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Apartments in Benalmadena are among the most popular during the summer holidays in this area of the Costa del Sol. The Mediterranean Sea here sparkles in the summer sun, and is one of the most visited by travellers all over the world during high season. Whether you're looking for an authentic apartment in the Benalmadena Old Town, or cheap apartments on the Benalmadena Costa, we can help you find your perfect option. It’s no wonder - not only does it have an extensive coastline full of idyllic beaches, but is also a place that offers around the clock leisure activities. It has one of the highest concentrations of holiday lettings along the coast, and if you’re reserving with us, you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to enjoy that holiday feeling of a sea breeze on a terrace. We compare the prices of over 100 websites so you can simply relax during your trip and find the ultimate villa to rent in Benalmadena. Self-catering apartments, villas, whatever you’re after, you can stay where you feel most comfortable and with the guarantee that you will get a great price. You can choose what is most important to you, whether that be a pool, jacuzzi, internet. Whatever you require, we can make sure you enjoy your dream holiday in Benalmadena.

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Benalmádena is one of the most popular centres of tourism on the Costa del Sol, occupying a large area of the coast. The sandy beaches are what pulls people towards this Andalusian city that reaches maximum sunlight in August. Benalmádena and holidays are two terms that go hand in hand, as it is a perfect place to disconnect from the stress of the rest of the year and simply soak up the sun in some Benalmadena accommodation that we have found for you. Because so many people love to travel here to unwind, this city has many leisure activities available both day and night, and is led by the Tivoli World amusement park and the Torrequebrada Casino. Both are in different areas of the city, so depending on who you’re travelling with or what you require from your trip, it is important you know more about each of them when choosing your accommodation. These are the three major urban centres:

  • Benalmádena Pueblo - Old Town: This is the oldest part of the city and is of Muslim origin. It preserves the pristine white aesthetic of many Andalusian towns, and is halfway between the sea and the mountain, only a small distance from the coast. On Hundredrooms, we can find you some fantastic apartments in Benalmadena Pueblo that you are sure to love. It is a quieter area than the coastal town, as it better preserves old customs. It is also 241 metres above sea level so you have a wonderful view of the coast. Here you can find the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art Felipe Orlando, the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán and, especially, the Castillo Monumento Colomares.
  • Arroyo de la Miel: This area connects the Benalmádena Old Town with Benalmádena Costa and its name comes from the streams that descend from the hills and its tradition in cultivating honey. Currently its activity is mainly commercial, with the Tivoli World amusement park at its centre, so if you're with the kids, a Benalmadena villa to rent here could be a great option.
  • Benalmádena Costa: The coastal part of Benalmádena stretches along the coast of Malaga. The ‘Puerta Marina’ is among many of the beaches in the area and is one of the most important throughout the whole of Andalusia. It is the main tourist hub due to its many services and the Torrequebrada Casino. A holiday rental in Benalmádena Costa is a popular option for sun, sea and sand.

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Where to eat in Benalmádena

The traditional cuisine of this town combines the best of Andalusian cuisine with recipes from the Benalmadena area and make a nice change to cooking in your self-catering apartment in Benalmádena. The milk crumbs and the cachorreña casserole are among the most recognised dishes. The first are bread crumbs marinated with milk. The second is a soup based on bread and some spices, with a citrus touch of sour oranges and accompanied by some fish, either cod, sardines or anchovies. Fish is the star ingredient of Benalmadena cuisine. In fact, their dishes with origins from other areas of Andalusia are always adapted to accommodate seafood and fish. The fried fish, as in all the towns of the Andalusian coast, is its star dish; along with others very common in coastal areas, such as seafood paella or rice with any type of fish. If you want to try them yourself, we leave you some of our recommendations regarding restaurants to go to: the Mero Los Mellizos restaurant is an excellent option for group or couple celebrations, as well as the Restaurante Los Marinos Jose or Valparaiso restaurant, all of which are very distinguished. The Village Bistro, Bistro Michel and Lime & Lemon are great, cheaper alternative to the previous ones.

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Best beaches in Benalmádena and things to do

The great attraction of Benalmádena are, without a doubt, its beaches. A total of 17 are part of its coastline, which makes up over 20 kilometres of the Costa del Sol. These are among our favourites:

  • Playa Carvajal: This is a semi-urban beach without a promenade. There are usually a lot of people and has been awarded with a blue flag.
  • Bil Bil Beach: This beach has calm waters and dark sand, and it is a popular area with a promenade.
  • Playa Malapesquera: This is a beach with a large capacity, and is usually moderately busy. It has a seafront and a blue flag.
  • Playa de Santa Ana: Like the previous beaches, this beach also tends to have a high influx of people. It has dark sand and moderate waves.
  • Los Melilleros: Continuous from the previous Bil Bil Beach, it is similar in appearance and has over 1km of long and dark sand and very gentle wave. It is normally quite busy in summer.
  • Playa La Perla: This is a quieter and more secluded option than the previous beaches. It is reachable after a small walk which means that it is usually less busy, even in high season.
Not only does this town stand out for its sandy beaches, but there are also points of interest that we recommend you visit during your stay: The historical centre of Benalmádena: It is likely you will be staying in a more coastal area, but be sure to visit this part of town to see how everyday life is lived by the Andalusian people.
  • Benalmadena promenade: This provides a walk along one of the most beautiful sea promenades in the whole Mediterranean. Along here you will find much tranquility on one side near the sea, and the other the hustle and bustle of shops and restaurants.
  • Bil Bil Castle: This is an Arabic style construction from the beginning of the 20th century. It is decorated under the Nasrid tradition, with red on the outside and tiles.
  • Parque de la Paloma: This is the main green area of ​​Benalmádena. It is one of the best parks of the Costa del Sol and is a popular meeting point.
  • Castle of Colomares: This was built as a tribute to Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America.
  • Isabella's wreck: This was a vessel that in 1855 ran aground in Torrequebrada. It was discovered that the wreck was not from the Roman era as was suspected at first, but contemporary. It is part of the Historical Heritage of Spain.
  • Tivoli World: The first amusement park that was built on the Costa del Sol, in 1973.
  • Torrequebrada Casino: One of the best leisure activities in the area, not only is it a games room, but it also offers parties and shows. It is next to the beach and enjoys views of the Mediterranean.
  • Benalmádena cable car: This will take you to the highest point of Calamorro, almost 800m above sea level. This place offers incredible views, and you can even see the silhouette of the African Atlas mountain range.
  • Benalmádena Puerto Marina: With more than 1,000 docked boats and a very original design, it has meant it has been twice recognised as "Best Marina in the World". You are sure to enjoy your holiday in one of our fabulous apartments in Benalmádena marina.
  • Caves and archaeological sites: The Cueva del Toro is the most important cave of Prehistoric times alongside the Cueva de los Botijos, the Benalroma or the Los Molinillos.

How to get around Benalmádena

This is a very well connected city, particularly during the summer months, as services are increased during the high season, which means it is very easy to travel to and from your holiday villa in Benalmádena. It is divided into three main areas and its bus network is very well distributed so you can move around them without any problem. Line 1, the M-103 of Malaga, is the main one and can take you from Benalmádena Pueblo to the farthest point of Benalmádena Costa, the Torrequebrada area. The rest of them allow you to visit nearby towns or even move to the provincial capital. For example, the M-121 allows you to visit the town of Mijas or Torremolinos; On the other hand, you have a plenty of lines available to go to Malaga, whether you arrive or leave the airport or simply want to visit it including the M-110 or the M-112. You can also do it by train: the C-1 connects Malaga with Fuengirola and passes through Benalmádena. You can also use any of the other transport systems, from taxis to rental cars to get to the best beaches. We recommend that if you’re staying near the coast, take the opportunity to move around on foot or by bike while enjoying views you wouldn’t normally have.