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The apartments in Ciutadella are your best option for a dream holiday on the island of Menorca. Compare thousands of holiday rentals from more than 100 websites and visit the Balearic Islands for your summer holiday. The summer season is waiting for you with some of the most beautiful beaches you will witness - such as Cala Blanca, Cala Carbó, Playa Son Xoriguer or the smaller Cala En Forcat. This Balearic port city is known as ‘Vella i Bella (Old and Beautiful) in Menorcan, and its old quarter is sure to capture your heart. It has many examples of beautiful local houses that could be where you find your holiday villa to rent in Ciutadella. Located on the west of the island, there are a large number of restaurants, cafes and tapas bars for you to enjoy by the harbour, and you may want to find a gorgeous Ciutadella holiday rental near the delightful Placa des Born so that you can easily explore the streets of the Old Town. From here you can stroll under the arches of the Paseo de Ses Voltes, or marvel at the Menorca Cathedral. Visit during the Sant Joan Festival and enjoy a fresh pomada cocktail. Booking Ciutadella accommodation during the month of August is ideal to combine swimming on the beach of Cala Santandria alongside a sunset excursion to the famous talayots, which are ancient burial caves that have become symbols of the island. The apartments in Cala Blanca are another favourite spot for tourists to stay near the town of Ciutadella. Do not wait any longer and get your Menorcan holiday rental, the natural harbour and the Castle of San Nicolás await your arrival!

Ciutadella Port and other things to discover

Ciutadella, is the second largest city in Menorca, which is located behind Mahón which has 27,000 inhabitants. Located on the western edge of the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, the Old Town of Ciutadella has many tourist attractions of great importance. Getting accommodation in Ciutadella de Menorca is the best option to explore the beautiful streets at the heart of the city. Here you can take a look at the shops of the Paseo de Ses Voltes, one of the most famous streets of the island, adorned with the most picturesque white porticos. You can visit the Cathedral of Santa María which is built on an old mosque; or wander around the Plaça des Born, the hub of the city, where the Town Hall is located. During your stroll, do not forget to admire the Palacios Salor, Vivó and Torre Saura, which has a clean and neoclassical style. In addition, from your Ciutadella holiday rental you can explore the utopian coves that surround the city, or explore the talayots, the megalithic monuments built in the shape of a tower in the Gimnesian Islands in prehistoric times. Renting a boat to explore the Menorcan coves is another of the best activities you can do during your trip. The list of things to do in this area of ​​Menorca is very extensive, however, if you come for a few days, we recommend that you visit the following places:

  • Ciutadella Port: Ciutadella has a small natural harbour protected by the Tramuntana. It is interesting as there is a particular phenomenon that takes place called rissaga, by which the sea level drops and then rises again very quickly due to a wave, which has sometime caused flooding and damage on some boats.
  • Menorca Cathedral: This religious temple was built between the 12th and 14th centuries, over the remains of an old mosque. It is the most important gothic building on the island of Menorca.
  • Castillo de San Nicolás: Actually, it is a defensive tower that was built during the 18th century for the defense and surveillance of the city's port.
  • Naveta D'es Tudons: A prehistoric tomb that has become one of the icons of Menorca. It is the best preserved Talayotic monument of the Gimnesias, consisting of a collective tomb that houses funerary remains and some objects that accompanied them on their way to the next world. It is located 40 km from the center of Ciutadella.
  • Municipal Museum of Ciutadella: A building from the XVII century that presents an interesting collection of prehistoric objects of the settlements that have been discovered in the surroundings.

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Best time to visit Ciutadella

The best time of year to get an apartment near Ciutadella is probably at the end of June, when San Juan is celebrated. The festival of Sant Joan in Ciutadella is unique and spectacular and attracts people from all over Europe. The apartments for June in Menorca start at £36 per night, although it is advisable to book in advance if you want to get accommodation near the Port of Ciutadella. The busiest days for those who travel here to admire the Caragol des Born are on the 23rd and 24th, when the joc des Pla are also celebrated. Ciutadella is one of the best places to spend the Night of San Juan. The apartments for August are also very requested, although if you do not get it well in advance you will see how the prices increase up to 60% in the whole Balearic coast. If you are looking for cheap apartments in Menorca Ciutadella we recommend that you wait until the month of September, when the high season has passed, and you can still enjoy a swim in Cala Blanca, Cala Carbó and other beaches with more charm near the city.

Best beaches and coves near Ciutadella

Menorca is a paradise of coves and beaches lapped by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In this Balearic island you will be able to find many virgin beaches and hidden coves. Near Ciutadella de Menorca there are 7 beaches worth mentioning:

  • Cala Blanca: A small cove of 45 m in length, white sand and crystal clear waters with little waves. It is a very busy cove which often gets quite crowded, however it has all of the necessary services to spend a day at the beach.
  • Cala Carbó: A beach composed of gravel and sand and a low degree of occupation. It is a very rustic beach with dark colored sand. It is located near Ciutadella in the north of Menorca.
  • Cala del Pilar: A small naturist beach with fine golden sand with an area of ​​250 m. It has crystal clear waters, and is ideal for snorkeling. It can be accessed from Cala Els Alocs.
  • Cala En Forcat: A tiny beach of 10m in length with a high degree of occupation. This cove is famous for its narrow shore and its beautiful character.
  • Cala Santandria Beach: This beach is 100m long and is semi-urban, which gets quite busy in the summer months. It has calm waters, white sand, semi-urban, with availability of services and well equipped for swimmers. It has the Blue Flag badge.
  • Cales Piques Beach: Another tiny cove located between high cliff walls. The length of its sand is just 7 m, by which the concentration of people is usually high.
  • Son Xoriguer Beach: This beach is 180 m long and 45 wide, has a high degree of occupation, white sand and calm waters. It is ideal to spend a day with the family here. With a semi-urban character, this beach has the Blue Flag emblem.
From the apartments in Menorca Ciutadella you can easily reach these beaches as long as you have a rental car. Grab your swimsuit and don’t wait a minute longer to explore them.

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