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How to get to the best coves in Majorca

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Today we are going to let you in on the secret of the best beaches in Mallorca. Some are known for their beauty and others for their ideal location, for being the best beach for children or the ideal place to go scuba diving. Summer is almost here and with that comes the need to get a tan and drink a cocktail whilst relaxing in the sun. And Majorca is the best place for it!

    If Spain does anything better than football, it’s the miles and miles of coastline. There are almost 2,000 miles of coast in Spain and 7% of that can be found in Majorca. Most of the coves in Majorca are small and cosy and the main reason why so many tourists visit the island every year.


    beach in majorca

    Whatever your taste, we’re sure that you can find something for you in Majorca. A place where you can forget all responsibilities and feel at peace in paradise.  Enough talking, let’s see the best beaches in pictures and find out how to get there!


    Caló d’es Moro

    Caló d’es Moro is located in the municipality of Santanyí in Majorca. Many say it’s the most beautiful cove in Majorca, and we agree, due to its turquoise water and white sand surrounded by cliffs.

    calo des moro

    How to get to Caló d’es Moro


    1. Firstly, get to the town of Santanyí

    2. Leave Santyaní heading in the direction of Colonia Sant Jordi.

    3. You’ll get to a roundabout, take the second exit towards Cala Llombards

    4. You’ll see a sign next to a map

    5. Before the sign, on the right there is a small road, follow down it and turn a sharp right.

    6. The road splits into two, take the left.

    7. Yiu’ll find two signs and in one of those is Caló d’es Moro. Here you can park

    8. Once you’ve parked, On the left there is a staircase where you can walk down to Caló d’es Moro via a peaceful beach called Cala s’Almunia.

    Great, you’ve arrived!

    Playa de Palmanova

    For those travelling with family the previous beach is not the most recommended. The playa de Palmanova is the most accessible and probably the best beach in Majorca for kids. It’s only 10 minutes from Palma with fine sand and around 1000 metres long for running and playing in the sun. Still not convinced? There’s also a kids play area!

    palmanova beach


    How to get to Playa de Palmanova


    1. From the road going from Palma – Andratx, take the direction to Palmanova

    2. You’ll pass 3 roundabouts but continue in the direction towards Palmanova

    3. You’ll reach the beach promenade, continue going right, Palmanova is the second beach.

    Now you can let the kids run free!

    Cala Figuera

    This beach is not like the others, it lacks white sand or a place to put your towel. It’s actually more of a port than a beach, but the most beautiful port in this area. It’s a place to spend an afternoon relaxing white you drink a few cocktails in the terrace of a bar or restaurant whilst watching the sunset. And the best part? It’s really easy to get to.

    cala figuera

    How to get to Cala figuera

    1. Get to Santanyí

    2. Take the 3rd exit of the roundabout in the village.

    3. Continue until you get to another roundabout, take the second exit and follow signs to Cala figuera

    Cala Mondragó

    If you’re looking for a beach close to nature then Cala Mondragó is the perfect place. How much more natural can you get than a beach inside a natural park?

    Being protected means that the waters in Cala Mondragó are so crystal clear that you can see the seabed from outside of the water. This, along with the fine white sands of the beach makes is a stunning place to spend your day.

    Inside the Mondragó Natural Park you can also find sa Font de n’Alís, a large body of water surrounded by wildlife and plants along with another cove which is usually less crowded than Cala Mondragó.


    cala mondrago

    How to get to Cala Mondragó

    1. Get to Santanyí (it seems all the beautiful beaches are near here!)

    2. Follow the road Palma – Portopetro until you get to S’Alqueria Blanca

    3. Continue in the direction to Mondragó Natural Park

    4. You’ll get to the car park, leave the car, follow the path going down and enjoy the nature


    Take out your camera and capture this amazing scenery.

    Cala Varques

    Cala Varques is a natural virgin beach in Majorca. And although it’s in the municipality of Manacor, it’s so far away from the roads and cars that the only sound you can hear are the waves crashing against the rocks. After you’ve parked you have to walk a little whilst between the trees and nature before reaching the cove. No cars or GPS allowed.

    cala varques

    How to get to Cala Varques

    1. From Manacor, take the road to calas de Mallorca (MA4015)

    2. Follow this road until you get to the road going from Portocristol to Portocolom (MA4014) and turn left towards Portocristo.

    3. Once you’ve passed Cala Magraner, there’s a small road on the right, turn down here.

    4. After 300 metres, park and begin your adventure.

    5. Continue walking down this same road until you get to the metal gate and go through it.

    6. Follow the trail downhill until you get to Cala Varques (15-20 mins)

    And now you can breathe the fresh air and relax!

    Es Trenc

    A paradise beach which is just a few miles from Colonia de Santa Jordi. If you love long wide beaches, then this one is for you. It is surrounded by nature but also with a few beach bars serving food and drink and relaxing after being in the sun. It’s easy to get to and pretty well known in Majorca.

    es trenc

    How to get to Es Trenc

    1. First of all you need to get to the city Campos

    2. In the roundabout of Plaça dels Tres Molins (Campos) and the roundabout with the petrol station.

    3. After the second one, take a right (turning into the MA -6040)

    4. Continue straight ahead until you see the sign for Es Trenc where you should turn right and arrive to your destination.

    The only thing is that the car park isn’t free and costs around €5 but you can leave it here all day.

    Cala Romántica

    Cala Romántica is another incredible beach which is on the east coast of Majorca. It’s pretty close to the famous Caves del Drach and a great chance to visit both in the same day.

    cala romantica

    How to get to Cala Romántica

    1. Take the road from Manacor until you get to the roundabout where we see the famous Majorca factory.

    2. In this roundabout, take the exit to Calas de Mallorca ( and do the same in the next 4 roundabouts)

    3. Continue on the road MA-4015 road until you reach a crossroads, here we head towards Porto Cristo

    4. Continue straight but stay alert as you need to turn right towards avenidas de Geranis, where you will see the sign for Playa Romántica

    Cala Formentor

    Cala Formentor AKA Cala Pi de la Posada, is one of the most paradisiacal beaches in Majorca. It has crystal clear water, surrounded by lush pine trees in the best of the Mediterranean environment. You can get a perfect mixture of sun, shade, sea and nature!

    formentor beach

    How to get to Cala Formentor

    1. Get to Puerto Pollensa via the MA-13, direction Port D’Alcudia/Inca

    2. Take exit 40 to Sa Poba/Pollensa/Muro

    3. In the roundabout, take the third exit towards MA-2200

    4. In the following roundabout take the 3rd exit and continue on the MA-2200

    5. Follow the MA-2200 until you get to Cala Formentor

    Es Caragol

    Es Caragol is in the south of Majorca, close to Ses Salines. It’s a bit isolated from the rest which also means it’s more peaceful, and you can get there by walking 2km along the rocks. Once here you’ll feel like you’re on a new island and you can find another beach Cala en Tugores too!

    es cargol

    How to get to Es Caragol

    1. First, get to Ses Salines and from there take the MA 6100

    2. Keep following this road and you’ll get to a divide in the road going right which takes to to the Lighthouse of Ses Salines

    3. Here you can park your car.

    4. And from here you follow a little path and head right until you get to Es Cargol

    Playa en Sa Calobra

    Playa de Sa Calobra is in the north east side of Majorca. It’s located in between two mountains which means getting there involves walking through some caves and tunnels. The beach is really picturesque and famous for its rare setting.

    sa calobra

    How to get to Sa Calobra

    1. First you have to get to the locality of Escorca

    2. From here take the MA-10

    3. Continue on this road until you reach a crossroads, here you can take a left onto the MA-2141

    4. Follow this road, enjoying the winding road until you get to a car park and you’re there!

    You have to be prepared to travel down many winding roads to get to the coves in Majorca and you’ll probably need to stop on the way to take some photos of the beautiful landscapes.

    There are many paradise beaches not on this list; little by little we will update the list until we’ve covered all the beaches in Majorca.

    Now that you know where to find the beach, you can use Hundredrooms to book the best apartment at the lowest price to make you feel at home on your trip.

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