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Find thousands of self catering apartments in Paphos ready for your trip to the historic Cypriot coast town that is commonly thought to be the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, alongside harnessing an exciting nightlife in the Mediterranean. Hundredrooms knows that it can be a stressful process of booking holiday accommodation and so we have eliminated the hard part so that all you have to do is relax. How do we do that? By comparing thousands of Paphos rentals we find the best options for you to choose from while also taking into account exactly what you’re looking for - whether that’s a 2 bedroom apartment, a villa near the beach or something for couples. During the Roman era, Paphos was the capital of the island of Cyprus and so now boasts some of the most fantastic ancient ruins and medieval baths for which it is now recognised as an important historical and archeological site by UNESCO - for example you can’t miss out on the Archaeological Park nor the Tombs of the Kings. It has a great selection of beaches, including the apartments in Paphos harbour near the sea. Paphos is traditionally split into two; Katos Paphos and Ktima as both an upper and lower town respectively, and we can help you to find villas to rent in Paphos, Cyprus to help you decide where exactly you would like to stay. Depending on what you’re after, all you have to do is tell us how many people you’re travelling with and how long, and in a matter of seconds we’ll display all of the possibly options on one screen. Paphos is a town that has successfully mastered both tradition and authenticity and facilities for the perfect summer holiday and is a favourite along the likes of Greek islands Santorini, Kos, and Rhodes.

Best place to stay in Paphos

According to Greek legend, Paphos was the spot where Aphrodite rose out of the sea and landed. Paphos is split into two - part of the two which is located along the cliff and the other along the sea. Ktima, is located up the hill and inland and the Kato Paphos tends to be centered around the harbour. Depending on what kind of accommodation in Paphos that you´re looking for, we have summed up the differences:

  • Ktima (Upper Paphos): Here you will find the Old Town of Paphos with small winding alleyways that is very traditionally Cypriot. There are plenty of pavement cafes and Paphos holiday rentals to enjoy your holiday at a slower pace and close to the medieval ruins.
  • Kato Paphos (Lower Paphos): Having been developed into a tourist hotspot, this is where you will find the majority of restaurants and souvenir shops of the town. It is perhaps where you are considering to find a holiday apartment in Paphos. It is located close to the harbour, so if you want to stay near the sea, we recommend staying here.
  • When to visit Paphos

    Paphos enjoys a sub-tropical Mediterranean climate, as it is located on the south-west. During the summer months, Cyprus sees heights of 31 degrees Celsius and during this time you can expect clear skies and warm temperatures. The best time to travel for warmth and sunshine is certainly between June and September, but remember that the price of holiday accommodation in Cyprus is at a premium during these months. In the winter months there are fewer sunshine hours, but you can still visit and enjoy this place.

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    Tombs of the Kings and other points of interest

    Paphos is a town steeped in history and heritage, and is also equipped with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It is for this reason that you are bound to find something that will truly fascinate you during your stay in a villa to rent - and we have compiled the best points of interest for you here.

    • Petra tou Romiou: A large and iconic rock that is located on the main road from Paphos on the way to Limassol. This rock formation is also known as Aphrodite’s Rock and is supposedly where Aphrodite came up and out of the sea. It is now a beautiful beach to watch the sunset.
    • Coral Bay, Cyprus: A sandy beach that is well located in the centre of Paphos and has plenty of sea caves, headlands and rocks to explore. It is also the centre of watersports such as snorkeling and various other holiday activities during your stay in a short stay apartment in Paphos.
    • Tombs of the Kings: This is considered to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Cyprus and has since formed part of the UNESCO Heritage Site. The rocks date back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods and make up the tombs of various officials or high ranking people from the time.
    • Kato Paphos Archaeological Park: The mosaic floors of this park are iconic in Paphos, and there are a whole range of monuments ranging from prehistoric periods to the Middle Ages.
    • Paphos Castle: This castle was built as a Byzantine fort in the harbour an has since been used as a prison, and even for storing salt during the British occupation. It was destroyed in an earthquake in 1222 and was rebuilt and conquered by the Lusignans and later the Ottomans.
    • Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa: Built after 1500 AD, it was originally a Latin Church and later became a Byzantine Church after the Turks invaded in 1570.
    • House of Dionysos: The mosaic decorations in this Roman villa dating back to the second century AD, and has many various representations of the god Dionysus.
    • Agios Neophytos Monastery: Located 15km from Paphos, this monastery was founded by the monk Neophytos and has some of the finest Byzantine frescoes. It is located in the mountains at the head of the valley.
    • Adonis Baths: A site of great mythological importance, as it was believed that the Greek gods Adonis and Aphrodite had children here of which are now the citizens of Paphos. These waterfalls are beautiful to take a dip in a shady and stunning part of Cyprus just 12km from Paphos.

    Gastronomy of Paphos

    You can’t visit this island without experiencing the Cypriot gastronomy during a stay in your self-catering accommodation in Paphos. Popular on this island is meze, which is short for mezedhes and are small plates of various assortments. First to arrive is usually olives dressed in garlic, lemon, coriander seeds, olive oil and herbs. Next are the dips - you have tahini, taramasalata, skordalia and tallatouri which is served with a side of salata horiatiki (village salad). The main dishes are then to arrive, which include the likes of karaoli yahni which are snails in tomato sauce, prawns and pickled capers, octapodi krasato (octopus in red wine) and pickled cauliflower.