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Are you looking for villas in Sardinia? Here you will find all the offers of holiday rentals on the beachfront, on one page, and as a result save up to 40%! You can compare all the holiday rentals on the island of the most famous sites. The cheapest accommodation in South or North Sardinia can only be found on Hundredrooms. This magical island, which is probably the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, is waiting for you with its Caribbean beaches, alongside wonderful places such as San Teodoro, Villasimius and with villages of ancient tradition such as the splendid Alghero. Using Sardinia accommodation, even privately, is the best way to explore this beautiful island far and wide, discovering every day a beach and a different corner. This region is a paradise, from north to south. Taking a holiday home in the south of Sardinia, you will have the opportunity to visit Cagliari, the archaeological site of Nora or beaches like Pula. Holiday villas in Sardinia with pool for example, are among the most popular among tourists. Sardinia scores highly as a Mediterranean island destination, along the likes of Majorca, Ibiza and Menorca. If instead you decide to opt for the northern part of the island, you could look for a house in Costa Smeralda, with much beauty and things to do.And then the Magdalene, Santa Teresa di Gallura and much more. The island has a vast availability of accommodation andvillas to rent in Sardinia of all kinds, which are the ideal solution for your holidays in 2018. All you have to do is enter the dates of your trip and the number of people. In a matter of seconds we will show you all offers of rentals on the island, selected from the most important sites. Only here at Hundredrooms will you see all offers on one page, which means you can avoid confusion and jumping from one page to another, saving you time and above all money. Choose the offer that's right for you, view it on the interactive map and book. In a few seconds you will have at your disposal your holiday home or apartment in Sardinia. And you can also take a deeper look into our main destinations in this beautiful island:

Where to stay in Sardinia

Renting a holiday home in Sardinia is a dream experience, in one of the most beautiful paradises that Italy has to offer. But Sardinia is vast: with over 24,000 square kilometres it is by extension the second biggest island of the Mediterranean and the third biggest Italian region. Moreover, every area and every coast has its own unique characteristics, thus giving it the territory such fantastic variety. Where should you stay, therefore in Sardinia? Here are our tips in looking for an apartment:

  • South Sardinia: Holiday homes in South Sardinia are among the most sought after by tourists from all over the world. This is because, according to many, here are the most beautiful beaches of the island, making it a real tropical paradise. We recommend finding luxury apartments here. Let's talk about Carloforte, Iglesias, Capo Teulada. And then Pula, with the Santa Margherita beach, its lively squares and all of the archaeological heritage of Nora. But the real pearl of southern Sardinia is certainly Villasimius, where the blue and clear water of Simius beach is one of the postcards that best tells the beauty of this part of the island. If you love the sea, in short, looking for rented private villas could be the ideal solution. Moreover, this is where Cagliari is located, a splendid city with ancient history and is the regional capital of Sardinia.
  • North Sardinia: The northern side of Sardinia offers a landscape full of nuances; alternating rocky coasts and white beaches, always framed by the green Mediterranean scrub. Some of the best holiday accommodation is located here. Teresa Gallura and La Maddalena. It means Palau and the nearby Capo d'Orso and Tempo Pausania. Then there is Badesi, a small and picturesque fishing village. Search for the cheapest rental offers and choose where to stay in North Sardinia: you'll be spoiled for choice.
  • Costa Smeralda: Holiday homes and holiday rentals are the accommodation of choice for those who want to experience the luxury and nightlife of Sardinia. With plenty of Island VIP resorts, in this area rooms have higher average prices than other areas. Here we find Porto Cervo, a true jewel of the Costa Smeralda. Nightlife aside, it is a very quiet centre and offers the possibility of a relaxing holiday. And then you have Golfo Aranci, which is a cheaper alternative to experience what North-Eastern Sardinia has to offer, ideal for those who love fishing.
  • West Coast: Staying on the west coast of Sardinia means discovering pristine beaches and coves, which are far from the mass tourism of other areas, making it perfect for villas in Sardinia with a private pool. A particularly beautiful area is that of ​​Oristano, a picturesque coastline full of protected parks and interesting archaeological sites.
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When to visit Sardegna

The right answer would be "immediately" or "as soon as possible"! Obviously the best time to enjoy Sardinia is during the summer. The counterargument is that in the high season, late July / early August, the island is flooded with tourists and rental prices rise. The luck is that on average the summer in Sardinia is longer than on the continent, with average temperatures around 20 degrees in May as well as in October. In these two periods of low season, where you can swim without problems, you can find holiday apartments in Sardinia from € 30 per night. Sardinia is not just sea, however: if what interests you is a cultural visit of the Island, visiting its archaeological beauty with the many possibilities of excursions that it offers, then the 'early spring could be a good time to visit the island, where you will be saving compared to the summer. In any case, the Sardinian island remains fascinating at any time you decide to visit it. And with Hundredrooms you can find offers of holiday homes for rent throughout the year, with the certainty of always finding the cheapest solution on the web.

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Points of interest in Sardinia

  • La Pelosa: A house by the sea near Pelosa is probably the most perfect thing there is to fully experience the crystalline sea of ​​this island. White sand, soft, crystal clear waters and the Tower of Pelosa as a backdrop make this beach in the province of Sassari one of the most beautiful in Sardinia. In front you can see the islands of Asinara and Piana.
  • Isuledda: More and more tourists every year come to visit San Teodoro and this part of the island. S'Isuledda is certainly the most beautiful beach of this town, located in the homonymous point. Perfect even for those on holiday in Sardinia with children, it has a sandy bottom and isn’t too deep. All around, the nature of the Mediterranean scrub surrounds what is a true earthly paradise.
  • Punta Molentis: Villasimius is instead a resort that offers a large number of seaside villas for rent, making it ideal for holidays with family or with friends. Among its most beautiful beaches is Punta Molentis, which is part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Capo Carbonara. Behind it is a hill with ancient nuragic remains that make it an area where beauty and history merge, in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Ampurias: Considered to be the pearl of the Sardinian west coast, near Sassari, in the Castelsardo area. In 2012 it won for the second time the prize for the beach with the highest environmental quality.
  • Cala Bradinchi: This is part of the Capo Cavallo area. A beach of light sand, with dunes that are almost desert-like, in the frame formed by two pine forests. A very touristy area, but that still maintains its wild beauty.
  • Punta Tegge: This is located on the island of La Maddalena, in the homonymous archipelago. Its beaches are mixed: white sand that alternates with pinkish rocks. A mix that creates a truly striking colour effect.
  • Cala Mariolu: if you choose to look for a holiday home on the central-eastern coast of the island, then we suggest you to stay near this pearl of the Gulf of Orosei. With white and pink pebbles, it is reachable only after a trek in nature or by the sea. But the beauty of this place is worth every effort it takes to get there. The name derives from the monk seal which, it is said, stole the fish from the nets of the fishermen and was therefore called "mariolu", i.e. thief.
  • Cala Spinosa: We are in Santa Teresa di Gallura, Capo Testa. A small beach with cliffs of granite rock overlooking the sea. Diving enthusiasts will be fascinated by the beauty of these seabeds.
  • Cala Coticcio: Here we are on the island of Caprera which has a white beach with very thin sand. According to many this is the most beautiful and clean sea of ​​Sardinia and its colors are fantastic. Close to the sea, juniper, cistus and lentisk plants grow on the rocks. It is really spectacular. An interesting fact: this island is also famous for being the place where Garibaldi spent the last 26 years of his life: the Compendio Garibaldino and his residence are now open to visitors and is very interesting to visit.
  • Tuerredda: A spectacular islet between Capo Malfatano and Capo Spartivento, made even more fabulous by the homonymous islet in front, which is only accessible by swimming.
  • Budelli pink beach: if you have taken a lodging somewhere in the Maddalena archipelago, in the North-East of Sardinia, the pink beach of Budelli is an absolutely must in your itinerary. The name derives from a high percentage of bioclasts in the composition of the sand, which gives this beach a unique pink colour. Without a doubt, and you will realise it, that you are facing one of the most colourful and original beaches in the world.
  • Solanas: Golden sand, crystalline water, and breathtaking colours. Beautiful, of course, but nothing new in regards to Sardinia. But there is one thing that makes this beach really unique, which is located just a few kilometres from Cagliari. It has a particular scent caused by the presence of the wind and the surrounding vegetation.
  • Su Giudeu: A very long coastline, which is characterised by dunes on which scented and secular junipers climb. Ideal for children, this beach overlooks the bay of Chia. The name derives from the islet of Su Giudeu, located 150m from the shore.
  • Cala Luna: Located in the province of Nuoro, Gulf of Orisei. This is one of the most unique beaches in the world, located at the mouth of a stream that marks the border of the territories of Dorgali and Baunei. The stream is called Codula di Luna, hence the name. It is so beautiful and unique that it has been chosen several times as a film set. We suggest finding self catering villas near to this beach.
  • Scoglio di Peppino: Sardinia is the place where natural beauty is mixed with culture, history and anecdotes. This Costa Rei beach owes its name to the Scoglio Peppino, located just a few metres from the beach. Peppino was the name of a fisherman who, after his working hours, used to sit on that rock to relax and meditate, observing the sea. Now Peppino is gone but the rock, easily reachable by foot thanks to a strip of sand, bears his name.
  • Rena Majori: This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Gallura, in the north of the island. Emblemetic of this beach are the "natural pools" that are formed between the rocks, a few steps from the shore. This corner of paradise is ideal if you have rented an apartment in Santa Teresa Gallura, which is only eight kilometres away.
  • La Rena Bianca: We are still in Gallura, but in this case we are talking about what is actually the town beach of Santa Teresa. This is a cove about 700m long, with shallow water and white sand, hence the name. How do you get there? You can reach it from the hill where the main square of the village stands you will be able to see it and, from there, there is a stairway of 300 m which will take you directly to the shore. Without a doubt among the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda and we have some wonderful holiday villas with pools nearby.
  • Cala Domestica: An inlet framed between white limestone cliffs, has a bottom of thin sand mixed with gravel. This pearl of the southwest coast is located in a former mining area, with ruins still present. A position that makes the landscape truly unique and evocative. Around, the area offers many services, including a parking area suitable for campers and a kiosk. Characteristic that, together with the low and safe depth, makes this perfect cove for those who are on holiday in Sardinia with children.
  • Is Arutas: A unique beach, for its size and above all for its composition which is rich in quartz grains with chromatic scales ranging from pink to green. It is very interesting for those who practice snorkelling, but also coveted by surf-lovers.
  • Su Tiriarzu di Posada: This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Posada, and is only a short distance from the town. The particular name derives from the "tiria", a type of plant that grows between the vegetation. Clear water that stands out on the white sand that covers this stretch of very long shoreline.
  • Cala Sisine: Although it is less famous than the nearby pink beach, this cove of the municipality of Baunei is just as beautiful. It is striking in colour, thanks to the presence of very white pebbles that make its waters even clearer and more transparent. If you have chosen this area as your holiday destination for your self catering in Sardinia, Italy, you should visit all the beaches of the Gulf of Orosei which is full of small boats that leave every day from La Caletta and stop in all the coves of this beautiful gulf.
  • Punta Cardinalino: Located in Palau, at the suggestive north-eastern promontory of Capo D'Orso. This is a cove surrounded by rock and is wedged between the most green and wild Mediterranean vegetation. A charming place, where you can relax immersed in nature and forget about everything and is simultaneously one of the wildest and most hidden beaches on the island. But those that we have listed are just some of the Sardine coves: it is up to you, once you have looked for your accommodation for your holiday in Sardinia, move along the coast to discover other corners of paradise like those we have just talked about!