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Let Minorca overwhelm you! A county which deserves that you visit , no matter what time of the year that you go in . Whether if it's hot or if it's cold , the spectacular natural horizon from your holiday letting and the most valuable historical heritage of the province allows you to have an unforgettable time. this province is famous for being one of the most visited parts of the country ; especially for the quality of the cities , which are , definitely, the same quality as the surroundings . Making the two best spots to begin looking for your holiday rental in Minorca. With our cooperation with other online portals such as Airbnb, or HomeAway , among more than 100 others , you can find your holiday accommodation in the village that you wanted . Whether you rent one of the most popular or one of the non famous cities, you'll enjoy the familiarity of a local person of Minorca alongside the serenity of a visitor . Get one of the 3102 Holiday rentals in this country!

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The county of Minorca keeps still now a lot of holiday homes whose origins go right back to their ancient people , something you can see in the main streets of the towns and cities . The most hidden villages conserve all the personality ; but, combined with the most popular localisations , all show an example perfectly the fortune inherited from generations of the past. This is the main virtue of Minorca, which as well is made up of some spots of special beauty , and each of them can be found all over this region. Palaces , colleges and various types of buildings present in this area , of so many structures and from decades ago which seem impossible to make and which take you back in time. Get ready to go to wander around the province in detail starting from your holiday rental in Minorca!

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Travelling to Minorca is just like exploring a part which is particularly gorgeous with a lot to do . You'll have the possibility to explore each part of the cities and eventually know everything you can here , buy some typical artisan products from this area and explore the main shopping streets . In the same way as if you are a local resident of Minorca. The natural environments found in every part of this province offer plants of every kind scattered around . Not only because they are really stunning and a couple of the best preserved parts of the entire country , but because they're sights that actually complete this spot. Now you know, if you're interested in exploring parks , you've found yourself on the ideal path . Wander around all the tours in in Minorca!

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Minorca creates a province filled with a big value, both traditional and at a level very landscaped . Don't finish without seeing the sites of interest that you have to go to in Minorca. One example, visiting one of the best protected towers you should not miss in your holiday , in the same way that you shouldn't forget any of the most popular churches . Without missing out on the famous markets and plazas of the heart of the main villages . For all those who think that cultural tourism is part of one of their biggest preferences , your plans definitely have to include walking around any of those places. Minorca is a genuine bag of surprises, don't miss any from your apartment .