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Looking to book an apartment in Berlin for your trip? If you’re staying in the capital of Germany, you are sure to discover a myriad city that is marked physically and culturally by its incredibly diverse past and historical significance; from the Brandenburg Gate to the historical remains of the Berlin Wall that once divided Germany into East and West. Hundredrooms understands that it isn't always the easiest process to find holiday accommodation without it feeling stressful. That's why we take the time to display all of the available options on one screen. There is plenty to fit into a weekend here - perhaps too much! The former capital of the Third Reich is a museum in itself, and you’ll certainly have to return for a second trip to this city that so incredibly mixes the past with the present. At Hundredrooms we can help you to find your Berlin accommodation by comparing apartments from all of our partners. We endeavour to offer you the short term let that best suit your needs at the best price, whether that’s an apartment in Kreuzberg, or a central apartment in Berlin’s Mitte district. The best way to get to grips with this electric city is to live as a local would. Enjoy discovering first hand the hidden mysteries in one of the most important capital cities in Europe, and without a doubt one of the places with stories embedded into every wall. Berlin is the ideal destination to choose to go with friends, since it has so many cultural and artistic attractions and a thrilling nightlife. It is also a great choice for couples or families as the historical monuments are second to none, and everything is incredibly easy to navigate with the U-Bahn that means you’re never too far away from your self-catering apartment to enjoy your breakfast and set off for the day. Don’t miss out!

Places to stay in Berlin

Picking the perfect neighbourhood in Berlin is probably more fun than most, because of the sheer diversity and differentiation between each and every one. It is a city of many hidden secrets and wonderful locals, so you are bound to be enamoured by one once we give you the lowdown. Find your Berlin apartments in any of the following neighbourhoods and you're bound to feel like a local:

  • Mitte: Effectively the most central part of the city. Here you will find the most famous monuments such as the Alexanderplatz, incredible opera house and The Museum Island. There are many important events that take place in this central part of the city. There is a fantastic Unter den Linden boulevard that is the more historical quarter of the city and is certainly worth a visit. If you’re here for a whistle stop tour and you’re travelling alone to see the sights, we recommend that you rent a room in Berlin city centre so you can retire to a one room apartment in the evenings.
  • Charlottenburg: A sophisticated corner of the city with museums and theatres galore. Be sure to visit during one of the fantastic film or music festivals in the evening. It is a manicured area with the Charlottenburg palace, gardens and many shopping districts such as the KuDamm. It is a very clean cut neighbourhood which distinguishes it from neighbourhoods adorned with street art, but yet you are never far from cultural hubs for record shops and small eateries. Here you will find some fantastic Berlin holiday rentals that are upmarket and perfectly located for cultural enjoyment.
  • Kreuzberg: The anti-establishment district of Berlin that represents all things counterculture. It is mandatory that you visit this area and try the doner kebab or falafel, and admire the fantastic graffiti on every street. It is full of the most incredible mélange of residents, from hippies to anarchists and punks, and is a truly mixed neighbourhood with plenty of cheap apartments in Berlin. From the moment the wall came down less than 2 decades ago, this neighbourhood has grown up and to this day revisits its liberation during the May Day celebrations. There are some incredible nightlife spots and its Tempelhof park is a must during the summer months. Get lost for hours in its countless vintage shops and venues for eclectic live music all from the comfort of one of our unique Berlin Kreuzberg apartments.
  • Prenzlauer Berg: A neighbourhood that has undoubtedly matured, just north of the Mitte district. It is now characterised by independent stores and a mixed crowd of students and new parents. Once home to East German punks, it is now a generational mix that is the perfect place for a tree-lined suburban experience that welcomes all of its visitors and residents. Prenzlauer Berg apartments for rent are particularly a great idea if you’re travelling with children.
  • Friedrichshain: A former working class district that hosts some of the world’s best clubs and hosts the incredible East Side Gallery with miles of incredible street art. Walking through this district is essentially a free ticket to a graffiti gallery so do consider this fantastic district for accommodation to rent in one of the world’s most interesting cities. Berlin is reknowned as housing some of the most incredible nightlife scenes in the world, and you can find yourself dancing from 2pm till 2pm the next day in old bunkers and warehouses. Some of the most famous in Berlin are Berghain and Watergate, and there is something to suit all tastes.
  • Schoneberg: A fantastic mix of architecture, which means that pre-war buildings are dotted amongst newer 50s and 60s apartment blocks in a spacious environment with plenty of open air markets and suburban living. Schoneberg is a LGBT hub and is a great option for a Berlin holiday apartment if you’re staying for an extended period of time and fancy living as the locals do. If you’re looking for a stellar nightlife, this district is certainly not deprived of a diverse night scene, either.

Things to do in the German capital

Berlin has one of the richest histories in the world, and with such an interesting past, it is impossible to visit without delving into headfirst - this is a city that has managed to overcome the hard blows of its history, and certainly merits an immersive visit. What better way to do so than staying in a serviced apartment? Forget the overcrowded hotels - live the full experience and you’ll save some money along the way. Booking one of our rooms and flats to rent here will mean that you will save money to travel around the city at the same time. Grab a tourist map and get lost in its streets to best discover the places of interest. Ever heard of the Ampelmännchen? This is the name of the man that can be seen in all of the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossings of East Berlin and the former Soviet area of the city. After the reunification of Germany there were several attempts to standardise the traffic lights across the country, but it wasn’t achieved. You’ll find the Ampelmännchen stamped across all over the city - T-shirts, socks, glasses, toys, traffic lights and much more. Did you know that a tenth of Berlin residents are from elsewhere? You will predominantly find Turks, Italians, Poles and Russians. The city has the largest Turkish community outside of Turkey with over 150,000 Turks in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, also known as ‘little Istanbul’. When you’ve grown tired of sightseeing, there is plenty of other activities for you to enjoy. German beer is a rite of passage nationwide, and at Hopfenreich, a bar in Kreuzberg, you will find up to fourteen different types of draft beer, as well as a large selection of bottled beer. Remember that with Hundredrooms, you can compare the best short term lets in Berlin among all of our partners and find the best price. This city is waiting to be discovered - and is one of the great European capitals along with London, Paris and Amsterdam

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Alexanderplatz and other points of interest

You will without a doubt need to visit and book an apartment in Berlin a handful of times to even scratch the surface of the diversity in activities available, particularly in relation to its turbulent and complex history that you absolutely must get inside of. Here are just a few.

  • Alexanderplatz: You can start a walking tour on Alexanderplatz which is also the largest square in Germany and also one of the busiest. It was partially destroyed during the Second World War, to be later reconstructed to how it looks today.
  • Bebelplatz: Meanwhile, the Bebelplatz is one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin.
  • Brandenburg Gate: It is impossible to leave without having seen the iconic Brandenburg Gate. As one of the most significant symbols of the German capital, it is an imposing building that represents the triumph of peace over the violence of war, and features a chariot representing the Goddess Victoria embedded into its neoclassical aesthetic.
  • Berlin Cathedral: The Berlin Cathedral is also a must see during your visit, and from the dome of this religious building, you’ll see the best views of the city.
  • Bundenstag: Another place worth visiting has got to be the German Parliament, also known as Bundenstag. Any preconceptions that you may have of this city are in need of revision; its dark days are well and truly in the past and Berlin has been been brought hurtling forward into the present day thanks to the power of the avant-garde.
  • Rotes Rathaus: It is certainly worth visiting the Berlin City Hall, an iconic Berlin building with its red brick facade.
  • East Side Gallery: As a curious fact, the largest outdoor art gallery in the world is a section of the demolished Berlin Wall with over 100 paintings. This section is the longest in the world and can be found in the East Side Gallery near the Oberbaumbrücke bridge.
  • Television Tower: It is worth climbing to the top of the Television Tower where you can enjoy some breathtaking views across the city which is 48m taller than the Eiffel Tower!
  • Viktoria Park: This is a great opportunity to visit a waterfall in the heart of the city, which is one of the most beautiful parks in the German capital and is a favourite among locals. You can climb to the top and enjoy the impressive waterfall and the best views of the Berlin sunset.
  • Mauerpark: It is a tradition to visit this park on a Sunday, for a picnic while musicians play outdoors and sell records. It features an area with lots of second-hand stores full of antiques, but the best feature of this park is its karaoke where you can sign up and sing in front of hundreds of people!
  • Reichstag: A building of much historical building for the whole of Germany and Europe included. It was severely damaged after it was set on fire in 1933, marking the historic end of the Weimar Republic thus giving the pretext to Hitler’s rise to power.
  • Museumsinsel: Ideally located on the Spree river on a small island, and is an ensemble of five incredible museums and was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.
  • Checkpoint Charlie: This is the former border crossing between East and West Germany and serves as an important historical reminder of the city’s past. You can see the original sign and find out about the history of many struggling to make it over the Berlin Wall.
  • Holocaust Memorial:A visually striking memorial for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, with 2,711 concrete slabs of different levels. It was designed by architect Peter Eisenman and engineer Buro Happold.
  • Topography of Terror: This is a permanent exhibition about the Third Reich, and it was once the headquarters of the SS and the Reich Security during the Nazi Regime.