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We search through thousands of Sitges villas so that you pay less for more. This Catalonian city could be the little sister of Barcelona, with its incredible artistic and cultural offering, as well as the fact that it is located just a short distance southwest. Sitges is overlooked by luscious mountains from the Parc Natural de Garraf, but also is home to seventeen beaches for you to choose from. It is the perfect whitewashed seafront with a long promenade and plenty of spots to enjoy the sun and sea. Only at Hundredrooms can you see all of the possible apartments to rent in Sitges in one place - all you have to tell us is how many people are travelling and what dates you’re wanting to travel, and we’ll take care of the rest. Sitges oozes coastal cool, and every year it has a variety of festivals lined up such as Carnaval or the Sitges Film Festival, with which it has become world famous for fantasy and horror films. This town has an interesting cultural history with a series of great museums such as the Museu Cau Ferrat and Museu Maricel, alongside a fantastic Mediterranean climate. Thanks to the subsequent growth and cultural flourishing that it experienced post Spanish Civil War, it has since become one of the most gay friendly holiday destinations. Sitges does well to balance its party reputation with its cultural offering and has an upmarket offering of restaurants and boutiques, meaning that it has something to offer every holiday maker. This is an underdog for your Mediterranean coastal holiday alongside the Costa Brava, and with the excellent offer of accommodation in Sitges Spain, you are sure to fall in love with it.

Places to stay in Sitges

Sitges, like many other cities in Spain experienced a kind of cultural renaissance following the Civil War. In particular, it was considered to be a cosmopolitan beach town that was home to many an artist, sculptor, painter, composer and poet. Following the dark period of a dictatorship which saw much repression, it was one of the leading cities for reviving social and cultural change to full vibrancy. In particular, its Carnaval festival is one of the most famous in Spain and is a sure reason why you should book a self catering apartment in Sitges and enjoy its electric atmosphere. It has been referred to as the ‘Saint Tropez of Spain’ due to the sheer number of luxury villas in Sitges, that are a particularly popular option outside of the Catalonian capital of Barcelona. It is located close to the Barcelona-El Prat airport, and for this reason is increasingly moving up the ranks as the perfect holiday destination. As a former centre of 1960s counterculture in Spain, its cultural ambiance thrived and has left the wonderful legacy in the town that we know today. So much so, that it was considered to be an ‘Ibiza in miniature’. What are you waiting for? With an electric nightlife, enviable coastal position on the east coast of Spain and numerous notable museums and art galleries, you are guaranteed to be impressed by this city from one of our places to stay in Sitges.

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Maricel Museum and other points of interest

  • Maricel Museum: This museum might occupy one of the most enviable positions in the world, as far as museums go! Built as a ‘miramar’ in a former seaside home, it is located in the old district of Sant Joan de Girona and has a range of art dating back to the 10th century right up until the realism of the 20th century. It is a fantastic example of ‘Noucentisme’ in Catalonia, and was built for a wealthy American.
    • Cau Ferrat Museum: This building plays an important role in the history of the Modernisme movement in Catalonia. It was home to artist Santiago Rusiñol, and is now home to a range of art from oeuvres, ironwork, glassware, furniture and ceramics.
    • Can Llopis Romanticism Museum: This museum is a 19th century mansion which is home to a collection of mural paintings. It is named after the Llopsis family who were particularly important in Sitges, and were a line of merchants of wines, spirits and Malvasia.
    • Edifici Miramar: Dating back to 1852, this is a fine example of neoclassical architecture in Sitges, and is situated near the beach overlooking the sea.
    • Casa Bacardí: The founder of Bacardí, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó was from Sitges, and here you can learn about the science of cocktail mixology and how rum is made. It is the largest rum distillery and should not be missed.
    • Fundació Stämpfli: This is the location of one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Catalonia, and has a collection of over 60 works by 90 different artists. It should not be missed.
    • Sakya Tashi Ling: Found in the Parc Natural del Garraf, this is a Buddhist monastery which is in the hills overlooking Sitges. It has a series of meditation workshops available that are ideal considering the setting.
    • Bodegas Güell: One of Antoni Gaudi’s lesser known works of art. He received the commission to build this one at the same time as the Park Guell in Barcelona. This is a winery complex, and has an interesting profile with a variety of roofs, stone slabs and chimneys. It is a perfect example of how Gaudi had much architectural impact across the region of Catalunya during the artistic period of Modernism.
    • Catalonia Railway Museum: This museum is made up of a large collection of locomotives in a former station.
    • Casino Prado Suburense: An important cultural centre in Sitges, this is a venue with a theatre and painting/drawing classes alongside a restaurant/bar.
    • Minigolf Vinyet: Found on the outskirts, this is a mini golf course located in one of the best natural environments. It has eighteen holes on a clay surface.

    Best beaches in Sitges

    You might not be aware that Sitges has a total of 17 beaches, despite its small size. For that reason, it is important to know which one is best for you. If you book one of our central beach view apartments, you can guarantee to be a short distance from all of them.

    • Platja Sant Sebastiá: This beach is good for all crowds and is to the east of the Sitges church.
    • Cala Morisca: A fine sand beach which is located in a cove to the north of Sitges. It is overlooked by the cliffs of the Garraf Natural Park. It is a popular nudist beach that can only be reached on foot.
    • Platja de la Fragata: This beach is very family-friendly and has a range of sports equipment such as volleyball nets. It faces the town’s church.
    • Platja de la Ribera: This beach has a larger capacity and is suitable for all groups. It is close to the city centre.
    • Platja d'Aiguadolç: This beach is relatively secluded, and you have to walk for a small while before reaching it. It is popular with nudists, but you can also comfortably enjoy it in swimwear.
    • Platja dels Balmains: This beach mostly caters to nudists and has a picturesque setting with mountains behind it.
    • Platja de la Rodona: If you’re interested to know which is the principal gay beach of Sitges, this is it. It is always busy.
    • Platja de l'Estanyol: This is a very long beach and is often full of people. It is popular with all groups.
    • Platja de la Riera Xica: Once again, a long thin beach which is also popular with all types of people.
    • Platja de la Barra: Usually less crowded as it is located a little further from the centre. It is more of a cove, and is popular with all groups.
    • Platja de Terramar: Also located away from the centre, this often is a little quieter. It is popular with all types.
    • Platja de les Anquines: This is a small beach located in a cove. It is quiet and popular with all, but often has a lower capacity. It is located furthest west of Sitges.

    Best time of year to visit Sitges

    Sitges is a very versatile destination; with its endless beaches, high cultural ambiance and luxury apartments, in theory, you can visit at any time of year and enjoy it. It is particularly popular during the summer season when the beaches are frequented by visitors every year, during the months of May to September but in particular July and August. During these months, it is warm, dry and sunny. In terms of its gay calendar, it is particularly popular during Gay Pride in June. Another popular event is Carnival in February or March, or also known as Carnestoltes. Many typical elements include folk dances and a typical dish called the xatonades. Don’t be put off by booking Sitges holiday accommodation during periods of festivities, this is the time when the city is truly thriving and should not be missed.