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Hundredrooms finds the most popular sites for holiday rental apartments in Barcelona from some of the best partners such as Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor so that you can travel as cheap as possible, because we know that you enjoy travelling and you deserve the most beautiful apartment in the area which you love. Discover 8652 amazing apartments with a view of the monuments in the city, 470 attics ideal for travelling in pairs, and 5960 spacious holiday rentals for those who love to travel with groups of friends. Plan your holiday, your ideal stay is just closer than you think. Stay in any of the low cost holiday rentals in Barcelona and search for apartments which you're surely going to fall in love with!

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Come on! What a brilliant plan, search for the holiday rental in Barcelona where you'll feel a home in your journey. Tell us how an apartment would be that you can't quit thinking about, And it could easily be found in a magazine , with wifi for the times when you're doing nothing and even a roof terrace. You don't need to spend time comparing prices on hundreds of sites for accommodation in Barcelona , in Hundredrooms we understand and you can do everything in one place. In Hundredrooms we want you to live your holiday weekend that you chose to spend in Barcelona to the maximum , which is why we find your ideal stay in the best holiday rentals from Airbnb, Booking.comor HomeAway for you to reserve easily and at the best price possible. Don't you think it's amazing travelling around the world? Let yourself be seduced by the impulse that absorbs us every time we find ourselves an offer to go to a capital city in Europe that you can't stop thinking about. Whether you are a solo traveller going for business, you have friends in Catalonia or you simply feel like seeing all the best cities in your life, it's irrelevant why we travel as long as discovering different places in the planet. Let's look for the apartment which is best located in the town of Barcelona?

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Would you want to get excited right now with all the most enjoyable things to see in Barcelona from the instant in which you step foot in your holiday rental? The good about the cities like Barcelona is that they have a great deal of alternatives for all the family, this destination is where to go on vacation the perfect place to travel with kids. We propose a wander by bike going along the well-known streets and enjoying a great moment with your family. Checking and appreciating the valuable beauty of the eco system of Barcelona , and when you're tired, you can always slow the pace and to eat something in any of the local restaurants around the town of the area. Taking a day trip to the zoo in Barcelona is one of the most interesting days out and really fun if you travel with kids. As well as that in some museums of Barcelona you'll find museums and galleries which are adapted to the kids, with interactive elements and more activities that bring you closer to art and history in Barcelona. And if you normally travel with your partner don't worry listen to this because We also love going to in Barcelona! In the exact famous streets you can compare holiday rentals which are ideal for your trip. Shall we book your holiday cottage along with the best plans? Great!

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From the apartment you'll see the heart of Barcelona. Don't forget that here has a swimming pool and parking . Which should we choose? With Hundredrooms you have so many holiday rentals that it's complicated to decide only one, because there are holiday rentals next to historical with traditional architecture that leave you in shock. Do you want to wander around all the central areas starting from your holiday rental? Find yourself a local in the most famous street, wander around the cities sights and be impressed with every one of the monuments of the city, these famous sights that are saved in your mind Just like a complimentary activity, you can even enjoy some hours on holiday shopping in the famous shops in Barcelona, You'll find apartments close by! To end your days of non stop tourism, what we suggest in your getaway, with your kids and bring them to go around around the well-kept parks of the city, finish in a lookout from where you can look the beautiful views of the valleys and hills of Barcelona. Are you prepared? We're ready to begin searching for holiday rentals for you.

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Travelling signifies discovering new traditions , a richness which is also present in the culinary art in Barcelona. In this part of the world local dishes are usually baked with food from the land and secrets have been handed along from chefs of all origins. During your holiday around the world, we propose you stop off at some of the traditional restaurants in Barcelona to make sure that you have the opportunity to try ingredients miles from anything you've ever tried.