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Find the best accommodation in Cambridge and you could stay in the famous British university city that is adorned with some of the most fantastic architecture in England. Hundredrooms searches across a range of partner sites to make sure that you view all of the available holiday rentals in one place, on one screen - making your trip all the more easier. Here we understand that it might be difficult to find the perfect accommodation, so we are here to help make it that bit easier. Dating back to the Roman and Viking ages, it has demonstrated its historical importance and popularity with holidaymakers time and time again over the years. We can find self-catering accommodation in Cambridge for you to enjoy your stay in this quirky town. Visit some of its oldest colleges such as Trinity College and Christ’s College, which date back to the 13th century. Adorned with luscious meadows and green spaces, you might enjoy holiday lettings near the Backs of Cambridge, which in spring bloom with daffodils. Explore and admire the breathtaking views of Kings College Chapel by punting down the river Cam, or hire a bicycle and head back to your weekend apartment to relax. Whether you’re travelling for the weekend or you are looking to explore the surrounding areas and its picturesque villages, the best option is to find cottages in Cambridge. What are you waiting for? The best places in Cambridge await you, whether that’s exploring the old town or trying some of its traditional eating establishments. The best way to explore this quaint city is by bike or by rowing boat, so grab one or the other and relax in the perfect holiday house in Cambridge in the evening. This is a compact and walkable city that you are bound to fall in love with during your trip.

Places to stay in Cambridge

Although not theoretically on the same scale as a ‘city’ and not having a cathedral, Cambridge was granted city status. But it is in fact more on the scale of a small town. You can easily access all parts of the city by bike, and this is the recommended form of transport to get around. Depending on what kind of area you would like to stay in however, you can find the right kind of accommodation.

  • Cambridge City Centre: The main thoroughfare of the city is where you’ll find the thick of the excitement, among locals, academics and tourists alike. Here you will find the Arts Theatre, various museums run by the university and a whole host of other important buildings and shopping facilities. To find a short-stay apartment here means that you will be in close proximity to all areas of the town.
  • Newnham: A suburb that is a high-end spot to find a luxury apartment in Cambridge.
  • Chesterton: A short distance from the Cambridge North Station if you’re looking for direct access to London King’s Cross from your short-stay let.

Holiday rentals in Cambridge

Holiday lettings in Cambridge

When to visit Cambridge

We recommend that you visit Cambridge during the spring or autumn months, as you will witness the buzz of university life that brings the city to life but will miss out on the large tourist crowds in summer. During the summer months, the holiday accommodation is most certainly at its highest in price and demand. Visiting Cambridge in winter is also quite enjoyable, as the large bodies of water and collegiate halls can look very picturesque in the snow.

River Cam and other points of interest

  • River Cam: The main river that runs through the city, and is mostly famous for being the most popular site for partaking in punting, rowing and other watersports. This is where the Cambridge University Boat Club train traditionally train and would call their racing home. The Cam Sailing Club can also be found to train here, and have done since 1899.
  • Fitzwilliam Museum: A grand museum established in 1916 which is home a variety of art and antiquity artefacts. It is owned and curated by the University of Cambridge. Bridge of Sighs: A covered bridge found in St John’s College, and crosses the River Cam. Built in 1831, it is named after the homonymous bridge in Venice. It is classed as a Grade I listed building and was thought to be loved by Queen Victoria upon visiting.
  • Mathematical Bridge: This wooden footbridge is something of a peculiar phenomenon. It is most famous having been designed by William Etheridge, and later build in 1749 by James Essex. It is is composed entirely of straight timbers despite appearing arched. This is thanks to its complex engineering design. A popular fable that has been circulated is that it was built by Sir Isaac Newton without the aid of nuts or bolts.
  • The Backs: This spot, located just behind a few of the most stunning colleges in the University of Cambridge, is the grounds covering both banks of the river. It is a great place to relax with friends.
  • Kings College Chapel Cambridge: This cathedral is an excellent example of Perpendicular, or, late Gothic architecture. Construction began in 1446 by Henry VI, and it took over 100 years to build fully. It has some of the greatest examples of stained glass dating to the medieval period that you will see.
  • Cambridge University Botanic Garden: Get lost in over 40 acres of gardens and greenhouses which works in tandem with the Department of Plant Sciences of Cambridge University.

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