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Bordering Scotland and Cumbria, this incredible county is a mixture of wild coastline and remote inland. You also have close proximity to the principal city of the North East; Newcastle upon Tyne. The villages that crown the coast are iconic and we will help you to visit them all. Here you can compare hundreds of Northumberland cottages and holiday apartments and prepare for your trip to the North East of England in one click. There’s no need whatsoever to trawl through every site separately; Hundredrooms gathers the best of a wide range of different websites in one go. Find Northumbrian holiday lettings with all of your needs on one page - you’re sure to find the cheapest options this way. Northumberland has a far reaching history; it is a remnant of the kingdom of Northumbria, which once stretched from Sheffield all the way to Edinburgh and even as far as the river Mersey. Due to its proximity to Scotland, the history here is waiting for you to discover it. We can also find you a holiday accommodation in Northumberland with enviable views across this region’s unrivalled moorland. As the least densely populated county in England, there are plenty of places to relax and unwind away from the crowds of big cities. With a quarter of the county being covered by Northumberland National Park, if you choose to book on the coast you will be only a short distance from some of the most scenic sights in the country. With views across the Cheviot Hills and the North Sea, you are sure to enjoy an escape to the country here. Finding holiday rentals in Northumberland means that you can explore the likes of Lindisfarne, which is home to the first Celtic Church in England, or the incredible seals of Farne Island.

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Places to stay in Northumberland

  • Alnwick: A charming town in Northumberland with a castle at the seat of the historic Percy family of England. It is in the north and is the county town. As the home to the most powerful baronial family in the North of England, it is steeped in history and is certainly a quaint place to stay.
  • Amble: Overlooking the North Sea and also known by some as ‘Amble by the Sea’, this port town is known for its friendly residents.
  • Ashington: Ashington is a former mining town which is bordered by the North Sea about 3 miles from the town centre, and the River Wansbeck. There are some nice places to stay and you can find some beautiful parks and green spaces.
  • Berwick upon Tweed: Just a short distance from the Scottish border is this seaside town. It is the northernmost town in England and is a traditional market town. You will find beautiful Elizabethan architecture for your self-catering cottages to rent.
  • Hexham: This beautiful market town is dominated by the stunning Hexham Abbey, which dates back to 1170. The town is very much an amalgamation of fantastic medieval buildings such as the Old Gaol and marketplace.
  • Cramlington: Believed to have been founded by the Danes or Anglo Saxons, it has a long and interesting history dating back to around 1135.
  • Seahouses: This is a popular destination for many visiting the Northumbrian region. It is a working fishing port and is the best place to visit the Farne Islands, which are known for spotting seabirds and seals.

When to visit Northumberland

In theory, Northumberland can be visited in all seasons. It is adorned with incredible beaches and countryside landscapes that are bound to capture your heart. The springtime sees a blossoming county, when the nature reserves and National Park are in full bloom. It is also the time of the Snowdrop festival at Howick Hall. Many people gather in springtime to watch the Annual Lyrids Meteor Shower in the Dark Sky Park. The summer months are also equally as enjoyable; you can enjoy a full seaside holiday, and the various country fairs that take place. The autumn is also when Northumberland comes alive in a totally different way; there are various Heritage Open Days and all with an incredible autumnal backdrop. Winter is also a time to enjoy the county, and is particularly popular during the festival season when holiday lettings are probably at its most expensive.

Alnwick Castle and other points of interest

  • Alnwick Castle: One of the most iconic sites of the North East of England. As the seat for the Duke of Northumberland, it was built during the Norman conquest and has been used as a filming location for a number of films such as Harry Potter, as its stand in for the exterior and interior of Hogwarts.
  • Bamburgh Castle: Located on the northeast coast, this was once a Celtic Brythonic fort. It was known as Din Guarie, and was passed various times between the Britons and the Anglo Saxons. It was finally restored during the 18th and 19th centuries and is now open to the public.
  • Farne Islands: Located a short distance from the coast of Northumberland are these 15-20 islands. They are best known for their puffin, guillemot and seal population. This is truly a wildlife experience that you will never forget. The Farne Islands can be reached via boat from nearby Seahouses.
  • Berwick Walls: The town of Berwick-upon-Tweed is surrounded by a series of defensive structures built by Edward I following capturing the place from the Scots.
  • Alnwick Garden: The Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy opened this garden in 2003.