular, for example 2 bedrooms or access to WIFI, we take this into consideration and make sure that we offer you have the best choice. What are you waiting for? The stunning city of Oxford awaits your arrival… so book your self-catering apartment now!

Places to stay in Oxford

Oxford is a relatively compact city despite the depth of its historical offering, and seemingly hundreds of university colleges! Oxford got its name from the term ‘Oxanforda’ which means a ford (shallow crossing) in the river where cattle (Oxen) could cross safely. The university has existed officially since the 12th century, but it is a unique teaching institution in that teaching existed in some shape or form since 1096. It developed from 1167 onwards, as Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. Despite this, we have summed up the differences between different areas in Oxford to help you decide where to book your self-catering apartment.

  • City Centre:
  • The city centre is the best option for ease and proximity across the rest of Oxford. It is full of winding streets and alleyways that are full of small shops, cafes and places to buy souvenirs. Walking through this area of the city will mean that you can admire the Gothic architecture surrounding you, and here you will find the majority of pubs and clubs for the nightlife.

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Holiday lettings in Oxford

When to visit Oxford

Oxford can be particularly busy with tourists during the summer months of July and August, and for this reason is when holiday accommodation is at its most expensive. The best time of the year to visit and truly experience Oxford at its most lively is during the month of October, just after the students have settled in. It is busy with student life and you will truly feel as though you are experiencing the city as it should be. If you are looking for a quieter time to visit, we recommend during the months of March through to June, when prices for holiday rentals are a lot cheaper.

Similar destinations to Oxford

  • Cambridge:
  • The slightly smaller town, but equally as significant academic counterpart to Oxford. As a university city, you are bound to be blown away by the incredible architecture and the beautiful lawns across the Backs. It was founded in the 13th century and has been home to many famous alummni such as Sir Isaaac Newton and Lord Byron. Find apartments in Cambridge here.