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8 cities which will pay you to live in them

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • It’s not a joke or a trick, these 8 cities of the world will actually pay you to go and live there. Are you a traveller at heart who would consider moving somewhere new? Then you have no excuse about money or time as you can get paid to move there! These cities are places you absolutely have to visit but many people decide not to due to the climate or the economic issues. Do you want to find out why?

    We’re sure you’re interested in why these cities will pay you to live there and what is so curious about then. So let’s find out!

    Live in Camden, Canada

    The place with more entrepreneurs! With the objective of improving their economy, Camden offers up to 2.8 metres of land for anyone who manages to create 24 or more job positions.

    camden canada

    Live in Utrecht, Netherlands

    In this city there’s an experiment to find out what it’s citizens will do when given £750 per month. Will they spend it on something productive; something useless or work more to earn even more money?

    Alaska, USA

    The low temperatures and tough conditions mean there are less and less people living in Alaska. This is why the government has decided to offer £1900 per month for anyone who dares to live here for over 6 months and doesn’t have a criminal record.

    Alaska mountains

    Niagara Falls

    Although it may seem to most, just a tourist attraction, Niagara Falls also has an upcoming city. They’re now offering graduates living here up to £5000 to later stay working in a company in the city. How amazing could it be to live in Niagara Falls? This is your chance!

    Niagara falls usa

    Detroit, USA

    As well as being a city full of hidden treasures, Detroit has been abandoned after the economic crisis. Therefore the government wants to improve the city and population offering up to £15,000 for anyone who moves here and starts working. And this isn’t the only program they’re put in place to help the population.

    detroit city usa

    Saskatchewan, Canada

    Have you finished studying and now you’re not sure what to do? Saskatchewan in Canada has an alternative; this amazing province offers up to £11,000 for anyone living and working here for up to 7 years.


    Kansas, USA

    Some cities in the Kansas state have lost a lot of citizens in the recent years so they are now offering land to those who decide to live here for a long period of time.

    kansas usa

    Tristan de Cunha, south Africa

    This small island in South Africa is actually part of British territory. It’s very difficult to access so it’s great for anyone who wants to get away from the rest of the world. In fact it was named by Guinness world records as the most remote inhabited island in the world. Despite this, they want the population and the economic activity of the area to increase. So if you come and work here there are many personal benefits offered. (They’re mainly looking for farmers). The best part? There are plenty of penguins!

    Tristan da cunha

    So, out of this list would you rather live in Canada, travel to Kansas or become a farmer in South Africa? If you’re looking for a new adventure, why not!

    If you’re not ready to move to another country just yet, you can check for apartments to rent in Hundredrooms and test the place before living there for good.

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.