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Find thousands of apartments and villas in Benidorm in one place - only here at Hundredrooms can you compare accommodation across Benidorm, Levante and Poniente. For a great holiday, we search more than 100 websites so that you can enjoy the Spanish Costa Blanca at the best price, with cheap villas. ‘Beni’ as it is popularly known, is Spain’s most popular holiday destination alongside the likes of Benalmádena and Málaga, and is a Mediterranean hotspot with eternally low prices, welcoming millions of tourists every year. We can find you the perfect Benidorm apartments in the Old Town, or Levante and Poniente beach which are among the most sought after, season after season. It houses more skyscrapers in Spain and in the world per capita, and the population multiples six fold during the summer months from just over 70,000 inhabitants to more than 400,000 at certain points during the summer period! However the allure of this place extends far beyond its skyscrapers and large apartment blocks; there are also a lot of private apartments to rent in Intempo, Gran Bali, Neguri Gane and the other great towers that ‘Beni’ has to offer. Thanks to the charms of the Alicante coastline and the beaches of Poniente and Levante, you are sure to have a fantastic time in one of the Benidorm holiday apartments available. There are many other great attractions such as the Algar Waterfalls, the Canelobre Caves which can be seen from the Miramar, one of the city’s fantastic vantage points. It is also home to great theme parks such as the Terra Mítica which is great fun for all the family. This Costa Blanca city lives for and by tourism, with options for all tastes, and it now has an exciting LGBT scene that is forever growing. That’s why we work to help you find the best cheap apartments to rent available there. Between our partners, we have thousands of private apartments in Benidorm, holiday villas, self-catering accommodation and much more. You save time and also money as we can tell you the cheapest option.

Benidorm Old Town and other places to stay

Benidorm is synonymous with the beach, holidays and summertime - hence why so many choose to book private apartments here. Located in Alicante, in the popularly known Costa Blanca, it enjoys proximity to the national parks of Sierra Helada, Sierra Cortina, Puig de Campana and Tossal de la Cala as a barrier, Benidorm is protected from the wind and cold coming from the north; hence, its weather conditions are perfect throughout the year. For this reason, in 1956, Benidorm started its "tourist boom", leaving behind its previous fishing village status. At that time Benidorm’s transformation began with the construction of the first holiday apartments of what is today the most important holiday destination in Spain. Can you believe that only in Manhattan are there a higher concentration of skyscrapers per square metre! Intempo, Torre Lúgano, Kronos Building and many more are some of the skyscrapers that stand out in the breathtaking Benidorm skyline - which are particularly spectacular at night time. It is certainly true that Benidorm never sleeps. Alongside its famous beaches is a lively nightlife that is kept on its toes by its thousands of tourists. Clubs such as KM, Penelope or Privilege X are famous in this city, and are at their liveliest when the sun goes down. With its huge skyscrapers, bright lights, non-stop parties, incessant rhythm, it is not surprising that it is compared to New York. Sun, beach and lots of fun - that's why millions of people spend their summer holidays in Benidorm and that's why also its offer of accommodation is one of the most extensive, complete and economical in Spain. This encompasses a range of holiday homes - whether it’s an apartment on Levante Beach, self catering or 3 bedroom holiday apartments, we have it all. If you want to live like a local, we recommend accommodation in Benidorm Old Town, where you can enjoy tapas and a beer in the evening. All of the holiday lettings that we have in Spain's Costa Blanca are spread across both the lively and quiet parts of Benidorm, a place that has grown to dizzying heights in recent years. The nightlife in this city is famous, and if you're visiting during the summer months, chances are you are looking to relax on the beach during the day, enjoy your self-catering Benidorm apartment and then party all night. It is a great choice if you're coming for a stag do or a hen party, as there are an endless amount of bars to choose from. It has the important reputation as party capital along the Costa Blanca. Whatever you're looking for - you will find the perfect type of nightlife to suit your tastes. In general, going out here is a cheap endeavour, and clubs are often competing against each other to give you the best prices. So consider all of these options. These are the best places to keep in mind when booking when booking your villas in Benidorm for rent. We have made a small summary:

  • Benidorm Old Town: Contrary to popular belief and the spread of skyscrapers across the coastline, the town does not lack authentic culture - quite the opposite. The Old Town is a wonderful collection of ‘ramblas’; small winding streets with bars, restaurants and shops for you to enjoy at night time. With some of the best vistas across the entire city, it’s no wonder it is a popular choice for self catering rentals.
  • Downtown: This is the general spot for the towering apartment blocks and hotels. There are endless cafes in the street and here you will find some of the major clubs and restaurants. It is the lively part of Benidorm and is a must if you’re looking to party until the early hours of the morning.
  • Levante District: In terms of its beaches, this could be one of the most famous spots on the Costa Blanca. It is located to the East of the Old Town, and has a 1.5m stretch of golden sand. It is laden with long, flat promenades and is one of the busiest areas in the summer months due to its water sport facilities such as jet skiing and scuba diving, alongside many bars.
  • Poniente District: The second of Benidorm’s two large beaches. Just beyond the Old Town, it tends to be quieter and feels authentic and traditional. You will find lots of food facilities and entertainment venues here.
  • Rincón de Loix: In the east of the Levante is this district, with many beach areas, shops, restaurants and leisure facilities such as mini golf and swimming pools.

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