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Playa Blanca is close to a whole host of some of the most impressives beaches in Lanzarote. They are largely characterised by their Canarian features such as rocky cliffs, a mixture of white and black sand, pebbles and deep red, green and black hues. You can stay close to them by booking any of our thousands of holiday apartments and villas in Playa Blanca. As the newest resort on the island, it has a large number of properties to rent and some of the best facilities for a fantastic stay. Picking a holiday on this Canarian island will mean that you can enjoy the ‘white sand’ after which it is aptly named, enjoy the Marina Rubicón and the boats that come in and out of the harbour, or one of the many beaches that are dominated by nature. Hundredrooms collates all of the available Playa Blanca holiday lettings in one place so that you don’t have to go searching one by one. We extract the best in holiday accommodation from hundreds of partners. This town is overlooked by the majestic Montana Roja, a dormant volcano that has an impressive beauty and a varied flora from the volcanic minerals that are in the area. We work hard to collate all of the relevant holiday rentals in Playa Blanca so that you can save time and money - all you have to do is tell us the dates that you’re travelling, and with how many people and we’ll take care of the rest. Playa Blanca is popular with many holiday makers for its year-round sunny offering, well-equipped facilities and stunning natural environment. We take your needs into account, and present you with Playa Blanca villas accordingly. Are you looking for something in particular? If so, we can search among the best holiday accommodation in Playa Blanca with a private pool. This town is the perfect option for a sun-drenched holiday in an island setting, and with plenty to see and do for all ages, you are bound to enjoy yourself.

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Best beaches near Playa Blanca

  • Playa Blanca Beach: The main, most central beach in Playa Blanca which is a mix of sand and rock with lifeguards.
  • Flamingo Beach: A great option for a family beach with white sand and is one of the three main beaches of the resort. It has calm and tranquil waters making it great for younger members of the family, and is fully equipped with sunbeds, showers and parasols so that you can enjoy your day in full. It has adapted disabled access and is surrounded with cafes and shops along the promenade. The water here is beautifully azure, and you can find some of the famous Canarian black sand a bit further along the beach.
  • Playa Dorada: Translating from Spanish as the ‘golden beach’, it is located to the east and is one of the 3 main central beaches of the resort. It is well served by shops and cafes, and is the most popular beach for water sports and activities such as pedalos, banana boats and more. Many people choose self catering accommodation in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote next to this beach.
  • Playa Mujeres: With fine sand and tranquil seas, you can make the most of this wide and popular beach that is the biggest along the coast. It is over 400m in length so there’s no way it will be overcrowded. There are some impressive cliffs at the side of the beach that are great for a hike. These cliffs mean that the waters are tranquil as it protects the beach from high winds that often claim the coasts of this island. Be sure to bring amenities with you, such as parasols, as it doesn’t have much shade.
  • Playa del Pozo: A beach that offers pure relaxation and is perfect for adventurous holiday makers who are renting holiday villas in Playa Blanca Lanzarote, as it is required to cross the path of the Playa Quemada beforehand. It has a somewhat prehistoric setting, and you quickly get the feeling that this is a place dominated by nature, with its volcanic black sand and incredible views. It is 300m in length and has some of the most incredible coves hidden in the cliff face. You’re guaranteed seclusion on this beach.
  • Playa de Janubio: This beach is west facing towards the Atlantic Ocean, and is one of the best examples of a Canarian black sand beach. It gives the impression that you are in the presence of some of the island’s most incredible natural settings. It is peaceful and rarely frequented by many people, but is not necessarily a beach for bathing nor particularly surfing, and has some of the strongest currents on the island. It exemplifies a wonderful array of colours with its black sand and green lake. Take a trip down to these stunning beaches from your accommodation in Playa Blanca Lanzarote.
  • Playa de las Coloradas: Another one of Playa Blanca’s best examples of beaches for relaxation. The impressive black sand is contrasted by azure blue waters, and is often bathed in sunshine. It is over 400m in length and an intimate beach for playing or evening walks. It is close to some restaurants and amenities for some paella after a long day relaxing.
  • Playa de la Cera: With golden sand and a rocky cliff surround, this beach is one of the Papagayos and has plenty of space for families with children.
  • Playa de Montana Roja: Sheltered from winds and crowds, the red rock cliff face is breathtaking. It has pale sand and crystal clear water, and you will see the Montana Roja volcano towering over you. It has now been classed as a Nature Reserve and is often frequented by nudists.

Marina Rubicón and other points of interest

  • Marina Rubicón: A busy marina that serves as the central hub of Playa Blanca. You can enjoy a variety of activities whether that is boating or other nautical sports, take a trip to other islands via ferry, or enjoy bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques. It is equipped with a sailing centre and is also a central meeting point for diving.
  • Museo Atlántico: You may well have already heard of the underwater museum located in Lanzarote, and staying in apartments to rent in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote means that you can enjoy it for yourself if you are a keen diver. It was created to help protect the marine environment in the Atlantic Ocean, and is part of a project to create an artificial reef that will help the biomass flourish over a longer period of time. It is only 12 metres deep, so even if you have only recently learnt to dive, you can enjoy this phenomena for yourself. Designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, it is part of a series of incredible underwater worlds that serve to form a connection between human and nature.
  • Aqualava Water Park: This is a modern and sustainable water park and is in keeping with themes of the surrounding environment and volcanoes. It has 5 water slides, a wave pool, kids play areas, eating and drinking facilities and a lazy river.
  • Castillo de las Coloradas: This castle was rebuilt in the 18th century after being burned by Algerian troops. This was a castle designed to prevent marauding pirates from attacking the coastline. It has a sturdy circular construction, and you can hike up to it from the cliff.
  • Pechiguera Lighthouse: One of the tallest lighthouses in the Canaries at 55m in height, and is located in the south west of the island.
  • Kikoland: This is a popular children’s playground area with plenty of facilities and sports equipment. It is best suited for children aged 0-16 years.