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Create your own home sauna

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Would you like to set up your own sauna at home? If every time you look at a home magazine and see a Finnish sauna feel a twinge of envy, in this post we will help you solve it. The ideas we bring today can inspire you to set up your own spa at home, so you can relax and detoxify your entire body.

    sauna at home

    Ideas for home saunas

    finnish sauna

    Finnish saunas are perhaps the most popular among domestic saunas. This type of sauna uses dry heat between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius, while the humidity level does not reach 15%. Some of the benefits of this type of sauna are:

    • Increased cardiovascular rhythm, influencing metabolism.

    • Elimination of toxins.

    • Improved breathing.

    • Influence on joints.

    Relax in a Turkish Sauna

    turkish sauna

    Another idea for your custom-made sauna is a hammam, which provide many benefits in the body through heat, in this case, using moist steam instead of the dry heat of the Finnish sauna.

    In the steam sauna the temperature oscillates between 25 and 50 degrees and the relative humidity brushes 99%. The main benefits are:

    • Acceleration of metabolic functions.

    • Dilation of the pores and removal of impurities.

    • Cleaning the skin.

    • Benefits to the respiratory system.

    • More relax effect than dry sauna.

    How about an infrared sauna?

    infrared sauna

    The infrared sauna differs from the traditional home sauna in its ability to warm the body in depth without the ambient temperature varies. Infrared heat is able to penetrate the body to a depth of about 3 cm, with a lot of beneficial reactions:

    • Acceleration of metabolism and circulation.

    • Greater comfort than a traditional sauna.

    • No moisture is produced.

    • In addition, it is an easy-to-fit sauna for those who want to make a sauna at home.

    An outdoor sauna

    outdoor sauna

    If you have a fairly big harden you could build an outdoor sauna. It is the easiest option to make, as they can be purchased in various sizes and shapes. You can even make your own custom sauna from outside.

    How to Make a Homemade Sauna

    For handymen who prefer to make the sauna with their own hands instead of buying it, we leave some tips on the aspects to take into account when making a home sauna.

    • The first thing is to find the right place. The place of the house that you choose to put your sauna is very important, since you must have access to water pipes and electricity lines.

    • If you are going to use the infrared system, make sure you have the power to do it.

    • If you settle for the traditional sauna, you will need to buy stones for the sauna. Usually lava rocks are used, which are heated in an oven and then water in poured on them to create steam.

    • It’s best to build wooden benches to sit on in the sauna.

    • Don’t forget to put a ventilation fan.

    • Put two layers of soil, first one of ceramic and, on this, loose wooden boards that you can easily remove to clean the floor.

    • Decorate your home sauna to your liking!

    • Remember that personal saunas require constant maintenance.

    wooden sauna

    Alice Taylor

    I'm a creative working in digital marketing & social media. I love to be outdoors, try new food and do things that scare me. Remember to ask questions, think outside the box & put everything into what you do.