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Why everyone else is travelling the world and you’re not

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Why everyone else is travelling the world and you’re not

  • After a long day at work you go home and check your social media. Many of your friends are probably having a better day than you (or at least that’s the message they portray). They’re travelling around Japan, New York or Barcelona and we feel like we never manage to go on holiday.  Social networks like Facebook and Instagram make us get a strong case of travel envy which can make us think, why are my friends always travelling and I’m not?

    social media

    Social media and travelling

    It’s incredible how much social media has changed our way of travelling. We are so connected to the online world that we probably spend more times chatting on social media than we do to our travel pals.

    Social networks have advantages and disadvantages, and with travel envy it could be the latter. We always want to share our lives on social media and show how much of a great time we are having, but in the end we spend so much time on social media we’re probably not making the most of our trip.

    friends on social media

    On a psychological level, not everything is bad. Social networks can also be advantageous, they help more shy people to communicate, or to keep in touch with people on the other side of the world.

    Social networks certainly inspire us to take on new adventures, organise group trips of choose the best places to visit.

    How people travel so much

    Group travel is much more affordable than travelling with your partner or your family. You could rent a large apartment together or get group offers on attractions, or share the cost of car rental.

    Another way to travel is to look for last minute offers, or be open to where exactly you visit. Sometimes you can choose the cheapest flight and pick your destination on a whim.

    friends travel

    Another possibility is that your friends have managed to save much more money than you. Try to make a savings plan or earn extra money with a side job.

    There are so many destinations where you don’t have to break to bank on your visit. Places like eastern Europe, Asia or south america can be much cheaper to travel to than New York or New Zealand. 

    Why upload photos to Facebook?

    We love uploading photos to Facebook, but sometimes it gets a bit excessive. If you’re on holiday you should make the most of your time off and try to enjoy it. Don’t spend all your time on Facebook.

    Find the balance between posting photos and enjoying yourself

    You can’t enjoy the moment if you’re worried about taking the best Instagram shot, share photos but make sure you don’t put social media before living your holiday.

    The bad comparisons

    Another reason to avoid  posting to many photos is that we often compare ourselves too much to others. Why can my friend go to Tenerife this weekend but I can’t?

    We only share the good parts

    Of course we wouldn’t want to share the bad moments on Facebook, only the photos of us having fun and smiling. It gives us the wrong impression of what is really happening and the false view of happiness is not always what it seems.

    Facebook friends

    We search for acceptation on social media

    When we share on social media we are expecting to get some kind of recognition and appreciation from the others. If we get reactions to our photos, we feel better about ourselves. When the ones who really care, are the ones who spend time with us away from social networks.

    Stop thinking about what all your friends are doing on social media and focus on enjoying yourself. That’s the best way to be happy!

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.