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10 beautiful traditional houses around the world

2 years ago | Alice Taylor



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  • Have you ever wondered what traditional houses are like in different parts of the world? The Japanese live in houses with sliding doors and take off their shoes before entering, Eskimos take refuge in igloos during the hunting season. Would you like to know more about these houses? Let’s take a look

    magical house

    1. Traditional Irish Cottages

    traditional irish cottage

    These thatched roofed cottages are typical Irish houses in which former peasants lived. They’ve over hundreds of years old and really beautiful!

    We can find them in some of the villages in Ireland, including Adare are famous for having these peculiar houses. Many of them have become souvenir shops, although it’s also possible to stay in them. Imagine spending a night in a place with so much charm?

    2. The Trulli in Alberobello


    Trulli are an ancient rural construction in the Italian region of Apulia specifically in the town Alberobello. The locals live in these interesting little houses and tourists can even stay in them for the night. They have been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

    The Trulli were built with stone masonry walls and topped with a cone shaped cover. It is said that these homes were used to evade tax payments as they were originally used to light smoke signals to warn the controls and, when this happened, the ceilings were demolished and they were rebuilt again.

    3. Indian Teepee, colourful fabrics

    indian teepee

    These curious cone houses made of fur and wooden sticks were used by the nomadic natives of the USA. The good thing about these houses is that they could be constructed and deconstructed quickly, which allowed the nomads to move around easily. They are cool in summer and provide shelter during the winter and the interior stays dry if it’s raining.

    Can you imagine spending the night in one of these colourful tents? They are ideal accommodation for an authentic camping trip.

    4. Dacha, Russian holiday house

    rustic house

    Dachas are country houses that became fashionable among the Russian middle class in the late nineteenth century. Usually small houses, some of them simple wooden huts, although they are the most charming. Due to the cold Russian winters, they were only really used in the summer holidays.

    In Russia, keeping a dacha is a hobby for many people. They take care of the house and the garden, it’s a way to get away from the city and breathe some fresh air for a while.

    5. Palafitos, water houses

    water house

    Palafitos are a type of house supported on pillars on the water. They are usually built on lakes or lagoons with calm waters. This type of housing is found in many parts of the world: Chile, Argentina, Peru or Belize, and are usually painted in vivid colours!

    6. Hanok: Traditional Korean house

    traditional house korea

    These traditional Korean houses are mainly built using materials such as wood and tiles. They are composed of one or several buildings.

    A interesting fact about these houses is that they used a heating system called ondol, by which the wood floor was kept warm, reason why the Koreans lived very close to the ground to take advantage of the heat. In fact, they slept and ate on the ground, a custom still retained among many Koreans.

    In South Korea there are still many traditional neighbourhoods where people live in hanoks. A very recommendable experience for tourists who visit them is to spend a night in one of these houses. There are many hanoks that have become lodgings, where you can experience things like sleeping on the floor and dressing in traditional Korean clothes.

    7. Get the balance between hot and cold in an igloo


    The famous snow houses typical in Alaska and the Arctic are intimately linked to the Eskimos. They are not houses in themselves, but temporary shelters used by hunters during the winter.

    Its construction is very easy and cheap, as well as providing the necessary shelter to survive the low temperatures of the night in those icy places.

    8. American Ranch

    american ranch

    Ranches are a characteristic feature in the state of Texas, normally in the far west. They include a large plot of land and various constructions such as barns, stables and dwellings.

    Holiday ranches have become very popular, so there are some built especially for tourists who want to experience the “wild west” and its natural surroundings.

    9. Traditional Japanese House

    japanese house

    Traditional Japanese houses are a one or two-story wooden building. One of the main characteristics of this type of house is the sliding doors and tatami floor. In Japanese houses you usually walk barefoot and sleep on the floor, using a futon which allows you to leave more space in the room for the rest of the day.

    Another peculiar feature of traditional Japanese houses are their gardens, a very important part of Japanese culture.

    In many places in Japan, we can continue to find such traditional houses, such as the Higashiyama neighborhood in Kyoto. And best of all, you can stay in them and feel like a real Japanese local.

    10. Palapa, Philippians

    Philippians house

    Palapas are open-air houses made from dry palms. Originally from the Philippines but later also introduced in Mexico. The palapas were designed to take shelter under its roof and thus be able to cope with the heat of the region.

    To this day, the palapa concept has been adapted to a more modern type of housing. We can find these types of houses in many paradisaical resorts next to the beach which are very popular among tourists.

    Alice Taylor

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