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Find places to stay in Pula and you can enjoy your trip to the Istrian Peninsula on one of Croatia’s most historically significant islands with one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world, and a series of dreamy islands dotted throughout Istria. Hundredrooms compares thousands of holiday accommodation in Pula so that you can find the best option for your trip to the islands in the Adriatic Sea. We do so by looking at all of the available holiday rentals from our various partners, and take into account what exactly you’re looking for. Perhaps you want cheap villas in Pula near the beach, or something quiet for two people. Perhaps you’re looking for party apartments ready for the electric festival season that descends on Pula every summer with the likes of Outlook Festival and Dimensions Festival which return every year to bring large sound systems to the beaches. We consider all of the options with your personal tastes in mind. Pula, once known as ‘Polensium’ during the Roman empire, functioned as an outpost where it has managed to preserve the likes of the Temple of Augustus incredibly well. All you have to do is sit back and relax, Hundredrooms knows that choosing holiday rentals in Pula can be stressful considering the sheer volume of choice there is. So we make your job easier by presenting all of the possible options in one place on one screen in a matter of seconds.

Temple of Augustus and other points of interest

Pula is an important location on the Adriatic coastline in terms of its role during the Roman Empire, and so there is lots to get your teeth into. Alternatively, there are many festivals that are central to the atmosphere in Pula during the summer.

  • Brijuni: This archipelago are a group of fourteen islands which are located in the Adriatic Sea. A common activity for holidaymakers visiting Pula is to island hop between the peninsula and each of these islands, which make up a national park and holiday resort. It is home to over 700 plant species and 250 fauna, with the largest island being Veliki Brijun. You can catch a train to visit all of the sights, and admire the marks left by various periods such as dinosaurs, Antiquity and much more. They are iconically beautiful and are a must visit, as they are now the known nautical destination along the Adriatic Coast.
  • Temple of Augustus, Pula: A luxurious temple that was built in dedication to the first Roman emperor, Augustus, so probably sometime after 27 BC. The Corinthian columns and its roof reach 17.3m in height and it is richly decorated. Outside of Italy, these are considered to be the best preserved.
  • Arch of the Sergii: Another mark of the Ancient Roman empire that once existed here. It commemorates the three Sergii brothers who served in battle. The Sergii were a powerful family of officials in a Roman colony in Pula.
  • Mali Brijun: This uninhabited island can be visited by boat, and is full of bays and shingle beaches for you to enjoy in complete tranquility and seclusion.
  • Zerostrasse: This system of underground tunnels is fascinating, built underneath almost the entirety of Pula and were built in WW1 to provide shelter for people from air raids. Now they are a labyrinth of passages and trenches, and are used for tours, cultural and social events and even parties.
  • Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria: This museum is located at the top of the hill in Pula between Arena, Zaro and Sv. Mihovil, and demonstrates various Istrian histories including the shipbuilding, economic development and old maps.
  • Venetian Fortress: Built by the Venetians, this fortress was built on a hill and used for the defence of the port and city. It was based on the design of a French military engineer, and was an important outpost for the Venetians controlling the Adriatic coast.

Best beaches in Pula

Pula is a myriad of various coves and beaches hidden around every corner, but we have compiled the best of the beaches in Pula for you to explore during your stay in a villa to rent in Pula.

  • Valovine: It is located in a cove and is close to the Ovina fort, which is an old Austrian fortification. It is a pebble and rocky beach with some sand. The water is shallow and so it is great for families.
  • Valkane: Probably the most famous beach in Pula, as it has a large range of facilities. It has beach bars, disabled access and a number of sports facilities nearby such as tennis courts and football fields. The beach is a Blue Flag and has lifeguard services.
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    Temple of Augustus and other points of interest

    We have some more suggestions for your trip if you are considering Pula as an option for your holiday rental. Here are a selection of other Croatian destinations along the Dalmatian coast.

    • Dubrovnik: A spellbinding Croatian city that overlooks the beauty of the Adriatic coast. The Old Town is particularly spectacular and you can find apartments in Dubrovnik here.
    • Split: A city that is certainly a hub of activity throughout the year. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Diocletian’s Palace makes up the majority of the centre part of the city and is like stepping back in time. You can use apartments in Split as a base to explore other islands, too.
    • Hvar: Famous for its stylish party atmosphere during the summer, this island is the epitome of summer hedonism. The beautiful town of Hvar Town and the nearby Paklinski islands are certainly worth exploring, or more further inland and experience total tranquility. Find villas in Hvar here.