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35 Trips to do before you turn 35

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Being 35 certainly does not mean the end of your youth days, it’s just another number we can count on our years. The most important thing is that we live everyday to the maximum and have as many experiences as we can.

    Discover some of these European cities, get lost in random towns and experiences new cultures!

    1. Barcelona, Gaudí’s city

    gothic quarter barcelona

    Before you turn 35, you have to wander through the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, admire Gaudí’s work, learn about Picasso and wander down Las Ramblas.  Don’t miss the Parc de la Ciutadella or the Camp Nou stadium either!

    2. Drink beer in Oktoberfest, Munich


    Going to Oktoberfest and not drinking beer is a crime. Oktoberfest is one of the biggest beer festivals in the world and is celebrated with over 5000 different types of beer. It’s ideal to visit with a group of friends and if you go before you’re 35, you will get over the hangover faster.

    3. Prague, the city of a hundred spires


    Before turning 35 you should visit this fairy tale city and bring out your younger self. The medieval style buildings in the city will take you back in time and make your trip a romantic getaway.

    4. Camino de Santiago

    camino de santiago

    The Camino de Santiago is a famous pilgrimage across the northern part of Spain and one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful countryside of this area. the full trail takes around 1 month to walk, and let’s be honest, we are usually at our fittest the younger we are. Make the most of it now!

    5. Watch the Olympic games

    olympic games

    Even if you’re not a big fan of sport, you have to go to watch the Olympic games live at least once in your lifetime. the atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the passion together with other cultures is the best. The next world cup is in Russia, will you make it before you turn 35?

    6. Amsterdam, the Venice of the north


    Amsterdam is the ideal place for young tourists. From bikes rides around the canals to the exciting nightlife or the chilled-out coffee shops. Enjoy it now while you’re young!

    7. Budapest, the multicultural city


    Claudio Magris states that in order to understand Europe you must see the Danube river and what better way to do that than in Budapest! The Hungarian capital is full of alternative bars and pubs and has some of the best nightlife in Europe.

    8. Salzburg: World heritage site


    Not everything you should do before you turn 35 is about partying! You should also enjoy some classy moments in your younger years. Salzburg is full os museums, architecture and good manners.

    9. Istanbul, the capital of three empires


    It’s always more interesting to enjoy cities with such different cultures whilst you’re young. It will help you to open your mind and see the world differently for the rest of your life.

    10. Firá, the capital of Santorini


    If you’re not married before you turn 35 but considering taking the next big step, Firá will surely help you make your decision. Walking down the white streets and bathing in turquoise waters won’t be able to stop you.

    11. Riga in Latvia


    Don’t get to 35 without experiencing the art nouveau, watching the beautiful sunsets over the city or walking down cobbled streets of Riga. To try many activities at an affordable price, get the Riga Card which you can use on transport and museum entrances.

    12. Dubrovnik, Paradise in Croatia


    If there is an elegant but popular destination which you have to discover in your twenties it’s Dubrovnik in Croatia. There are paradise beaches, great nightlife and a couple of world-wide famous festivals in the summertime.

    South American countries you have to visit


    13. Machu Pichu: The gran finale of the Inca trail

    machu picchu

    Machu Picchu is another incredible destination which should be in your travel list before 35. Getting there, requires a bit of fitness as its a long hike up the Inca trail. You can explore forests, ancient remains and nature on your way, but it’s better to enjoy it while you are young.

    Although Mexico City is a destination for all ages, before you turn 35, you’ll open your mind if you see the parties in the dens of the Roma colony, the mariachi band playing in Garibaldi or the openness of the people. Remeber to drink lots of tequila and eat plenty of tacos.

    15. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

    Before you turn 35 you should go and party in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. The best Samba schools in the city come together to perform a dance filled, colourful show to everyone. There’s a tradition where you should try to kiss as many people as possible, the one with the most at the end of the night, wins!

    16. Cartagena and its colonial aspect


    Colombia has a lot to offer but before turning 35 you should live the festive and traditional climate of Cartagena.

    17. The Galapagos Islands, a trip of a lifetime

    Galapagos islands

    The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are full of marine nature, extreme water sports and beautiful scenery. You have to visit here if you love underwater wildlife!

    18. Valparaíso, Chile


    Valparaiso is a port in Chile and one of the most popular in this area due to its architecture, beautiful beaches and unique culture. To get around the city, you can ride in a funicular as the streets are too steep to walk.

    19. Patagonia, Argentina


    Celebrate your 35th birthday with a trip to Patagonia. The spectacular views across the mountains and the climb up to the stop will stay with you forever. If you love to be alone with nature, this is the place for you.

    Incredible places in the USA

    20. Spend New Year’s in times Square

    times square

    Another thing you have to do before you turn 35 is to spend New Year’s eve in Times Square. The world’s most famous countdown is the perfect setting to celebrate the new year and enjoy the atmosphere.

    21. Spend a night in Las Vegas!

    las vegas

    The city of sins is ideal for those who love to party and spend excessive amounts of money. See some impressive shows, bet in casinos, enjoy a delicious dinner or get married. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and your regrets will be softer in your twenties.

    22. San Francisco for a summer of love

    san fransisco

    Although Donald Trump does not want to admit it, the United States is a country full of diversity and the proof is in San Francisco. Neighbourhoods like Chinatown or Castro Street are full of cultural and ethnic variety.

    Travel to the Caribbean and try the different flavours

    23. Havana, Cuba


    Cuba has a unique atmosphere of its own and is definitely somewhere you should visit while you’re still young. Travel around the island in an old traditional car, walk down the long sandy beaches and dance with the locals.

    24. Jamaica, The home of Bob Marley


    If you go to Jamaica, you have to love the Rastafarian culture of dreadlocks, colourful hats and good reggae music. Jamaica is a once in a lifetime trip you should make before you turn 35.

    25. Cancún for spring break


    Although travelling to Cancun is full of Mayan history, it’s also a great destination to go partying before you turn 35. Tourists from all over the world come here every spring break to celebrate on the beach, and parties are always better when you’re younger, right?

    Trips to Africa for the adventurous

    Africa is full of beautiful destinations which you cannot imagine

    26. Morocco


    Travelling to Morocco before you turn 35 is something you must do! Especially because at this age you are still growing and learning and Morocco will really open your eyes to other cultures.  The delicious food, the friendly locals and the beautiful city centres are something you’ll never forget.

    27. Safari in Africa: Visit Kenya

    Africa Safari

    Going on Safari in Africa is something that you’ve probably always dreamed about but never actually gone ahead with it. Get up close to exotic wildlife on a Safari trail in Kenya.

    28. Egypt, more than just pyramids


    Before you turn 35 you should not only see the fascinating pyramids in Egypt but also because as Heredotus said ‘he who has not seen Egypt, has not seen the world’. tour around Cairo, sail down the River Nile or go diving in the red sea.

    29. Seychelles, the best beaches in the world


    If you want to visit a place which looks like a postcard and experience real paradise, travel to Seychelles. The climate is ideal all year round and the beaches are breath taking.

    Trips to Asia which you will never forget

    Travel around some of these countries in Asia and backpacking is best done in your twenties or early thirties.

    30. Travel to India with your friends


    Travelling with a group of friends is something you should definitely do before you are 35. India is a destination full of adventure, spirits and incredible culture.

    31. Southeast Asia: Thailand awaits you


    Saying goodbye to your twenties by celebrating in Thailand sounds like the best plan. Thailand is relatively cheap and therefore a great choice for those on a budget holiday. Don’t forget about the full moon party!

    32. Iceland and the northern lights


    Watch the amazing aurora which you can see from northern countries like Iceland. This trip is ideal for couples and a real romantic backdrop.

    33. Palau Islands

    jellyfish lake

    Palau is a set of over 500 islands in the pacific ocean. The ideal place for tranquillity and nature watching. And don’t miss out on the famous Jellyfish lake where you won’t get stung!

    34. Antarctica, Why not?


    Discover the most remote location in the world and do it while you’re fit and young. To see this area, it’s recommended to stay around 10 days and travel with your loved one or friends so you can stay warm!

    35. Visit Sydney and Find Nemo


    Find Nemo while you’re still young! Explore Sydney Opera house all the incredible beaches in this area. You can even go camping on Cockatoo Islands and bring out your younger self.

    So how many of these trips have you done so far and how many are there left to go? The important thing is to have fun and go for it!

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.