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Find villas in Dubrovnik from £26 per night and get ready for your holiday in Croatia in Dubrovnik. We have over 5,000 holiday homes and apartments for rent: only here can you find all of the cheapest accommodation on the web in one place on Hundredrooms. Compare offers and book your accommodation in Dubrovnik now! Dubrovnik awaits you, with its incredible beaches that offer breathtaking views. It also has a stunning historic centre which is simultaneously a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magical place to look for a Dubrovnik holiday apartments. It is little wonder that it has earned the nickname of the ‘Croatian Athens’. Let us know your dates and the number of people for your trip: in a few seconds we will show you all the offers from the most popular rental sites and our partners, on one page. In this way you will always be sure to have the most financially viable offers on the web. What are you waiting for? Book your holiday home now and prepare for your Adriatic holiday!

Places to stay in the Pearl of the Adriatic

The apartments for rent in Dubrovnik are the most economical and convenient option to live your holiday how you’d like in Dubrovnik of Dalmatia. A city of just over 40,000 inhabitants that, every year, especially lately, attracts more and more tourists. But where should you look for villas to rent in Dubrovnik? Where are the best areas to stay? Here are some tips for your holidays.

  • Apartments in Dubrovnik Old Town: This is the most equipped area for holiday lettings, more and more travellers are looking for a villas in Dubrovnik Old Town. Located within the walls that surround the old city, it is in this area that you will find the major points of interest such as the Church of San Biagio and the Rector's Palace.
  • Ploce: A district that is located just outside the Ploce Gate from the Old Town, towards the most famous beach in Dubrovnik. Accommodation prices in Ploce start at approximately € 50 per night, making it a perfect place to stay, as it is halfway between the Old Town and the beaches. From here you will have a unique view of the historic centre. It is also here that the Museum of Modern Art and the walls of Dubrovnik are located. You can find some beautiful Dubrovnik apartments with a pool here.
  • Lapad: This is located on the opposite side from the historical centre, a stone's throw from some wonderful spots. Despite the distance from the center, it is still a charming place to stay, offering many accommodation alternatives. In this area you can find the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary and the Museum of Croatian History.
  • Babin Kuk: This is another area with the largest offer of villas to rent in Dubrovnik, from € 33 per night. It is a small peninsula, not very close to the historical centre, but to stay here our advice is to rent a car or another means of transport. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Dubrovnik, with an azure blue sea. Traditionally called "the Pearl of the Adriatic", Babin Kuk also has a significant historical importance given that, due to its privileged position, it was an important commercial crossroads on the Adriatic Sea.

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Dubrovnik Cathedral and other points of interest

  • Dubrovnik Cathedral: Also called "Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary", in Croatian it is "Velika Gospa". Beyond the beautiful Gothic architecture, the interesting aspect of this cathedral lies in its blue dome, which stands out among the orange roofs of the rest of the city. Inside is the Cathedral Treasure, famous for the collection of 200 relics, including an arm, a leg and the skull of San Biagio, gold-plated, and a fragment of the True Cross.
  • Stradun: This is the main street of the city, the real heart of Dubrovnik, full of shops, cafes and restaurants. Stradun divides the historical centre in two, joining the fountain of Onofrio and the Porta di Ploce.
  • St Blaise's Church: Designed by Marino Gropelli, this one of the best examples of the Venetian influence over Dubrovnik that have manifested over the centuries. Famous are its portal and its wide staircase that make it one of the most important monuments of the style of floral baroque.
  • Rector’s Palace: Built in the late 15th century, in Gothic-Renaissance style, this palace is adorned with marvelous sculptures. Reconstructed several times throughout history, it is one of the most important buildings in Dubrovnik. Built for the prince who ruled Dubrovnik, the palace houses those that were his office and his private apartments. The curious thing is that the prince was not allowed to leave the building without the permission of the senate.
  • Stara Luka: East of the walled city, for many years it was the main port of Ragusa, then replaced by that of Gravosa. Once it was called Porto Cassone which is, a name deriving from the large number of sunken crates full of stones that were used for its construction.
  • Lacroma Island: The main and most beautiful island of Dubrovnik, which is reachable by a 10-minute ferry. In addition to the beach above, there is not much else to see. Do not expect a touristic place which is full of restaurants and bars. In fact it couldn’t be further from it, this pearl of the Adriatic is a protected natural island.
  • Dubrovnik Walls: Climbing on the walls and strolling, contemplating the view over the Old Town is one of the essential experiences of your holiday in Dubrovnik. in one of our holiday villas in Dubrovnik.
  • War Photo Limited: A breathtaking museum dedicated to war photography, with original photographs from the fronts of wars all over the world, from Iraq to Colombia, obviously passing through the former Yugoslavia.

When to visit the Croatian Athens

The best time for Dubrovnik, the ancient Ragusa, is definitely the summer time. From April to September every moment is good to dive into the crystalline waters, with temperatures that remain great even in late October. Obviously, August is the peak season, with the greater number of tourists and, therefore, higher prices. The months of May and September, however, are the cheapest of the period, and you can find houses for rent in Dubrovnik from € 26.

Similar destinations to Dubrovnik

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  • Majorca: The largest of the Balearic islands is a sure winner for an island getaway, and is one of our destinations with the most extensive offers of holiday lettings.
  • Menorca: The little sister of the former, this quieter and more tranquil Balearic island has many coves and places to relax.
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