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Save time and money on your Costa Teguise villas and apartments we compare the best offers for the Lanzarote beach town. Search now! 2 bedrooms ✓ With a pool ✓ Find holiday accommodation and enjoy one of the most relaxed resorts in Lanzarote, which is perfect for families and enjoying the eternal spring of this gorgeous Canarian island located on the east coast. Relax on one of its golden sandy beaches such as Playa de los Charcos or Playa de las Cucharas, enjoy your trip with a drink in one of its sports bars, and make the most of the waves by taking part in its various windsurfing and scuba diving facilities. You’re never too far away from exploring the wild nature of the volcanic island, and the year-round sun guarantees a pleasant stay. You will find a whole range of Costa Teguise accommodation for you to stay in, and this is why people are drawn time and time again to this place - you have all types of beaches, activities, bars and holiday rentals at your fingertips. This town may attract many international visitors, but it still retains its Canarian identity thanks to the Pueblo Marinero and its village-like feel. In recent years, it has developed its reputation as a sporting hub, often hosting cultural events such as the qualifiers for the PWA Windsurfing World Championship and various music events. Whether you’re looking for a home from home and plenty of international amenities but also a sense of locality and tradition, this town has it all. Here at Hundredrooms, we take the time to compare all of what is available across our partners’ sites to find you the perfect villas to rent in Costa Teguise to save you time and money in comparison. We make things far easier than you can imagine. You are located just 15 minutes drive from the airport, so we can guarantee that you find holiday apartments in Costa Teguise for you to feel at home in less than an hour. This is one of the most popular resorts in the Canary Islands, alongside the likes of Puerto del Carmen and Los Cristianos.

When to visit Costa Teguise

Out of the main resorts on the island, Costa Teguise is the least sheltered so it often can be cooler during the winter months and has more cloud and wind than the southern resorts. From March onwards, is the best time to book Costa Teguise villas with pools. The breeze for which it is famous is particularly refreshing during the summer months, and even though it is a winder resort than others in Lanzarote, it is welcomed during the hot weather and there are still plenty of calm days to be enjoyed. The hottest days in August reach heights of 29 degrees Celsius, and you can expect warm winds. If you prefer cooler climates, the spring is the best time to visit and book your 2 bedroom apartment is around April. The average temperature of the sea year round is around 22 degrees Celsius which means that you should certainly seize the opportunity to partake in scuba diving or snorkeling. In all honesty, there’s no bad time to book an apartment in Costa Teguise as the summer's run through June until September. You can get your annual dose of winter sun even in December and January and prices are certainly lowest for Costa Teguise apartments to rent in Lanzarote during these months.

Large accommodation

1 bedroom accommodation

AquaPark Costa Teguise and other points of interest

Costa Teguise has become a household name for water sports, in particular windsurfing. It is a popular pastime for both locals and visitors to the island, and you can make the most of numerous windsurfing schools and many rental hires for equipment. The town has everything you need just a walking distance from your accommodation in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote - including shopping facilities and small supermarkets which is perfect for a self catering apartment holiday. Situated in the north of Lanzarote, this town is perfect if you’re looking to explore some of the many natural wonders of the island from your Lanzarote villas in Costa Teguise. Alternatively, Costa Teguise is home to the oldest golf course on the island on the side of the volcano, and with 18 holes means that you can certainly bring your clubs along to hit a few balls. We’ve selected the best attractions in and around the town for you to make the most of:

  • Pueblo Marinero: This is the main square in Costa Teguise and is the central hub in town. You have to visit at least once to make the most of the various fiestas and carnivals that take place. The houses that surround it are a perfect example of Canarian architecture, and are adorned with white walls and green decoration that could very well be your self-catering villas in Costa Teguise. The town gives you an idea of life inside the smaller villages across the island thanks to its beautiful entrance and many chimneys, and we highly recommend that you visit the small market on a Wednesday and Friday and visit for dinner for a traditional evening from your holiday villa in Costa Teguise.
    • Castillo de San Gabriel: Located near to Arrecife, you can find this castle built to defend the island from pirates, and certainly warrants a visit during your stay here.
    • AquaPark Costa Teguise: Looking for an alternative to the beach? We suggest that you head to this place on the outskirts of the own. It is the largest park of its kind in the Canaries archipelago, and you can enjoy the waterslides, go karts and more It is just a short walk from the Pueblo Marinero and is an enjoyable activity.
    • Lanzarote Aquarium: Here you can observe many different marine species and check out the shark viewing tank. A great day out for families that isn’t far from the main town.
    • Timanfaya National Park: What is great about this resort is that you can easily reach one of the most impressive parts of the island, which is this incredible national park formed by volcanic activity in the early 18th century. This was when the Fire Mountains were formed, and you absolutely have to take a camel ride while you’re here to get the best views.
    • César Manrique Foundation: 10 minutes away from your holiday apartment in Costa Teguise, you can find the former home of architect and artist, César Manrique who is one of its most famous figures and responsible for a large amount of the traditional architecture around the town.

    Playa de las Cucharas and other beaches

    The beaches in this resort draw people here every year without fail, in particular for the windsurfing facilities that Lanzarote is famous for. Take a look at the beaches which you can visit from your holiday apartment in Costa Teguise.

    • Playa de las Cucharas: A beach which is famous for its windsurfing facilities - make the most of the fantastic waves that draw people from all over to the town.
    • Playa del Jablillo: This beach is famous for its snorkelling and water sports in the warm temperate waters.
    • Playa de los Charcos: Famed for its high winds, this is a fantastic beach for windsurfing and watersports.

    What to eat in Costa Teguise

    Costa Teguise hosts a whole variety of international cuisine - whether you’re looking to try traditional Canarian cuisine or have Indian or Chinese food, it has it all. We recommend that while you’re here you prepare your meals in your self-catering apartment or alternatively try the likes of ‘boquerones’ (anchovies) or the ‘conejo campesino’ which is rabbit cooked with garlic and seasoning. Rabbits were brought to the island as a meat source, and have since become a local delicacy. You must also try the Canarian Potatoes and the Estafado. For something more traditional, we recommend that you visit Meson La Jordana where standards are great and you can find traditional starters such as ‘puntillas’ (deep fried baby squid).