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Brussels holiday apartments

Are you looking for the perfect holiday apartment in Brussels? With Hundredrooms you can compare which is the best fit from our partners in many different areas across the Belgian capital while always keeping in mind the cheapest price. The capital of the European Union has become a favourite destination among many travellers, and every year more people are choosing to spend a weekend here. As a result, the options available for holiday accommodation and apartments in Brussels have increased in comparison to hotels, and prices are more competitive so taking a city break in this city has never been so easy. You have lots to choose from - short stay apartments, Brussels luxury apartments, or serviced apartments to rent so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. If you’re going for the weekend, the best idea is to get an apartment to rent in the city centre close to all of the points of interest that you’d like to visit. With us, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a trip to the capital of Belgium without spending a fortune. Belgium is an incredible country with plenty of things to see and do. You can find the perfect accommodation near the Grand Place which is at the heart of the city, and is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world. For those who are heading here to enjoy its nightlife with friends, we recommend a holiday apartment close to the famous Delirium Cafe, which is famous for its endless choice in craft beers where you can try many at one time. You will also find some great luxury apartments close to the European Parliament, the famous Manneken Pis or the Saint Hubert Gallery.

Accommodation in the capital of Belgium

The accommodation in Brussels city centre are the best option to explore the city as you wish. If you filter by price, you can find the cheapest apartments in the centre and choose the one with the ideal number of rooms and services that you’re after. You don’t have to sacrifice a great location simply to save on the price of your rental. What’s more, near the Grand Place you will find a wide selection of B&Bs;, studios, rooms for rent and apartments that are ideal for the weekend - so we recommend staying in this area. If you’re going with friends, you should consider a weekend apartment near Brussels Park or the spectacular Palace of Fine Arts.

Holiday rentals in Brussels

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Holiday lettings in Brussels

Public transport in the Belgian capital

The Brussels metro is easily the best way to get around the city from the comfort of your apartment. Its network consists of 4 regular metro lines and 2 light rail lines. To get to the Atomium for example, you should take the lines 2 or 6, and to get to Brussels Park or the Cinquantenaire, use lines 1 and 5. The metro closes at midnight everyday, and from that time there are plenty of other alternatives such as the buses that run until 3 in the morning. There is also a city bicycle rental service which you can use, and taxis are the most expensive forms of transport in Europe, so we don’t recommend that you use them unless you have no other option available to get back home to your Brussels apartment.

How to get to Brussels

As for the best way to get to the city, if you’re going to catch a flight, you will surely arrive at Brussels airport which is the main and closest to the city centre. However low cost airlines fly to Charleroi Airport which isn’t too far from Brussels but you can catch a shuttle bus to the capital. You can also arrive by train from Amsterdam or Paris, or fly there directly from any major airport in Europe. The best time to travel to this city is undoubtedly in the summertime. During the months of May to September, the temperature is perfect: it is rarely too hot, without exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. During the winter months the temperature drops to 4 degrees Celsius, but it is also equally as fantastic to see Brussels at Christmas. The streets are filled with colourful lights and you can drink cups of hot Belgian chocolate and see the Grand Place illuminated or enjoy the charming Christmas markets in Brussels. In addition, there are plenty of apartments with fireplaces or jacuzzis depending on what you’re after.

Travel from Brussels to other cities

We recommend that you make a trip to another city in Belgium which is certainly worth your while to book more than one short-stay apartment.

  • Bruges: To get to Bruges from Brussels, you can take the train which costs approximately € 14.30 and takes an hour or so to get there. Bruges is a medieval city with beautiful canals - it is very small but has a special charm that means more people choose to visit every year. It is a typical trip made when travelling to Belgium. The tower of Belfort is probably its most recognisable landmark.
  • Ghent: To get from Brussels to Ghent you can choose to take the train or rent a car if you decide to do a larger tour. You have accommodation in Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp if you decide to spend the night in one of these incredible locations.
  • Amsterdam: Another common trip is to go from Brussels to Amsterdam by train. Once there, you can look at apartments in Amsterdam for rent and split your trip between two equally brilliant destinations.