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Compare and choose from thousands of villas to rent in Moraira from more than one hundred websites. Get your holiday rental in Moraira next to the Playa del Portet, and save up to 40%. Only here on Hundredrooms will you find accommodation in Moraira, Spain from £30 / night. Many people are flocking to this upmarket town on the Costa Blanca for the l’Ampolla Beach or the Cap Blanc Cove, and has since been growing in popularity. Located in the region of Marina Alta, it has a wealth of stunning beaches such as Cala Llebeig, Cala Portixol and Les Platgetes - you certainly won’t be short of beaches or coves to enjoy with your family and friends. But beyond being a tourist destination, Moraira has a rich historical, artistic and monumental heritage that you should explore during your stay. The Castell de Moraira and the watchtower of the Cap d’Or are part of the history of the charming fishing village. It has some charming religious buildings that you must discover, and only with us will you find hundreds of villas to let in Moraira. From here, you can easily explore the Casco Antiguo of Moraira, the routes to the Molí dels Castellans or the Font de L'Horta, which is perfect for a family day out with the kids. You can’t leave Moraira without having tried fish from the Bay of Moraira or the putxero stew. In addition to the various rice dishes of the Valencian cuisine that can be tasted at the Ca Pepe Restaurant or Le Soleil Restaurant. In short, your trip to Moraira starts here!

Places to stay in Moraira, Alicante

Moraira is at the heart of the Teulada municipality, which is in the Marina Alta region of Alicante 6 kilometres away. It is an old fishing village on the Costa Blanca that has seen a demand for Moraira private villas increase over the years. Despite the increase in popularity, this Mediterranean town has managed to maintain the essence of what it’s about. While it may not be big, the best places to get Moraira rentals are as follows:

  • Moraira Centre: The centre of the town is home to most of Moraira’s monumental heritage. A self-catering apartment in this area will mean you will have proximity to points of interest such as the Castell de Moraira, the Church-Fortress of Santa Catalina, the Nautical Club of Moraira and even the Playa de la Ampolla. It is the perfect area to choose if you’re travelling with children or want to have a wide range of restaurants, bars and places of entertainment or leisure.
  • South Moraira: Different areas make up the south of Moraira, such as Benimeit, Pinar del Advocat along with La Sabatera, Moravit-Cap Blanc. Unlike the centre, here you will find a wide range of very spacious holiday rentals in Moraira, which is perfect if you´re travelling with family or a group of friends. Cala L'Andragó or Cap Blanc are some popular beaches in the area and as a holiday destination, there is also a wide range of supermarkets, restaurants and bars.
  • North Moraira: In this area is the most exclusive area of ​​Moraira, although the villas to rent in Moraira El Portet (El Portet-Pla del Mar) are some of the most sought-after in the province of Alicante. The Portet Beach, the Cala de Llebeig or the watchtower Cap d'Or are some of the closest points of interest in the area.

Holiday rentals in Moraira

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When to visit Moraira, Costa Blanca

Moraira, as a tourist destination of the Costa Blanca of Alicante, sees the demand for apartments in Moraira, Spain increase exponentially during the summer months, when prices can reach up to 60% above the average price in comparison to the winter months. During the months of July and August, in particular, renting apartments in Moraira can prove slightly more difficult however, with us you can find a Moraira villa from € 36 per night. A great time of year to visit is during the Festes de Sant Antoni, in January, or the Festes de Sant Vicent Ferrer, in April, since the temperatures in Moraira are relatively warm throughout most of the year and the search for holiday villas during these dates is far more simple and at a lower price. As for how to get to Moraira, the quickest and easiest way is by plane, arriving at Alicante's Altet Airport, located 80 km away, or Valencia Airport, 110 km away. Although the town is small, it is recommended that you rent a car or motorcycle to access certain beaches and coves.

Beaches and other points of interest in Moraira

With up to 8 km of coastline, Moraira can boast some of the most beautiful and crystalline beaches and coves of the Valencia Community. It has three beaches, Playa del Portet, Les Platgetes and La Ampolla, and four coves, Cala Cap Blanc, Cala L 'Andragó and Cala Llebeig, many of which are awarded a Blue Flag award. As far as historical heritage is concerned, the Moraira Castle or the Torre Vigía Cap d'Or are some of the points of interest that you should include in your itinerary. In short, for you to have a broader vision, these are some of Moraira's most remarkable points of interest to visit during your stay:

  • Playa del Portet: Sheltered by the Cap d'Or peninsula, the Playa del Portet is made up of fine sand and crystal clear waters. Although it is not very big, it is perfect to visit as a family as it has a certain tranquility and access to great services. It is about 300m in length and so from here you can enjoy a number of kayak, underwater or hiking routes, as from here is the start of a route that takes you to the watchtower Cap d'Or.
  • L'ampolla Beach: This beach is the busiest in Moraira. Located at the foot of the Castell de Moraira, it is a fully urban beach that still maintains great water temperature and fine white sand. It has a wide range of services so it is perfect to visit with children. In the surroundings of the beach is the Marjal del Senillar, a coastal wetland that has been declared a Wildlife Reserve.
  • Les Platgetes: This beach is actually two small coves with very clean waters surrounded by both sand and rock. They are bordered by an attractive walkway-viewpoint that includes parking and a garden area. Although it gets very busy, it is a charming place to take a dip.
  • Cala Cap Blanc: This is considered to be one of the most beautiful coves on the Costa Blanca. It is a virgin rock cove of 200m length that you should not miss during your visit to Moraira due to the beauty and tranquility it offers. The journey from this cove to Cala L'Andragó is an essential trip for you to discover the cliffs that shape the coast of Alicante.
  • Cala L'Andragó: This rocky cove is perfect for snorkel lovers. With a length of 150m and a low degree of occupancy, the attractive viewpoint overlooking the cove offers stunning panoramic views.
  • Cala Portixol: On the way to Playa del Portet, near the Yacht Club of Moraira, you will find this 80-metre-long cove which is great for fishing and diving.
  • Cala Llebeig: The local hiking trail SL-CV50 flows into this cove, of which the access for is only possible on foot or from the sea. It is about 120m long, and its crystal clear waters are perfect for a dip and to practice diving. In addition, given its difficult access, it has a very low degree of occupancy, and so is perfect to relax in the sun.
  • Castell de Moraira: This castle, which dominates the beach of l'Ampolla, was built in the eighteenth century for defensive purposes and surveillance, along with the tower there. It is characterised by its ox hoof floor, a semicircular facade and a single door in the northern part. Currently, it houses a thematic installation about the Vigía Towers of the Valencian coast.
  • Torre Vigía Cap d'Or: Located at the highest point of the peninsula of Cap d'Or, it is one of the most spectacular places on the Moraira coast. This tower was built at the end of the XVI century, as a coastal fortification to warn of the sighting of pirate raids. It is one of the places on the Moraira coast that you have to visit.
  • Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados Parish Church: In the centre of Moraira is this church, a rectangular building with three naves, separated by pillars and four sections. A lovely visit to make in Moraira.
  • Church-Fortress of Santa Catalina: Built as church-fortress, because a wall was erected around it to serve as protection for citizens in case of attacks by pirates, was built in two well differentiated parts, one of the sixteenth century and another of the XVIII.

Others destinations close to Moraira on the Costa Blanca

We hope that with all the information provided you will have an incredible experience in one of our apartments in Moraira. The Costa Blanca is full of coastal towns with some of the best beaches, places with plenty of charm in which you should take a dip in the Mediterranean and so you do not stop discovering it, we have prepared this list of five other destinations on the Alicante coast. You might be interested in the following:

  • Dénia: In the north of the province of Alicante, Dénia has an important historical and cultural heritage, as well as some impressive beaches. Check out our selection of apartments in Dénia.
  • Benidorm: This is probably the most famous destination of the Costa Blanca. Still, it is full of charming beaches and has a wide range of leisure and entertainment. You can check here our selection of apartments in Benidorm.
  • Alicante: The capital of the homonymous province has an important historical, artistic and natural heritage, as well as some charming beaches and a wide gastronomic and leisure offer. You can check here our selection of apartments in Alicante.