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Do you want to find Santorini villas for your trip to this beautiful island? Here you can compare all offers on the web on a single page and always find the cheapest accommodation to fully enjoy your holiday in Greece. Book your self-catering in Santorini now! The Greek islands, in the summer are true paradise, and Santorini certainly is no exception with its beaches, whitewashed houses, colours and unforgettable landscapes. Santorini is one of the perfect destinations for a romantic holiday and its sunsets are among the most beautiful in Greece. You are sure to have some unforgettable moments. Rent an apartment by the sea and fully enjoy your holiday on this Cycladic treasure. To find the cheapest Santorini accommodation, simply tell us the number of holidaymakers and the dates that you’re looking at for your trip to Greece. In a few seconds we will show you all of the offers on one page: you will no longer have to skip from page to page looking for the cheapest. You can filter offers based on your preferences and choose villas to rent in Santorini, Greece that are the best for you. Simple isn’t it? Santorini is waiting for you!

Where to stay in Thira

The island of Santorini is the southernmost of the Cyclades islands, a Greek archipelago on the Aegean Sea. It is a volcanic island and its inner crater, together with its lagoon, contribute to make the landscape of this island a true paradise on earth. With its almost 80,000 square kilometres of surface area, Santorini is an island to be explored and discovered. Like islands like Corfu and Mykonos, Santorini is a favorite destination for tourists. The island responds well to such popularity, with a wide availability of holiday accommodation of all types. But where should you stay in Santorini? Which area of ​​the island is the best to look for a holiday home? Here are some small tips:

  • Fira: Holiday rentals here are among the favourites of travellers who choose to spend their holidays in Santorini each year. Fira is the capital of the island and a very charming town, located 260m above sea level, in the central-western side of the island. Staying in Fira will allow you to visit the beautiful beaches during the day and to enjoy the alleys of the centre in the evening. In Fira you will find the classic Cycladic architecture, with white houses and churches with blue domes and more likely Santorini luxury accommodation. Among these, the most famous is certainly Agios Minas, one of the most photographed in the world. The panorama and the sunset, from here, is one of the most beautiful of the entire island: this also makes Fira one of the best places to stay for Santorini self-catering accommodation.
  • Oia: A sea view apartment in Oia offers the most beautiful view of the island. Because of its location to the northwest of the island, Oia is the city with the most beautiful sunsets of Santorini and perhaps the whole of Greece. A picturesque village, where the touristic soul well and truly coexists with the historical identity of the village, including windmills, churches and breathtaking beaches. Even if you do not choose to stay here, our advice is not to miss a visit to Oia during your holidays in Santorini. Many choose to book Santorini villas with infinity pools here.
  • Firostefani: A small village near Fira. Another magical place in Santorini, with wonderful sunsets (but this is not new) favoured by a panoramic position which owes its nickname "island's roof". A perfect village for those who want to spend a quiet romantic holiday in Santorini, spending a little less than, for example, a rental in the capital Fira.
  • Imerovigli: We are on the west coast, where Imerovigli is probably the most tranquil city on the island. It is perfect to stay in Imerovigli for your accommodation in Santorini, Greece for those looking for a relaxing holiday, with a crazy view of the entire caldera. It is one of the best places to fully experience Greek culture, including gastronomy!
  • Perissa: This offers a large amount of apartments and cheap villas in Santorini. It is famous for its black sandy beach, which is 5 km long. The town is very quiet, and is perfect for those in search of a little relaxation.
  • Kamari: Compared to Perissa, Kamari is on the other side of Mount Mesa Vouno. It is a more lively town, and is full of restaurants and clubs on the beach. It is also one of the most important seaside resorts on the island and inside there are the excavations of ancient Thira, which is a very interesting archaeological site situated in a panoramic position.
  • Akrotiri: Another village directly overlooking the caldera. It is located about 2km from the sea and its historic centre has wonderful sea views. It is ideal for an evening stroll in the cooler hours of the day. It is also here that the island's most important archaeological site is located and the legend says it is part of the lost continent of Atlantis. Could this be true?

Best time to visit Santorini, Greece

Santorini has a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, which already makes the months of May and June ideal to fully enjoy its beaches with its transparent waters: the average temperatures in this period already exceed 20 degrees Celsius. After Easter, usually, Santorini welcomes its first holidaymakers who are ready to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the low season, with the price of Santorini, Greece villas starting at £20 a night. July and August are typically the months for high season, and are less suitable for those who want a holiday of relaxation and tranquility, with the small beaches of the island often becoming quite crowded. Prices, however, remain accessible: booking well in advance, you can find apartments for rent in August in Santorini from £40-45 per night. The rest of the year, from October to April, is not suitable for those who want to swim (although that doesn’t hold others back!), but consider that the sunny and warm days are still plentiful. A weekend in this paradise, at any time of year, is a good solution to escape, even if just for a few days, from the stress of everyday life. In addition you can visit the archaeological landmarks that this island has to offer without being disturbed.

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Red Beach and other points of interest in Santorini

According to many, Santorini is the most beautiful of the Greek islands. The combination of the panorama of the caldera and the volcanic crater makes for something quite unique. What is most striking at first sight of this island are its colours: the reddish-brown rocks and inland vegetation, white of the houses and then the blue of the crystalline waters all around. It is truly a utopia. Reaching Santorini from the rest of Europe, especially in summer, is quite simple. The island has an airport, near Monolithos, which is located eight kilometres from Fira, where low-cost flights can be found on a regular basis. A holiday in Santorini means immersing yourself in spectacular landscapes. The seas is not the main pull however, of the Cycladic islands: here are some of the beauties that are not to be missed during your holiday when you stay in one of our fabulous private villas in Santorini.

  • Red Beach: According to many, Red Beach is the most beautiful beach of Santorini, located in the south of the island near Akrotiri, on a creek that was created after a mountain landslide took place behind it. It has a beach with spectacular colours, as the bright red of the volcanic rocks that combines with the crystalline blue of the water, for an extraordinary show. The beach is equipped with all necessary amenities, is sheltered from the wind and is a must for diving lovers.
  • Kamari Beach: This beach is famous mainly for its black sand and is the largest beach on the island. 5km long, on the east coast, it is crossed by a promenade where there are taverns, restaurants, shops and many other places to eat and relax, perhaps during the hottest hours of the day. This beach is also ideal for those on holiday in Santorini with children.
  • Amoudi Bay: From black to red. Yes, because this beach at the foot of the village of Oia is surrounded by red rock walls. You can climb the cliffs through a path of 214 steps or. on the back of a donkey! Not far away there is a small port, where the fishing boats dock to supply the many taverns in the area that according to many, are the best of the island. It is almost useless to add that the water in the Amoudi Bay is nothing short of crystalline.
  • Akrotiri: One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece and an incredible testimony of the Minoan civilization. The ancient Akrotiri is called "the Pompeii of Greece" because, just like Pompeii, the city was completely destroyed by the tremendous eruption of the volcano of Santorini in 1628. The ashes covered the city, which was brought to light only in 1967 thanks to the excavations wanted by the archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos. The archaeological site is located a few kilometres south of Aktoriri, on the road leading to the Red Beach. It is made up of roads, buildings and beautiful frescoes, and is a city that has been preserved very well, unlike many other Greek archaeological sites. A visit is strongly recommended, even for those who are not really archeology enthusiasts. The entire structure is also sheltered by a glass and wood covering that protects the excavations from the elements, as well as giving the possibility to visit Akrotiri in the shade (not to be underestimated in the warm summer afternoons of Santorini).
  • Santo Wines: Among other things, Santorini is famous for its local wine; a wine produced with grapes grown on the rich volcanic soil of the island. The name of this grape is Assyrtiko and among the most famous wines we mention there is also the Assyrtiko barricato. The best place to try it is at Santo Wines which is a farm with a large terrace on the caldera. You can visit the cellars, an unmissable experience for wine lovers!
  • Remains of ancient Thira: On the summit of Mount Mesa Vouno are the remains of ancient Thira, the other face of Santorini. This is the second most interesting archaeological site on the island, and is the "younger sister" of the city of Akrotiri.
  • Prehistoric Museum of Thira: This contains many finds from the ancient city of Thira, as well as preserving some of the famous frescoes by Akrotiri. Open every day except Tuesday from 8am till 8pm, this museum is a sort of extension of the excavations of Akrotiri, although there are also remains from other places, such as ancient Thira.
  • Church of Agios Minas: With its blue dome and clock tower, this church has become one of the symbols of Santorini. Located in the capital of Fira, it is an 18th century church. After the Pantheon, it is the most photographed monument of Greece. This will make for the perfect postcard, and for an unforgettable memory of your holiday home in Santorini.