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14 Signs of a Real Adventurer

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • How strong is your travel passion? If you love to travel it’s probably very clear to others that you are a true adventurer, but there are other signs which can give it away. Here are 14 reasons why you are a real adventurer!

    travel adventurer

    1. Most of your stories  begin with ‘When I was in…’

    girls travelling

    It may not be relevant where you were travelling, but you feel a need to mention it and tell the exciting story of when you were visiting Prague, Edinburgh or Marrakesh…

    2. The first question you ask people is “Where are you from?”

    friends travelling

    When you meet someone the first thing you want to know is where they are from. Maybe you’ve visited their country or always wanted to go there. This question is more important than “What’s your name?”

    3. You’re a pro at packing a suitcase

    pack your suitcase

    Why does everyone have problems when packing their suitcase? When you used to travel it was almost impossible to fit everything into your suitcase, but now it’s a piece of cake.

    4. Experiences are worth more than things

    San Fransisco

    You have one thing very clear, success it not about getting a new car or new house, it’s about completing the list of all the places you want to visit.

    5. You always have money from other currencies


    Dollars, euros, Korunas… your wallet is always full of money from different currencies.

    6. You save a % of your salary to go travelling

    save to travel

    When you get paid every month, you are thinking about how much you have for your next trip!

    7. You have friends in other countries

    friends around the world

    Erasmus, working abroad, language courses or a long trip. There are many ways to meet people living all around the world. Some of your best friends probably live miles away and you have to travel to visit each other.

    8. You’re scared of routine

    Travel abroad

    You have a great fear of routine and you hate the phrase “forever”, you love to change and live new experiences everyday. Nothing lasts forever!

    9. The more different, the better

    travel photography

    The more unique your trip is, the better. You love to try new things and do something that scares you everyday.

    10.  You’ve probably missed a flight, train or coach on your travels

    thinking about travel

    A very common sign of an adventurer is someone who has probably missed their flight at least once…

    11. Your pastimes include searching for trips

    buying trips

    You turn on your computer for work and end up searching for a flight, or what to do in a certain city. You love to read travel blogs or search for new offers on holiday accommodation.

    12. Not having a plan is not a problem

    friends on beach

    When you decide to travel somewhere you have some places in your mind which you definitely want to visit but you don’t mind going without a plan. improvising is the best way to go on holiday.

    13. You know how to order beer in other languages

    order beers

    There are certain phrases which you know on other languages, one of them could be “one beer please”.

    14. You’re always counting down the days until your next trip

    girl on social media

    Another sign which you are a true adventurer is that you are constantly counting down the days until you can getaway again.

    Do you have any of these signs in this list? Share your stories in the comments!

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.