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Let us find you the perfect Corfu villas and get ready to see the colours of one of the most scenic of the Greek islands up close. Azure blue intertwines with the luscious green of the hills, it is awash with monuments and golden beaches - all this and much more awaits you. With Hundredrooms, you will find the cheapest apartments on the web and simultaneously save up to 40%. All you have to do is tell us your dates and how many people are travelling, and in just a few seconds we will show you all of the Corfu accommodation across our partner sites. By doing so, you avoid jumping confusingly from one site to another and instead have all of the holiday rentals on one page which allows you to easily find the cheapest home or holiday apartment in Corfu. Whether you’re looking for accommodation in Corfu Town, or in Dassia, Ipsos or another of the villages on the island, you’re sure to find the ideal place to stay in Corfu. With the help of our interactive map, you can find all of the cheap apartments in Corfu. Once you’ve found the perfect one for your trip, in just a few seconds you can book your rental and get ready to enjoy the fabulous views and beaches of Corfu. Pack your bags, pick your self-catering in Corfu and we’ll take care of the rest.

Points of interest in Kerkyra

Due to its strategic position, Corfu has been the target of many conquests in the past, and also a touristic destination for its beauteous landscapes. Staying in one of the Corfu holiday rentals is the ideal way to explore every corner of this island. Many different groups from the Romans, to the Byzantines, Normans, Venetians, French and English laid claim to this island, leaving traces that make Corfù an interesting island from a historical and archaeological perspective. The Mediterranean sea is also something to be marvelled here - the Ionian takes on magnificent colours, the beaches are all within easy reach and are complete with golden sand and white pebbles. Finding villas to rent in Corfu means having the opportunity to visit the island far and wide without missing a thing. The capital of the island in Greek is Kerkyra, and is located in the central-eastern part of the island on the coast. It has a historic centre reminiscent of the Venetian streets, and villas in Corfu, Greece could be a good idea as a base for exploring the island. We have some suggestions on things to see when visiting the capital itself:

  • Spianàda Square: A large green square that owes its name to the total absence of buildings. If you have opted for one of the Corfu apartments for rent, it will certainly be a must for your walks through the narrow streets of the capital. Built as a parade ground by the Venetians, in the Napoleonic era it was lined with trees and then later enriched with flowerbeds and leafy avenues, which when you walk down, you can find several statues and busts dedicated to famous people of the island. In the western part of Spianada stands one of the symbolic buildings of the city. The Liston was designed by the French Lesseps, and here you can find restaurants and cafes which are at the heart of Corfiot social life.
  • Palace of St Michael and St George: On the other side of the square is this palace. The various cultures that had landed on this island have left different traces which often live side by side only a few metres apart. If the Liston dates back to the French period, this palace is English. We recommend walking around the surrounding gardens and a visit to the Museum of Asian Art which is housed in the east and west wings.
  • Old Fortress of Corfu: This is one of two fortresses that border the old town. It is spectacular, particularly considering its location on a small island at the eastern end of a city. This is a must-see, and the buildings are particularly interesting within (such as the Venetian prison dating back to 1786) and the views that it has across the city is incredible. A great tip is to enjoy this fortress at sunset when it is especially enchanting. We recommend booking Corfu holiday apartments overlooking this part of the old town.
  • New Fortress: This is the other fortress that borders the historic centre of Corfu. When you arrive to the port by ship, you can see it towering above on the left welcoming you to the island, and looking out to sea.
  • Old Town: This is the oldest district in the historic centre and is one of the most beautiful places on the island. It is UNESCO protected, and is made up of narrow streets to lose yourself in, ancient Venetian style buildings with balconies, arcades, ancient cellars and intricate windows. The atmosphere of this place will transport you directly to the Venice of many centuries ago. Corfu town accommodation is your best bet for making the most of this island.
  • Paleopoli: This is a walled archaeological site where you will find some ruins and historical buildings of the first city of Corfu. It is located 4 kilometres from the centre, on the peninsula to the south called Kanoni and along the way you will find the Santa Eufemia Monastery, Palazzo Tito and the Villa of Mon Repos, the latter of which now houses the Paleopoli Museum.
  • Paleopoli Museum: Here you will see some ruins of ancient Greece, such as the Temple of Hero and the remains of the Doric Temple of Kardaki. This is great for a day full of culture and relaxation: you can hear the sea from a distance and swallows chirping.
  • Vlacherna Monastery: This is one of the most recognisable symbols of Corfu and is also located on the Kanoni peninsula. Its position on an island in the middle of the sea is connected to the marina via a narrow pier.
  • Pontikonissi Island: This island has come to be rather emblematic of Corfu.
  • Benitses: Just south of Corfu the village of Benitses is one of the most famous places on the island, in part for its long beach and also for its Achilleon palace, which was built in 1890 at the request of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. As the name suggests, the central theme of the architecture of the building, among other things designed by the Italian Raffaele Caritto, is the figure of Achilles.
In addition to the capital, however, Corfu is full of places, small towns, villages and villages to be explored, to get in touch with this island in an even more authentic way. Renting Corfu apartments by the beach or an apartment in one of these places on the island could be a cheaper solution than the city is more suitable for you if what you are looking for is immerse in the history and unspoiled nature of this island.

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Best beaches in Corfu

  • Paleokastritsa Beach: This is probably the most famous beach of Corfu which, as told in the previous paragraph, is actually made up of 6 small bays, plus many small beaches that follow one another from one cliff to another, some of which can only be reached by sea. The colour of the sea is intense turquoise and the whole area is surrounded by hills full of woods and olive trees. Everyone, but all those who go to Corfu spend at least one day in this paradise. Also Ulysses was here, since it was precisely in Paleokastritsa Homer that he set the episode of the Odysseus of the palace of Alcinous, king of the Phaeacians.
  • Agios Georgios Beach: This beach is located near the town of the same name and, as opposed to Paleokastritsa, consists of a very long beach, almost 10 kilometres of sand. It has very beautiful, crystal clear water and with many taverns where you can enjoy fresh fish. It is also perfect also for those looking for a little fun: in the evening the environment is transformed and becomes the ideal place for an aperitif or an evening with friends.
  • Sidari Beach: For lovers, this beach is a must for a holiday in Corfu. It is a pretty and sandy beach, but the real specialty is the famous Canal d'amour, the most romantic place on the island and is made up of a series of striking cables and canals that make for an idyllic atmosphere, particularly at sunset. Sidari apartments are especially popular in Corfu, and we would recommend that you opt for a self catering apartment in Sidari, Corfu.
  • Glyfada Beach: This is one of the largest beaches in Corfu, it is formed by golden sand and it is surrounded by cliffs covered with maritime pines. it is less touristic and ideal for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet: if you're lucky, the only noise you'll hear will be the crickets. If you want total seclusion, opt for beach villas in Corfu close to this one.
  • Halikounas Beach: This is a very special beach, consisting of a strip of sand that divides the sea from a lake, on the southwest side of the island. A real hidden treasure, loved by surfers, finding itself on the only really windy side of the island, and loved by those looking for some relaxation. A tip: if you plan to spend a day here, bring some provisions. There are no bars on the premises!
  • Porto Timoni Beach: This is not the name of one bay, but of two. Hidden under the promontory of Afionas, this location is not so easy to reach and requires at least 30 minutes of walking along a fairly steep path. The largest bay is ideal for those who love snorkelling!
  • Paramonas Beach: This beach is perfect if you are one of those people (like us) who wants to live an authentic and indigenous experience at all costs. In fact, this beach is frequented only by Greeks. Above the cove, the first of a long series that follow one another to the lake of Korission, stands a very picturesque village, which is characterised by colourful houses and olive trees. There are some fantastic luxury villas in Corfu near to this part of the island.

What to eat in Corfu

Spending so much time by the sea can certainly work up an appetite. But in Greece, do not worry, you can easily satisfy your hunger. Here are some typical dishes from Corfu:

  • Pastitsada: This is a traditional dish of Corfù, which is recommended if you like spicy food. It is made with veal and cooked in tomatoes and spices.
  • Choriàtiki: This is the famous Greek salad and is renowned for being light and is ideal for a lunch break by the sea. It has cucumbers, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and feta.
  • Moussaka: Moussaka needs no introduction. An institution of Corfu and Greece in general, which is a kind of eggplant parmigiana, béchamel and meat. Some advice: give it a little time before heading back into the sea!
  • Briàm: This is actually a Turkish dish, but here in Corfu it is very widespread. It is a mix of vegetables cooked in the oven and is delicious.
  • Stìfado: Another typical Greek dish, consisting of a veal stew and rabbit cooked in sweet onion sauce.
The street food par excellence is the Gyros, and ideal for a midnight snack, or later, after an evening with friends. It is a typical sandwich, prepared with pitta bread, meat and vegetables.

When to visit Corfu

So when is the best time of year to visit the island? Well, in theory, depending on what type of holiday you’re after, there’s no bad time to visit. If you’re looking for a holiday with sea, culture and some nightlife, the months of July and August are perfect. The island welcomes tourists from all over the world and is the perfect time to meet new people. Don’t be alarmed if temperatures reach over 40 degrees Celsius - the Meltemi wind makes everything a little more pleasant. If you’re prefer to stay away from mass tourism of the high season, then visit around the Easter period when it won’t be difficult to find holiday apartments in Corfu for around 30 to 35 euros. Also September can be a good option, when the sea temperature is ideal until the beginning of October when prices fall again. Regardless, however you may imagine your holiday to be, the island will give you much to enjoy. You will fall in love from the moment you visit. You might also be interested in visiting some of the other Greek islands such as Santorini, or perhaps another island destination in Europe such as Majorca or Menorca.