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Book your Gibraltar holiday apartment and here at Hundredrooms we can guarantee that we will find you the cheapest prices and the best quality for your stay to the little slice of the UK in southern Spain. We understand that finding the perfect holiday accommodation isn't always the easiest of tasks, particularly given the hundreds of websites that are available. That is why we make sure that we bring you all of the possible options on one screen, so that you can select side by side to see which is the best fit for you. This territory is now home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its incredible Gorham’s Cave Complex in the bedrock. We collate thousands of holiday rentals from all of our different partners, and compare them with your ideal holiday in mind. All the information that we need from you is how many people will be staying there and for how long, and maybe any additional extras that you might require. Leave us to it! Gibraltar is the British outpost that occupies the space between Europe and Africa at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Famous for its Barbary macaque monkeys that dangle from Gibraltar Rock that juts out into the Mediterranean, and the Palladian buildings imported from other shores, here you find distant elements of a British coastal town almost touching the coast of Morocco. Find thousands of holiday lettings in Gibraltar for a unique trip to a place that has an interesting history worth exploring. You are also within perfect distance of visiting from the Costa del Sol, where you might decide to go to the likes of Estepona or Marbella which are only a few miles down the road.

Places to stay in Gibraltar

You will discover from your self-catering in Gibraltar that its history and heritage is incredibly diverse; reflected in its architecture that is a varied mix of Moorish, British Regency, Genoese, Portuguese and Spanish. All that we need for you are your dates and the number of visitors who are travelling, and we can take care of the rest. We’ll find you the best offers in holiday rentals so all you have to do is figure out your itinerary (with our help of course!) With the mountains of northern Morocco in the distance, you have to cross the airport runway to get to the main hub of the island and it’s certainly worth the trip. Its strategic position forms one of the ancient pillars of Hercules marking the final point along the Mediterranean and was also thought to be the end of the world for the ancient Greeks! Our comparison site will show you all of the available options in places to stay in Gibraltar in an area that suits you your needs, always with the cheapest price in mind. Here at Hundredrooms, we endeavour to save you time and money. Find the best holiday homes to rent in Gibraltar from one of our partner’s websites without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice. What are you waiting for? Take a look at what we have for you!

Best areas to stay in Gibraltar

  • Sandy Bay: A small bay overlooking the Costa del Sol that has a residential areas called ‘Both Worlds’ where Sandy Bay apartments are highly sought after.
  • West Side: Here you can find a Morrisons supermarket and the St Bernard’s Hospital! The Port of Gibraltar here welcomes many cruise ships.
  • East Side: A popular area for Gibraltar’s best beaches. Sandy Bay is one of its most popular with a gorgeous golden beach and sand imported from the Sahara, alongside a residential area called Both Worlds with smaller flats to rent in Gibraltar Also popular for holiday rentals is Catalan Bay, where homes are unique and have fantastic sea views. You can also access the sea easily from this point. The largest beach in Gibraltar is Eastern Beach, which certainly gets the most sunlight and is located directly next to the airport.
  • Town Area: This is the main commercial district of Gibraltar, where you can find plenty of recognisable shopping facilities on Casemates Square. You might want to find an apartment to rent in one of these bustling streets.
  • South District: Here you can find Camp Bay and Little Bay, which was a former quarry and has now been turned into an enviably positioned lido, with a small rocky beach.
  • Queensway: A polished marina with plenty of beautiful yachts and luxury accommodation to rent.
  • Ocean Village: This is a marina complex that is stylish and sophisticated, with some fantastic luxury apartments in Gibraltar. There are some wonderful restaurants and it is considered to be a great social hub. Finding apartments in Ocean Village is a great option for your trip.
  • Upper Town: Considered to be the ‘Old Town’ of the city, here you might find older and more traditional cheap accommodation in Gibraltar. It is currently being updated and has lots of quaint streets to stay in and explore.

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Gibraltar Rock and others points of interest

We recommend that you book short term rentals in Gibraltar for a day or two days if you’re willing to see everything. It is perfectly doable, and we highly recommend that you take a hike up the Rock to visit the Barbary macaques (the large apes that occupy it at the top!) There is also a whole wealth of military history wrapped up in Gibraltar that is waiting to be unravelled with plenty of war memorials to study during your stay in some of our self-catering accommodation in Gibraltar. This place is particularly popular for water sports, and you are sure to find some scuba diving, sailing or windsurfing and fishing facilities on the Rock.

  • Gibraltar Nature Reserve, Upper Rock: This is probably the most iconic view of the the territory; you may recognise it from a famous picture of John Lennon and Yoko Ono on their wedding day!
  • Gibraltar Cable Car: From the nature reserve you can catch a cable car to see the most impressive sights across the territory and the Mediterranean sea.
  • Bay of Gibraltar: Famous for its breathtaking views across to Tangier and Northern Morocco, but also for being home to a large dolphin colony. You can take a boat to see the dolphins for around 2 hours.
  • World War II Tunnels: These tunnels play an important part in Gibraltar’s military history, and mark the spot where the civilian popular were evacuated to and where the garrison slept and stored their provisions. You can go on a tour and explore the 34 mile long network where there were multiple services such as a hospital, bakery, power generating station and much more inside the rock.
  • Mediterranean Steps: Climb these steps up the side of the rock to make the most of the incredible views. It has been given UNESCO World Heritage site status.
  • Ape’s Den: The most famous residents of Gibraltar have got to be the barbary macaques. You can visit them at the top of the rock.
  • Gibraltar Museum and Moorish Baths: A collection of artefacts from Gibraltar’s history. Here you can also find the ancient Moorish baths that certainly warrant a visit.
  • St Michael’s Cave: This is a natural cave made from limestone rock with a lake and plenty of us stalactites and stalagmites in on the ceiling. Of the 150 caves that are concealed in the rock, this is the most popular with visitors. It is a natural wonder and it costs approximately £10 to visit. Almost a natural church, it is now used for concerts and other events.
  • Chatham Counterguard: This is a former bastion to protect the territory from sieges, and is now a recognisable feature of the town.
  • Irish Town: For a great example of Regency buildings, take a visit to the Irish Town which have lots of Gibraltarian restaurants and is also a popular place for holiday homes to rent in Gibraltar.
  • Ocean Village: Here you can entertain yourself in one of the 2 glamorous casinos and admire the incredible views across the Bay of Gibraltar.
  • Casemates Square: This is now the main hub for nightlife in Gibraltar, and used to be the sight of public executions. Now there are plenty of bars and cafes and places to eat.
  • Catalan Bay: Located on the east side of the rock, this was a former Genoese fishing village and is great for fish restaurants.
  • Catholic Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned: Found in the Main Street of Gibraltar, this church was built on the original site of the mosque during the Moorish period, but was later destroyed during the Great Siege to reconstruct it as a Catholic building.