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Make the most of the largest of the Channel Island archipelago with its stunning coastlines, rugged horizon and olde-worlde allure that attracts so many to the British island. Explore the likes of Elizabeth Castle that juts out across a rocky islet, or step back in time to explore the Channel Islands Military Museum with its various Nazi-bunker related memorabilia. This offshore haven with plenty of incredible offers on holiday apartments and cottages in Jersey is sure to tempt you for a weekend trip. Here at Hundredrooms, we save you a tonne of time and effort by taking the liberty of searching thousands of holiday rentals in Jersey. Perched in the Channel between the south coast of England and the north-west coast of France, this Jersey is a hidden gem for beautiful beaches and coves with quirky holiday rentals that have been reworked and updated for a peaceful getaway. Many people choose to book Jersey as a winter holiday let option, or you might want a holiday cottage with a pool. If you’re looking for some holiday accommodation in Jersey you’ve come to the right place, we are the first to truly compare across partners to find you the ultimate option for your trip. This island has got to be the sunniest place in the UK, and means that you can have a great time without travelling very far from the mainland for your lodge in the Jersey Channel Islands. It once formed part of the French mainland, having only broken away around 8,000 years ago. The native language of the region is Jèrriais which is a unique Norman-French mix, but now people speak mostly English. Many speak French, and you will even hear some languages such as Portuguese or Polish who make up some of the settlers. This is only a little island that measures 9 miles by 5 across, so you are never too far from visiting the bays that are worth exploring. We can find the most enviable of holiday lettings in Jersey. Leave it to us, and browse what we’ve found!

When to visit

In general, the island is mild in its temperature, so in theory, there is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ time to visit the island. Sometimes weather can unpredictable due to its island position, but the best time to witness the wildflowers in full bloom is in spring, and you can bathe in the sea from May onward. The perfect season to visit has got to be in September and October when crowds have died down and cheap accommodation is far easier to find than usual. It receives approximately 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, which is far higher than other destinations in the UK. Winter is cold and damp, but if you want to visit when it is quiet and you can take some fantastic photos, we recommend visiting during this period to also make the most of lower prices on holiday rentals.

Elizabeth Castle and other points of interest

  • Elizabeth Castle: You can access this castle at low tide by foot, and catch the ferry here otherwise. It is believed that around 550 A.D. Saint Helier lived here when it was the Hermitage site. There are some wonderful winding turrets and bunkers for you to see and explore to discover the heritage of the island.
  • La Hougue Bie Museum: Discover the history of Jersey’s Neolithic community that lived here 6,000 years ago. This is the tenth oldest building in the year, and you can find out about the passage graves.
  • Maritime Museum: An interactive exhibit to learn about Jersey’s maritime past.
  • La Corbiere: This is the most south-westerly point of the island, in an area called St. Brelade. It translates to ‘where crows gather’ and is a beautiful vista across the Channel.
  • Jersey War Tunnels: The Germans built this tunnel network during the Second World War and now it offers guided tours.
  • Tamba Bay: A great day out for all of the family set in a gorgeous natural backdrop and includes elements such as the Dino Trail, Boating Lake and much more.