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Find the best holiday apartments in Rhodes and you can enjoy your trip to the largest of the Dodecanese Greek islands. Dive into this ancient city and explore what it has to offer in terms of dazzling beaches, historic landmarks in the UNESCO protected city of Rhodes Town which has been preserved immaculately, and some of the most charming inland villages across the whole of Greece. We recommend finding accommodation in Lindos village which enchants many for its views that are straight from a postcard, for example, or perhaps looking for an apartment in Kalithea might be an option. Rhodes is an island of great natural value, and has some luscious green valleys that are perfect to explore alongside dipping into its crystalline waters. Hundredrooms works to collate all of the best holiday rentals in Rhodes so that you can see all of the options in one place for your trip by looking at a range of websites from our partners. We take into account how many people you’re travelling with and also how long you’re looking to stay and search to find you the cheapest prices in Rhodes accommodation. Depending on what you’re after, you can search and alter various options and find the perfect rental for your trip. Rhodes has it all; there is a lively buzz of nightlife but also complete tranquility should you require it. Booking holiday lettings in Rhodes guarantees that you are going to be able to have complete freedom during your holiday as you hop from place to place, landmark to landmark, and beach to beach. It is a popular Greek destination along the likes of Mykonos and Santorini. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday villas in Rhodes now.

Places to stay in Rhodes

This may be an island, but there is a large range of choice when it comes to villas in Rhodes and knowing where to stay. We have some advice to help you choose where is best.

  • Kremasti: Here you will find a large beach and quiet district away from the nightlife of Rhodes Town, but close enough to visit in the evenings. It is busy and has many old medieval ruins. Even the local library is designed to look like Rome’s Pantheon. It is popular with families but doesn’t get too busy, even during the summer months. From the top of the hill, you can see Turkey in the distance.
  • Lardos: The main square is the hub of this village’s life. There are many bars and tavernas full of local Rhodians, and the ruins of a Byzantine castle frame it. You will find many places to go for nice long walks along olive groves, and this town is equipped with a Blue Flag beach which is shallow and good for children.
  • Pastida: For the ultimate Greek village experience, book your Rhodes holiday rental here. It is an inland village but only a short distance from the beach at Kremasti. It is characterised by citrus trees and beautiful olive groves. The small streets are home to some wonderfully authentic Rhodes holiday rentals. It is 20 minutes drive from Rhodes Town.
  • Pefkos: This resort is located in the east coast, and has many bars and restaurants despite maintaining a laid back charm. It has a Blue Flag beach and takes its name from the surrounding pine forests. It is a popular spot for watersports such as snorkeling, kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is an hour’s drive from Rhodes Town, and has a couple of bars with DJs but the main nightlife is located in Lindos, nearby.
  • Rhodes Town: The island’s capital is a UNESCO Heritage listed spot and is also a hub for incredible nightlife. The Old Town has been beautifully preserved, and its shingle beach always has plenty going on with bars and restaurants nearby.
  • Faliraki: In the northeast of Rhodes is this energetic resort which is renowned for its non-stop parties and watersports paradise. On Bar Street and Club Street, you will find the neon lights of the nocturnal clubs. You can take part in pedalos, jet-skiing, and far more on Faliraki Beach which has been awarded a Blue Flag award. If not, there is a slightly calmer beach located nearby - Kathara Bay.
  • Ixia: Travel to Ixia if you are looking for the whole package for the family - it has great water sport facilities and some bars and restaurants. What’s more, you’re located close to Rhodes Town. It is set in front of the Akramitis Mountain and has a 2km shingle beach. You will find supermarkets and Greek bakeries here, too.
  • Kallithea: This resort has a range of tucked away coves and tavernas, and has a range of places to sunbathe. It is a short distance from Rhodes Town and strikes the perfect balance between the culture of the capital and the party atmosphere of Faliraki, which are both located nearby.
  • Kiotari: In the south of Rhodes this relaxed town is home to a large 4km Blue Flag beach with watersports facilities, and many places to stay in Rhodes.
  • Kolymbia: This town is on the east coast and has a spacious Blue Flag beach with a premium quality. It is a good place to locate yourself if you’re looking to explore other islands nearby.
  • Lindos: Arguably one of the most picturesque beaches in Rhodes, it is very typical with its whitewashed architecture and winding cobbled streets and many favour Lindos accommodation during their stay. You can see the clear influences of the various settlers that had previously left their mark such as the Italian, Roman, Turkish and Byzantine empires. It has some great beaches that are good for watersports and dining facilities.
  • Afandou: Another fantastically authentic village that is surrounded by olive groves and the longest beach in Rhodes. It is not far from the lively Faliraki and has many traditional tavernas and great places to eat local food. You can catch a small blue train to the beach and there are a few bars for an evening drink.
  • Ialyssos: In the west is this town which is also known as Trianda is a small town with a lazy feel. It has a lot of traditional Greek tavernas that mean you will dine well, and is popular with windsurfers due to the meltemi winds that arrive here. You are close to a lot here and you can explore ancient ruins in the hills nearby.

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When to visit Rhodes

As one of the islands located further south in the Greek archipelago, it has one of the best seasonalities of all. You can travel between April and November and still enjoy the good weather. Likewise, it is possible to travel during the winter months of March and December and have a good holiday. Rhodes Town stays open pretty much throughout the year due to its size, and you can find transport there throughout the year. June and July see the longest amount of sunlight, with an average of 12 hours per day. Maximum temperatures can reach around 29 degrees Celsius in the summer months of July and August, and this is naturally when holiday accommodation is highest in price, however temperatures are at around 16 degrees Celsius even in December and March, so you travel at this time for cheaper prices.

Colossus of Rhodes and other points of interest

What holidaymakers love about this island is that you can strike the balance well between an action-packed trip of historical exploration, an exciting nightlife and also total relaxation in some of the most idyllic beaches in the Mediterranean. That said, there is plenty to be enjoyed here in Rhodes, and we have found the best things to do during your stay in your Rhodes holiday accommodation:

  • Colossus of Rhodes: A giant statue standing at 33m of the sun god Helios. Construction lasted 12 years and it was toppled by an earthquake around 225 BC, and plans are being made to build a modern Colossus in the harbour of Rhodes Town, but it is still yet to be built.
  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes: Also known as Kastello, this medieval castle is an example of Gothic architecture and was originally built in the 7th century as a citadel, but later developed into a palace in the 14th century.
  • Prasonisi: An excellent windsurfing spot located in the south of the island that hangs off the edge of Rhodes.
  • Acropolis of Rhodes: Dating back to the Classical Greek period is this acropolis which is part of the site of the Temple of Apollo.
  • Archaeological Museum of Rhodes: Located in the Medieval City is this museum that is located in the previous Hospital of the Knights of Saint John. Here you can find various artefacts from all over Rhodes and the neighbouring islands that date back as early as the 1st century BC.
  • The Valley of the Butterflies: A secret of the inland of this island includes ‘Petaloúdes’ which is a nature reserve where you can find various types of butterflies. It is a peaceful place located in a shady valley and the butterflies are attracted to the Oriental Sweetgum trees within.
  • Ancient Kamiros: In the north is this ancient city, located in the foothills of Mt. Akramytis which is mentioned by Homer alongside Lindos and Ialysos. You can now explore the old site which was built on three levels; the acropolis, the stoa and the main settlement was located in the middle.
  • Modern Greek Art Museum: A place to showcase the modern art is Greek artists throughout the 20th century, and is located near the entrance of the medieval town in Symi Square.
  • Filerimos: This hill is located just outside of Rhodes, and offers fantastic views over the Aegean Sea. It is an important historical and archeological site, as it was once the site of the Acropolis of the ancient town of Ialyssos.
  • Lindos Acropolis: This archeological site has been incredibly preserved, and was first walled in the 6th century BC. Inside is the Temple to Athena Lindia and a Hellenistic stoa of 20 columns. The hilltop view allows you to admire the coast and its turquoise waters.
  • Aquarium of Rhodes: Along the promenade is the Rhodes aquarium, and offers a great insight into the marine life of the Aegean Sea. It is made in the form of a sea cave underwater.
  • Tsambika Beach: This beach stands near the Monastery of Tsambika which is a marvel in itself. This beach is long and sandy, and has water sports facilities.
  • Elli Beach: A beach that harnesses a fantastic atmosphere and is one of the most popular beaches on the island. You can take part in a number of water sports here, too.
  • Anthony Quinn Bay: A beautiful cove on the east coast. It was the location of the film ‘The Guns of Navarone’ and is characterised by its emerald waters.

Gastronomy in Rhodes

Rhodes has a wide flora and fauna, and very fertile lands, therefore the local produce that grows here is particularly special and has been revered for thousands of years. The olive trees are abundant due to the extended amounts of sunshine, and many of the products come from the mountain Profitis Elias. You should also try the Rhodesian honey while here. The local dishes vary from village to village, but the most famous include ‘rifiki’ which is a lamb backbone slow cooked in a clay pot overnight. Another is ‘giaparkia’ which is minced meat and dill weed wrapped in vine leaves. A tradition in Rhodes is handmade pasta, such as ‘loukoumi’ which is similar to tagliatelle. Another is ‘pitaroudi’, which is chickpea purée. It is also well known for its wine - the varieties include Muscat and Athiri. The ‘fast food’ of Greece is the souvlaki, which is a kebab filled with meat and vegetables cooked on a skewer. In terms of drinks, there are a couple of liqueurs native to the island including ‘souma’ which is created by fermenting grace pomace. ‘Sette herb’ is another which was created by the Franciscan friars and created using local herbs such as oregano, sage, thyme, wormwood and three secret ingredients!