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6 Scientific reasons why travelling makes you happy

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • 6 Scientific reasons why travelling makes you happy

  • Do you know the secret to being happy? Travelling! Many people will tell you that it’s an unnecessary expense and it’s better to save for an apartment, a car or clothes. But actually it’s not things that make us happy but rather, experiences. And the things that we will remember when we’re older, the stories we will tell our friends and family will be about these exact experiences. Sometimes we get carried away with the immediate pleasure which comes with buying material goods, but this is a temporary happiness, living experiences last a lifetime. Want to find out more?

    travel be happy

    Why Travelling makes you happy

    According to many scientists, travelling offers you the following

    It makes you feel many emotions

    Travelling helps us to get to know exotic places, new flavours, unknown cultures, and new knowledge. It’s that emotion, after discovering these new things, which is linked to the memories. So when we remember that trip to Thailand of that night in Berlin, we feel happy.

    travel makes you happy

    It breaks the routine

    Travelling takes you away from your daily routine, from day to day stress and helps your brain to expand and get new ideas and inspiration. It also means your brain doesn’t have to work and it can relax giving yourself a break of the daily exhaustion. Clear your mind and be open to new opportunities.


    It gives you self confidence

    On many trips we find ourselves in difficult situations which we wouldn’t get in our daily lives. Outside of your comfort zone is where you learn the most about yourself. We often feel much stronger and confident after returning home from a trip. It also makes you more flexible and adaptable to new things and experiences.

    travel happy

    You’ll tell the best stories

    After every trip we always have some stories to tell which are most likely much more entertaining than the ones from your everyday life.

    travelling and tell stories

    Open your mind

    It sounds cheesy and typical, but it’s true. After all these experiences you’ll really learn to see the world in a different way and be more open to new things. This will help you in your everyday life too.

    travelling makes you happier

    Travelling helps us to value what we have

    When we travel we often see how happy some people are with very little. We also spend time without our loved ones or all our possessions and it helps us to appreciate everything we would usually take for granted.

    travelling teaches us

    Travelling teaches us that there is much more than what you are used to seeing in our day to day lives. Of course, it’s not possible to visit every country in the world but you do have your whole life and you should try to make a small trip as often as possible.

    It is scientifically proven that in the long run you will be much happier if you invest your money in travel rather than things. Travelling is investing in yourself.

    So this year, don’t stay at home, make the most of your time and money and use it to travel more.

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.