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Our website compares apartments in Son Bou from well known partners such as Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor so that you don't have to because we know that you are passionate about travelling to new places and you deserve the cosiest apartment in the neighbourhood which suits your needs. In just one search, compare 16 apartments where you can enjoy the most sensational views of the city, 0 studies, penthouse or hostels perfect for romantic holidays, and 15 large holiday apartments for those who travel with children. Follow your travel dreams of enjoying Minorca , the most unimaginable escape that you've ever experienced before in your life now closer than ever before. Stay in one of the cheap holiday rentals in Son Bou and start comparing apartments which you will love!

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We are waiting for you to search for the apartment of your dreams in Son Bou that goes best with your style. Describe how your ideal apartment would be that you can't stop thinking about, And with everything you need , with a swimming pool and slide and balcony with views of the monuments of Son Bou. You don't need to spend hours comparing prices on loads of sites for accommodation in Son Bou , in our website we get you and you can do everything in one place. Depending on your needs, we search the most incredible apartments from TripAdvisor Son Bou and you book them at the lowest price. Do your luggage and say goodbye to the office, and let's go to Son Bou! Don't you think it's stunning travelling around Spain? Let yourself go with by the feeling that captures us every time we see ourselves a unique possibility to go to a famous city in Europe that we cannot resist. If you are a solo traveller going for business, you have friends in Balearic Islands or you just feel like seeing all the best cities in your life, it's irrelevant why you're travelling' so much as discovering different places in the globe. Let's reserve the apartment which is best located in the town of Son Bou?

Holiday rentals in Son Bou

Holiday lettings in Son Bou

Things to do in Son Bou

If you relax in an apartment on your trip in the city centre close to the most visited streets and spectacular buildings to be able to do a walk around the most interesting areas and discover restaurants with the best decoration beautiful gardens where you can share meals with whoever you want. The thing that we love most about the destinations like Son Bou is that they have a great deal of alternatives for any type of person, this destination is where to go on vacation an amazing place to travel with children. One idea for activities that you can do with your kids is a route on bike around the city and having a fantastic moment with your family. Visiting and seeing the elegance of the nature of Balearic Islands , and when you're tired, you will have the possibility to go to have dinner in any of the cafés of Son Bou or some of the villages from around. Taking a trip to the zoo is one of the most interesting days out so you don't miss out on a fun family day out if you travel with kids. In addition, in some galleries of Son Bou it's possible to visit museums and galleries which you will like with the kids, with interactive elements and more activities that wake up your interest for art and history in Minorca. And if you only travel with your partner forget that and think about yourself because here you will find entertainment for a while. Not many know about pleasure in eating a local meal from Son Bou for the first time in your life. To sample the first bite, you'll get the feeling to beg the chef for some tips and do your best to make it in the kitchen in your holiday rental. Would you love to travel to Son Bou as soon as possible?

Things to see in Son Bou in a weekend

If you look from the terrace from the apartment you can admire the heart of Son Bou. And of course here its located in the square. Which should we choose? With Hundredrooms you'll see so many holiday rentals that you won't have to enter in hundreds of websites, because you'll find holiday rentals close to historical buildings that leave you in shock. We commence the journey from your apartment: walk around all a local in the main street, wander around the cities sights and be astonished with most picturesque sights of the city, these famous areas that you want to see . And also it's important that you don't get bored with the kids, as they will really enjoy relaxing at home with views of the nearest water park, which means they keep the incredible memories of their trip. To end, we would recommend that you make a trip to the lovely villages which are situated all over, which possess a great atmosphere and you can visit them in a morning. Go to our blog for an extensive guide on everything there is to see in different places of the world, We are sure you'll find it useful!

Where to eat in Son Bou

Travelling is diving into new cultures , a legacy which is also present in the culinary in Son Bou. A local cuisine is usually completely defined by the foods grown from its eco-system and also by the traditions from cooks of the past. During your holiday abroad, it's key that you visit one of the traditional restaurants in Son Bou to be sure that you taste dishes far from your hometown.