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Find villas and apartments in Sicily to stay like a local in the jewel of southern Italy. Choose the apartment of your dreams and discover this stunning part of the world. Hundredrooms compares thousands of holiday rentals to make your holiday the best possible that you could envisage, and possibly the cheapest option. Be part of its Mediterranean magic where you can experience history, culture, nature and beaches all at once on the largest island in Italy. Sicily is a magical isle with volcanoes, monuments and even more islands - it has everything for you to enjoy. You can view Mount Etna from your perfect accommodation in Sicily and see far more than you bargained for. Almost all Sicilian land is recognised by UNESCO and it is a rich space across all areas. Hike along its famous volcanoes, visit the Valley of the Temples as if you were living in the 6th century BC, explore its three different seas to discover its small adjoining islands such as Egadi, Aeolian and Pelagie. You’ll find everything in Sicily that you need - and the same goes for your villas to rent in Sicily with a pool as you are sure to find the perfect one. All we need from you is how many people you’re travelling with and how long you’re looking to travel for and we’ll take care of the rest for you in the quest to bring you the bestholiday apartments in Sicily so that you’ll be experiencing a home away from home. Whatever you’re looking for - holiday homes with a pool, accommodation near the beach or parking included, we can help you find everything that you need. Take a look at our featured destinations in the island:

Places to stay in Sicily

Sicily is as authentic as it gets - as one of the largest islands in Europe and the largest in Italy, it is considered to be ‘everything in one’. Sicily is separated from the European continent by the Strait of Messina, and the Sicilian territory is surrounded by the water of three different seas: the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and the Mediterranean Sea. The special thing about Sicily, however, extends far beyond its coastline. It is best characterised by its mind blowing volcanic landscape, and is a wonderful mix of art, history and nature. You can explore the archeological sites of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans to your heart’s content. So are you wondering which part of the island to visit if you only have a few days? Here are the best areas for holiday homes in Sicily.

  • South-Eastern Sicily: Renting in Syracuse is one of the most popular options for holidaymakers looking for a place to stay in the south-eastern tip of the island. The provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa are areas rich in architectural beauties and natural wonders. In particular, the historic centre of Syracuse is constituted by the Island of Ortigia and here you can visit a series of fantastic archeological sites such as the Greek Theatre, the Roman Amphitheatre, or the Maniace Castle which are all testimonies to the fact that various populations have lived here. Find an apartment on the beach in Noto which is another Sicilian gem, and is also the baroque city par excellence in Sicily as well as forming part of its UNESCO heritage. The Val di Noto is also an incredible place to see in this part of the island and here you will find some of the most fabulous maritime villages such as Marzamemi, Portopalo, Ragusa and the enchanting Scicli. Also the city of Modica is fantastic for its baroque design and chocolate. Rent villas in Sicily with a private pool- this corner of Italy is a concentration of beautiful sights and places you should not miss for they will leave you speechless!
  • North-Eastern Sicily: The houses and Sicily apartments in Taormina will take you to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Thanks to its enchanting position on the sea, it is one of the most visited places on the island and has been called ‘a patch of paradise’ by Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Do not miss its Greek theatre nor the the Duomo cathedral. Not far from the Giardini Naxos, which name recalls obvious Greek origins, are some of the main beach resorts of the island. Look for apartments near the beach in Giardini Naxos, and enjoy some of the most fantastic views of the island. This part of the island also includes some really great places such as Mount Etna which is a stone’s throw from Catania. You can undertake various hikes and excursions from here. There is also Augusta, which is famous for its archeological sites such as Acitrezza, Aci Castello and Milazzo. Messina is also a point of contact with the rest of the continent where you can catch a ferry to cross the strait, and also the Capo d’Orlando which is the centre of Nebrodi and a charming town with a beautiful view of the Aeolian islands.
  • Western Sicily: The Italian "tip of the boot", this area includes San Vito lo Capo which is one of the main tourist destinations in all of Sicily and a perfect place for Sicily villas with a pool near the beach. Famous above all for its long white beach that is guaranteed to enchant you, it is suitable for the young but also for a family holiday. It has great facilities and has lots of self-catering villas. A short distance from San Vito in the east is the Zingaro Reserve which is an absolute must as a boat tour destination. The Castellammare del Golfo town is also picturesque and overlooks the sea, and is one of the many villages of the area with a fishing tradition. Erice is a medieval village that clings to the top of a mountain and stands 750m above sea level and has some of the most incredible views of the island. A few kilometres from the coast are the Egadi islands which are easily accessible by sea from the centre of Western Sicily. A favourite among tourists is Favignana, with its white houses and scenic colours.
  • North Coast: The coastline is dominated by Palermo which is the capital of Sicily and a city of beauty and unique history. Some interesting sights include the Norman Palace, the Palatine Chapel, the Cathedral, the Teatro Massimo and the Addaura Caves. These and many other places to visit are a good reason to rent a luxury villa in Sicily for your holidays. Not to mention the beaches: you have the fine sand of Mondello Beach which is the main beach of the city, and the wild nature that frames the Isola delle Femmine, another beach and town a few kilometres from Palermo. It is sandwiched between two natural parks and so is perfect for hiking. Continuing east from Palermo, you will reach another one of the most visited municipalities of the island. The holiday apartments in the area of Cefalù are often snapped up in the summer, and this is one of the most popular coastal destinations on the island. This ancient town attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its history and picturesque beaches make it a truly pearl of northern Sicily.
  • Agrigento and surrounding area: Staying in Agrigento means being able to visit one of the most beautiful archeological sites in the world. The grandiose Valley of the Temples is the most iconic destination of the southern coast of Italy. Not only is Agrigento a destination worth visiting, but there is also Eraclea Minoa, Gela and the beautiful Sciacca with its colourful houses close to the sea and the clear Arabic origins make it a sure visit on your list.
  • Aeolian Islands: These are made up of Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi and are the called the seven sisters of the Mediterranean, one of the most famous UNESCO Heritage sites in the world. Visiting the Aeolian Islands will mean immersing yourself in true paradise, both for sea and archeological lovers alike. The volcanoes and eruptions that have occurred over the millennia are something to marvel, and have in fact preserved many of the finds of ancient ages and as a result have turned the islands into a large outdoor archeological park.

When to visit Sicily

Sicily comes alive in summer, a season where it hosts holidaymakers from all over the world. The high number of tourists and high season prices, which can increase up to 25%, make a holiday in Sicily less attractive in summer - particularly in August. However, the Sicilian summer lasts almost six months, with the temperatures that in May and late September still allow you to safely swim and enjoy the most beautiful places in Sicily. The month where you can find cheap accommodation in Sicily is definitely May, when the lodgings have an average price of £74 per night. In addition, in October, the western part of the island welcomes a second wave of tourists in the occasion of a gastronomic event that has now reached international fame: the San Vito Couscous Festival! If instead you are willing to sacrifice the sea to visit the artistic and archaeological beauties of Sicily, then you can visit the island even out of season, knowing that, however, especially in the most touristic areas many shops and restaurants could be closed. Furthermore, to reach the island you will have several alternatives available.

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Mount Etna and other points of interest

Mount Etna:

    Officially the tallest volcano in Europe, it is still very much active and is over 3327 metres in height. You can admire the volcano from nearly anywhere in Sicily, and if you arrive at the right time, you will be able to see some of the eruptions and lava flows that explode from its top. It is now officially recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2013.
  • Valle dei Templi: Also known as the ‘Valley of the Temples’ is an archeological site which is a fantastic example of Grecian art in Italy. It has made the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, and the temples have been resorted fantastically to their original Doric style. The temples include Concordia, Juno, Heracles, Olympian Zeus, Castor and Pollux, Vulcan and Asclepius.
  • Aegadian Islands: Also meaning the island of goats, this archipelago is in the Mediterranean Sea off the Sicilian coast. Get lost in a sleepy village on one of the islands and experience life as the locals do, all with the glimmering backdrop of azure shores and quiet fishing ports.
  • Scala dei Turchi: One of the most fascinating natural wonders of this coastline has got to be the ‘scale of the Turks’, which probably derives from its peculiar stair like structure that is best characterised by blanched white cliffs that have been made soft and sinuous by the effects of the sea.
  • Palazzo dei Normanni: Officially the oldest royal residence in Europe, this is the home of the rulers of the Kingdom of Sicily and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Alcantara Gorge: Another incredible natural phenomenon that has formed thanks to the ongoing activity of Mount Etna. Formed by the volcanoes run off, this river was formed by water running to quickly cool off the lava from the Nebrodi Mountains, and then crystallising and forming ballast rock columns. It is a fantastic spot to cool off.
  • Villa Romana del Casale: It is home to one of the most elaborate and diverse Roman mosaic collections in the world and has so been given UNESCO status. Dating back to the 4th century AD, it is a picturesque Roman villa and is located near to Piazza Armerina.
  • Palermo Cathedral: One of the architectural wonders of the region that has a design that was probably based on that of a Roman temple. It is a great example of the meeting of cultures between Western, Byzantine and Islamic kingdoms on the island of Sicily.

Gastronomy in Sicily

Going on holiday in Sicily is also a joy for the palate. The Sicilian cuisine, in fact, is according to many the best in Italy and there are many dishes, "sfizi" and desserts that you'll find during your trip. The slushes and cassata, for example, are famous Sicilian sweets and exported all over the world. Speaking of "street food", however, in Palermo it is mandatory to try "bread and panelle", which is a sandwich made with chickpea flour pancakes, or the "bread ca meusa". And then the "arancine", or "arancini" that is one of the most iconic Italian symbols of gastronomy also comes from Sicily. Other dishes include pasta with sardines or Trapani pasta which consists of basil, tomatoes and almonds. Furthermore, in the province of Trapani, couscous is very popular. This is a clear example of the ways in which North African influences have been felt over the previous centuries, particularly considering the emigration of the late 19th century towards Tunisia and the 20th century towards Libya. It is similar to the Maghrebi recipe however Sicilian couscous is made with fish broth making for an explosion of indescribable flavours. Fish is very much the protagonist of many recipes in Sicilian gastronomy. Renting a holiday home in Sicily will give you the chance to taste these specialities. The cannoli is another sure favourite.