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25 stunning photos of landscapes around the world

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Mother Nature never ceases to amaze us with its beautiful landscapes such as the following. Many of them are also UNESCO heritage sites and protected for their natural beauty. We had to put a limit on the list but there are many more than 25 of our favourite landscapes.  They are all scattered around each continent and we’re sure they will take your breath away! Let’s take a look…

    Grand Canyon, USA

    In the American state Arizona we can find a lot of rocky scenery. The Grand Canyon in Colorado was created from a river millions of years ago. The Grand Canyon is 310 miles long in total and some points are even 1600m deep. The red colour of the rocks makes it one of the best works of art from nature.

    grand canyon

    Monument Valley, USA

    We’re still in Arizona with another natural wonder, Monument Valley. This place is famous for its steep rock formations which create a table shape, a reddish colour like the sand. It’s very close to the four corners monument which is where the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado meet.


    Northern Lights Jokulsarlon, Iceland

    The polar aurora is one of the greatest miracles we can enjoy from the earth’s surface. It’s best seen from the northern countries closer to the polar zones. Iceland’s frozen natural landscapes are the perfect backdrop against these colourful lights.

    northern lights iceland

    Chocolate Hills, Philippines

    The Chocolate Hills in the Philippines are just as impressive. They are up to 50 square metres and a total of 1268 of almost identical hills. In this case its not just quality, but also quantity.

    chocolate hills

    Tulip fields, Netherlands

    We couldn’t miss out the beautiful tulip fields in our list. The climate in the Netherlands is ideal for these colourful plants. Spring is the best time to visit if you’re planning to see the tulips and we’re certain you’ll be impressed.

    tulip fields netherlands

    Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

    The Grand Prismatic Spring is the greatest attraction in Yellowstone National Park. It’s the largest source of hot springs in North America and the 3rd in the rest of the world. It stands out with its vivid colours which are created from the bacteria which grows in its rich mineral waters.


    Fly Geyser, USA

    It seems many of the world natural wonders are in the USA, doesn’t it?! Well this one is truly unique. This amazing rock was created partly by human accident and partly by the natural pressure from beneath the earth. It happened over 100 years ago when trying to make the desert usable for farming. After drilling into geothermal boiling water, farmers found a 10 foot calcium carbonate cone and then left it alone. Then in 1964 an energy company tried to drill here again but mother nature won, and eventually the formation grew even bigger and started spurting water, the result is visible in the photo.


    The Blue caves of Greece

    The clear blue sea is also part of this masterpiece, the blue caves in Zakynthos. They’re only accessible by sea which adds an extra value to these incredible Greek islands. The caves were created by the sea and one you are inside one you can travel through to the others.

    blue caves greece

    Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    The Coral Sea is home to the largest coral reef in the world, giving it the name The Great Barrier reef. It exceeds 2600 km in length and consists of 2000 small reefs and one thousand islands. It’s as beautiful as it is, interesting due to its large amount of wildlife and the ideal place to go diving.

    great barrier reef

    Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

    Another incredibly famous image takes us to Vietnam, close to the border between China. Hạ Long Bay is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Why? For its incredible rock piles and small islands which take over the bay.

    ha long bay

    Hvítserkur, Iceland

    Although it might look like one, its not actually an iceberg. Hvítserkur is an impressive rock located near the mouth of Lake Sigridarstadir in Iceland. It comes from volcanic origin and looks a little like a legendary dragon drinking water.


    Crater Lake, USA

    We’re back in the USA and this time in Oregon. In the North American waterfalls you can find the deepest lake in the country, Crater Lake. The water ended up in the crater of Mazama volcano after it sank over 7000 years ago. Despite being over 1000m deep, the waters are still so clear.

    crater lake

    Stone Forest, China

    The Stone Forest in China is a natural phenomenon. It is composed of an extensive set of rocks which rise from the ground which jut out of the ground. The illusion is that the rocks in fact look like they could be part of a forest, given its name.

    stone forest in china

    Palawan, Philippines

    Palawan is the largest of the group of islands which have the same name. It’s an authentic exotic treasure which can only be found is a natural environment like the Philippines, surrounded by turquoise waters and landscapes.


    Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

    Dallol Volcano is located in a remote area of Ethiopia due to having the highest average temperature on the planet. The volcano is famous for its hot brine and multi-coloured salt deposits. The unique structures are an amazing sight.

    dallol volcano Ethiopia

    The Wave, USA

    The Wave is a sandstone formation in Arizona, USA. Created by wind and rain and previously sand dunes, now these red rocks look like waves and are one of the most popular natural wonders in the world.

    the wave arizona

    Farafra, Egypt

    The Farafra desert is not only made from sand, its famous for its white colour which complements the yellow desert. This white actually comes from the cretaceous rocks which created a chalky leftover when the Egyptian sandstorms come over.

    farafra egypt

    Banff National Park, Canada

    Banff National park is the oldest national park in Canada. It’s a landscape which mixes all kinds of elements, an extensive lake, huge mountains and glaciers, populated by thick forest. All of these features form a perfect picture in harmony.

    banff national park

    Erawan National Park, Thailand

    Thailand is not only exotic islands and dream beaches. Erawan Natur park is a beautiful alternative to the Thai coast and the islands. It’s relatively close to Bannock and famous for Erawan waterfall. The park is especially stunning in flowering season and yes its possible to swim here too!


    Iguazu Falls, Argentina

    Another one of the seven wonders of the world. With one part of Argentina and another in Brazil, the Iguazu Falls are made up of a set of 275 waterfalls – the highest being named The Devils Throat. The landscape surrounding the waterfall is known as some of the most spectacular in the world.

    igazu falls

    Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

    Plitvice National Park is a symbol of Croatia. We know we already mentioned it in the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, but we had to bring it up again. There are 16 lakes, 92 waterfalls and more than 70% of the area is covered in beech forests. It’s not quite made it to the list of the seven wonders of the world, but it almost did!

    plitvice national park croatia

    Huanglong, China

    South of the Minshan mountains, Huanglong National Park is amazing on every level. The limestone rocks, colourful lakes and snowy mountains helped it to become a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992.

    huanglong china

    Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii

    Volcanos are definitely one of the best natural wonders. The Haleakalā Volcano is located on the Hawaiian island Maui and rises above the clouds to create a picturesque horizon. It’s over 3000meters high and displays different shades of volcanic rock whilst is a gorgeous complement to the heavenly blue sky.


    Great Sand Dunes National Park, USA

    The San Luis Valley, to the west of the Sangre de Santo Cristo Mountains, is covered by a thick sandy area and dunes which can exceed over 200 metres in height. The Rio Grande is the most noticeable part of this desert landscape in the Colorado state and has over 400,000 years of history.

    great sand dunes national park

    Huacachina Desert, Peru

    We finish off this list with one of the best landscapes in the world. No, this is not Photoshoped, its real! In Peru near the city of Ica, the Huacachina Oasis lies surrounded by sand Dunes. You can even try sandboarding here before you watch the sunset over the dunes.

    peru desert

    We’re surely you’ve already started packing your packed after seeing these areas of natural beauty. Whatever place you choose to visit, don’t forget that Hundredrooms helps you to compare holiday rentals to get you the best price in the best location. Now, what are you waiting for?


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