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Holiday lettings in Lisbon

Find the best holiday apartments right here - this is the only website that allows you to compare thousands of Lisbon holiday rentals in the same place. Reserve where you have always dreamed of staying at the best price. We recommend the areas of Chiado and Barrio Alto to get to know the bohemian city better, as it harbours an incredible alternative atmosphere in the middle of a very cosmopolitan city. La Alfama, is by far the most authentic area in the city - here you will find the São Jorge Castle as its most distinctive feature. Similarly, the area of Belem - home to the Jerónimos Monastery and the famous Belem Tower. We recommend that you stay in an apartment in Lisbon city centre during your stay to really get a feel for the way this city experiences everyday life. We will help you to find your perfect self catering apartment - all you have to do is tell us the dates and number of guests and we’ll take care of the rest. We search among our partners so that not only will you save on price, but you will also be able to find your ideal cheap apartments in Lisbon far quicker. So now you know what we can do for you, read on to prepare and find out more before your trip to the Portuguese capital. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a modern and cosmopolitan city that attracts more and more visitors each year. Could this be you? The city is located at the mouth of the Tajo river, and is one of the most visited cities on the continent. For this reason, Lisbon has some of the widest choices in accommodation to rent throughout the year. We have so much choice that it’s sure you won’t know where to start - but it’s certainly the best option to enjoy your getaway without any restrictions so that you can feel as comfortable as possible, and as if you are staying in a home from home but at a fraction of the price. There is no better way to explore the Portuguese capital than in one of our Lisbon holiday lets with the most incredible views across the Atlantic Ocean that probably fulfils all of your dreams of this place. Lisbon is a city where time seems to stand still, where the essence of the city can be felt in every corner, from the neighbourhood of La Baixa to La Alfama, and others such as Belém or Chiado and Bairro Alto. The Portuguese capital should be high on your list of cities that you cannot miss, along with Barcelona and Berlin. Allow us to search for you until we find the perfect place to stay in Lisbon that enjoys an excellent location, where you only need to go out of your front door to find a whole wealth of shops, restaurants, and cafes. Apartments in Lisbon are the most sought after in terms of holiday accommodation, and we can find the best for you. Whether you’re travelling with your significant other and are looking for somewhere romantic, the city centre of Lisbon is one of the most romantic destinations you could choose. The old town of Lisbon is full of restaurants, cafés and all kinds of shops. In addition, it offers magnificent views of the park opposite and is the perfect starting point to get to know the city better. Would you prefer to stay somewhere else other than the city centre for your Lisbon accommodation? How about staying in Campo de Ourique - which was chosen as the best residential neighbourhood in the city? This is a great choice for moving around the city without any problem. You can live like the locals with all of the necessary amenities around it. How would you like to stay in Campo de Ourique? This district was chosen as "the best residential neighbourhood in the city". For something will be, and that is the neighbourhoods are perfect to move around the city without much burden. Do not think about it and enjoy staying with a native Lisbon, with all kinds of amenities and all kinds of establishments around it.

Areas to stay

  • Baixa Chiado: How about starting your trip to Lisbon walking through the Chiado neighbourhood and arriving at the Santa Justa lift? Here you can contemplate the best panoramic views of Lisbon. This area is the ‘downtown district’ of Lisbon and is popular with tourists for short stay apartments in Baixa.
  • Alfama: Take a tram (we recommend the number 28) which is one of the busiest that runs through the Alfama neighbourhood. If you’re looking for a quieter area where it’s unlikely that you’ll run into tourists, you can get up at at 7am and take the first tram. It doesn’t matter how or when you do it, but you can’t visit the Alfama neighbourhood having not taken the tram at least once.
  • Belém: This is the museum and cultural hub of the city, and you absolutely must visit the Santa María de Belém neighbourhood to see the Tower of Bethlehem, or the Jerónimos Monastery, which is one of the most symbolic monuments of its glorious past. You might want to choose this neighbourhood as a potential location.
  • Bairro Alto: Perched atop a hill, this district is quirky and full of independent bars with something special going on behind every door.
  • Cascais: If you were wondering whether Lisbon had a beach, this is its nearest and is just a half an hour train journey from the city centre, so if you’re looking for something a little bigger, we recommend this neighbourhood.

When to visit

Lisbon functions a little differently in terms of seasonality in comparison to other European capitals. January is the cheapest month for holiday accommodation as prices are falling up to 20% in the first months of the year. In addition to its many landmarks, Lisbon is a setting for world-class events such as Rock in Rio which is held every two years in the Portuguese capital. During the month of June, festivities are celebrated across the city from Madragoa to Mouraria or Castelo, among many others. The San Antonio festival on 13th June transforms the city in particular from day to night. It is important to consider the time of year in comparison to sporting events, too. The Lisbon Marathon is in September, and football derbies draw large crowds to the city between Benfica, who play their matches in the magnificent Estadio da Luz, and Sporting de Lisboa, a club that brought players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo to the fore. Along with all the above, Portuguese culture is not far behind and both music and gastronomy simply add to its value. Musically, Lisbon is famous for its tierra del fado, a slow song accompanied by a Portuguese guitar. On the other hand, in terms of gastronomy there is nothing more typical than the Pastéis de Belém, with more than 200 years of history. You can try them in the Antigua Casa Dos Pastéis de Belém. Before, make sure you eat some fish from the Atlantic Ocean, for example at the Ramiro Marisquería, where you can enjoy some peixinhos da horta or any of the 365 cod recipes that are said to be in Lisbon. There are many reasons for enjoying this city - it is the ideal destination for Easter and summer holidays, just when the prices of holiday apartments increases by 50% and reaches maximum levels.

Group accommodation

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Couples' accommodation

Belém Tower and other points of interest

  • Jerónimos Monastery – A UNESCO World Heritage Site in the district of Belém. It is built in the Portuguese Manueline style which is highly ornate and beautiful and was built to honour Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama.
  • São Jorge Castle – This castle looks over the whole of the city and the sea from the highest hill in Alfama, and was a fortification throughout history for Romans, Moors and Visigoths alike.
  • Tram 28 – The iconic form of travel for the city of Lisbon, the same as trams in San Francisco or double decker buses in London. You will pass through some of the most important neighbourhoods in the city and will climb up the steepest hills of the city.
  • Belém Tower – This small castle floats in the Tejo amid an important neighbourhood that is home to some of Lisbon’s most significant landmarks and museums.
  • Gulbenkian Museum – This museum houses some of the world’s most prestigious art, and includes art dating from Egyptian period, to Chinese porcelain and European masters.
  • Santa Justa Elevator – This neo-Gothic elevator connects Bairro Alto without having to work up a sweat by climbing up the hilly streets. Made of wrought iron, it was built by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, who was a former pupil of Gustave Eiffel who built the Eiffel Tower.
  • National Tile Museum: Famous for its intricately decorated tiles, Lisbon has its very own museum to showcase the azulejos which can be found on every building.