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Find thousands of apartments to rent in Fuengirola for your holidays. Only here will you have all available options from across 100 websites on a single screen. Compare prices, choose among the cheapest holiday rentals and save over 40%. You might be after something as close to the beach as possible, or perhaps apartments in Los Boliches – whatever you want, it can all be found here. With 8km of coastline in Málaga, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Andalusia and southern Spain. You can choose to sunbathe on the likes of Carvajal beach, Los Boliches or Torreblanca – which are all Blue Flag rated. Booking accommodation in Fuengirola is an option for everyone. During the 1960s there was an important growth in the tertiary sector that multiplied the number of holiday apartments to a level to meet the high demand in Fuengirola. The city of Sohail Castle has many reasons to be visited, with a wide range of leisure activities both during the day and nighttime. The holiday lettings in Fuengirola will allow you to spend a few days in the city and enjoy its many parks such as the Fluvial Park, theme parks such as the Bioparc Fuengirola and the nightlife with Plaza de la Constitución at its head. Yes, Fuengirola has it all - so what are you waiting for? Book your holiday lettings in Fuengirola now!

Best places to stay in Fuengirola

Fuengirola is at the heart of the Costa del Sol, and is one of the main tourist destinations, so holiday villas in Fuengirola are particularly popular. Its growth started in the 1930s when the first hotel complexes were built, and were completed in the 1960s as was also happening in its neighbouring areas. Since its beginning at the hands of the Phoenicians under the name of Syalis, Fuengirola has undergone significant changes. After the Punic war it passed into Roman hands, and then the Arabs arrived to rename it Sohail. They built the famous castle that is currently the symbol of the city. During the Christian conquest, Fuengirola became part of Mijas until it finally achieved autonomy in the mid-nineteenth century, with an economy based on fishing and port activity. At the beginning of the last century, the arrival of the railway would be the trigger for the subsequent tourist development that placed Fuengirola as one of the main holiday destinations in the country. Particularly sought after in the summer for its beaches, such as the Carvajal beach, Los Boliches or the Castle, are also complemented by a stellar nightlife on the main strip. It is useful to know what each area of the city can offer. Here we have the four best places to find your villas in Fuengirola:

  • Centre: The apartments here are an excellent option if you want to live the experience as a local. On the one hand it is a dynamic and lively area, particularly that of the Paseo Marítimo, but also offers quieter places for relaxing without giving up the central location. Pueblo López and Miramar are probably the two best alternatives to disconnect from the more crowded areas and both very close to the Bioparc, one of the great attractions of Fuengirola.
  • Torreblanca: Located in an area higher than the main centre, it was built more recently and is a good placed for a more secluded trip. It is located in the north between Fuengirola and Benalmádena, along with some very popular areas such as Carvajal, El Ciprés, La Katria or Los Pacos which are all great for apartments to rent in Fuengirola for long term.The Roman Archaeological Site and the Seat 600 roundabout are two nearby points of interest.
  • Los Boliches: This old Fuengiroleño neighbourhood was once a small fishermen's hamlet, although has undergone many changes in recent years and now self catering apartments here are highly sought after. It is located between the two previous neighbourhood, around its homonymous beach which is one of the most popular in Fuengirola. The train station as well as an important part of the Paseo Marítimo that includes all sorts of restaurants and shops. Of course, along with the high availability of villas for holiday rent.

Holiday rentals in Fuengirola

Dog-friendly apartments in Fuengirola

-Dog friendly apartments in Fuengirola

Holiday lettings in Fuengirola

When to book your apartment in Fuengirola

The ideal time of year to travel to Fuengirola is undoubtedly summer, when the sun is shining and great temperatures allow you to make the most of your visit. Here you have 8km of the Costa del Sol from one end of the town to the other, and 7 different beaches to choose from: Los Boliches beach, Carvajal, Torreblanca, Las Gaviotas, San Francisco, Santa Amalia and El Ejido. All of them are urbanised, with calm waters and dark sand. As an irrefutable proof of their quality, in 2009 the seven were awarded the Blue Flag. In addition to the thousands of leisure options offered, you can also take a mini-cruise along the coast via ferry. This boat trip will mean you can enjoy incredible and unique views of the Costa del Sol for two hours. The nightlife in Fuengirola is particularly attractive - in the Plaza de la Constitución you have Dry Martini and SuperStar Nightclub. Its peak season is in July and August when the average price of villas to rent grows by more than 50%. Outside of the spring-summer season it is also an interesting city. Not only because of its historical and patrimonial wealth that we’ve seen previously, but also because of the presence of festivities celebrated. The Reyes celebrations, Carnival, Easter and the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rosario are some of the most important events. During the 6-12 October horses take to the streets to celebrate the Fiestas del Rosario. Another interesting event is the ‘Day of the Dog’ at the beginning of April, where there is a day full of training workshops, police dog shows, races and even photo competitions. Fuengirola offers a cultural variety that complements the flow of tourists throughout the year. Nearby is the Sierra de Mijas, which can be enjoyed hiking and is suitable for all profiles. In addition, the great advantage of travelling outside of the high season is that there are fewer people and apartments are up to 60% cheaper than the annual average.

Los Boliches beach and other attractions

  • San Francisco Beach: With 350m of dark sand in the heart of the city, this city is the most accessible in Fuengirola so it is the most popular. It is attached to the marina and very close to the main entertainment district. It offers a family atmosphere and has parking services, hammocks, umbrellas and beach bars.
  • Los Boliches Beach: This beach is an extension of the previous one, and follows the Paseo Maritimo of Fuengirola. It exceeds 1,000m in length and has dark sand. This is the liveliest in the city, with many leisure and water sports options. It has a Blue Flag status.
  • Castillo Beach: This beach is to the south of the city, at the foot of the emblematic Sohail Castle and next to the Fuengirola River. Over 800m in length, it is the only one that enables typical Fuengirola boats to make moragas; although they must request permission. At the end closest to Mijas there is a dog friendly area.
  • Torreblanca Beach: At the other end of the city, this beach exceeds 1,200m in length and 20m wide. It is formed in a horseshoe shape and there is parking, restaurants, showers, umbrellas - and it is also Blue Flag.
  • Carvajal Beach: This is a continuation of the previous one and it extends until the end of Benalmádena, with 450m in length. Its waters, like those of the rest, are calm; reason for which it shows the title of Blue Flag. On the western side it gets particularly busy.
  • Sohail Castle: This is the landmark par excellence of Fuengirola. This castle dates back to the Moorish period during the 12th century. It is located on a hill, and is 35m in height and faces the sea, where you can appreciate the coast and Sierra de Mijas. It is currently used for festivals and concerts. It is well of Cultural Interest and Historical Heritage of Spain.
  • Fuengirola Mosque: It was built in 1992 with the intention of bringing together all the Muslims of the Costa del Sol. It is also known as "Suhail Islamic Cultural Centre".
  • Estate of the Secretary: This is a site with archaeological remains from the Roman era, dating between the 1st and 4th century BC. The set consists of a factory, some furnaces and some hot springs. Among the main findings in the area is the Venus de Fuengirola.
  • Seat 600: This is a life-size monument donated by Seat Bellamar in homage to the most popular vehicle in Spain during the 60s and 70s. It is located between Avenida Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo and Avenida de las Gaviotas.
  • Promenade: This is one of the longest in Spain. Its 8km length runs the entire coastal strip of the municipality. It has bicycle lanes, rest areas, chiringuitos, and next to it, on the beachfront, you will find shops, bars and restaurants of all kinds.
  • Puerto Deportivo: This is next to the fishing port, and is just a few metres from the main seafront and the centre of Fuengirola. You can practice diving, take a sailing course or go on a cruise to learn about marine species in the area. Next to it, the Sould Park Fuengirola is a small amusement park for children.
  • Fluvial Park: Located on the Fuengirola riverbank, this is the most popular park in the city. Its It is the only one in the province that offers a navigable canal. Ideal to go with the family.
  • Bioparc: A natural park to preserve tropical species, especially from Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific Islands. This last habitat opened in 2014, 36 years after its opening in 1978. With it, the first Komodo Dragon was introduced in Andalusian lands.
  • Aquamijas: This is of the most important water parks of the Costa del Sol in Malaga and a great option if you’re travelling with children. In total, it offers up to 9 attractions, including the Rio Aventura, the Rio Bravo, the Isla Lagartos and the Diverdragón.
  • Sierra de Mijas: This mountain range crosses the Costa del Sol and is part of the Cordillera Montañoso Litoral. Its peaks have a vista across the skyline of Fuengirola, which sits at the foot of the mountains. Not far away is the Mijas Peak, the highest point of the mountain at 1,150m.

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