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Our metasearch, Hundredroooms compares apartments in Kemer from Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor so that you can make that trip at the best price, because we know that you are passionate about travelling around the world and you deserve the nicest holiday rental in the neighbourhood which suits your needs. You will find 391 apartments with a view of the monuments in the city, 27 attics great for travelling in pairs, and 261 nice holiday apartments for those who love to travel with their families. Follow your dreams to travel, the most unimaginable escape that you've ever experienced in your life closer than you could imagine. Sleep in one of the low cost holiday rentals in Kemer and let's start looking for apartments which you're surely going to fall in love with!

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Think about all the time you spend comparing prices in plenty of pages selling holiday rentals in Kemer for your escape. With the holiday rentals in Kemer. you won't have an excuse to lose having the big opportunity to relax in a holiday rental in Kemer that you'd like to visit. Save your favourites and look for all your brilliant plans that you would like to do in Kemer and start to organize your day from when you go out from the holiday accommodation you're staying in, in the early hours until you come back when the day finally ends. Hundredrooms helps you to discover a holiday rental where you can share magical moments in Kemer and with partners like, HomeAwayor Airbnb . We find over 100 reservation websites to find the apartment that you love, so that you simply have to worry about clicking on the reservation and preparing your travel bag. We share your enthusiasm for travelling, the feeling that arrives every time we discover ourselves a proposal to go to a mythical city in Europe that you can't stop thinking about. When we travel with your travel partner, and connect, or simply because for a long time you wanted to see this place, it's not important why you want to travel as long as visiting different places in the planet. Would you like to start checking apartments in Kemer today which you've always wanted?

Holiday rentals in Kemer

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Holiday lettings in Kemer

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If you spend your weekend in an apartment on your trip in the city centre close to green areas, local shops and restaurants to do tours around the monuments and discover restaurants with a great beautiful gardens where you can eat under the stars. When you can relive amazing things , interesting stories of the night which you won't forget and you would like doing it all over again. Even though partying is not the only fun thing that you can do in Kemer. You have to feel the enjoyment found in tasting a local dish from Kemer that you've never tried. Try products from the gastronomy with such high quality that you'll try to find out the recipe and try to make it in the beautiful kitchen in your apartment. Shall we book your holiday rental and begin to create your itinerary for your trip?

Things to see in Kemer in 3 days

And we're sure you can book a holiday rental with dreamy views to the best sights of Kemer and get it at the best price. See the holiday villas located close to public transport that there are in the centre of the city, filter, and stay in the one from Booking that you want the most. You only need to organise your suitcase, we compare the best holiday villas. The tourist attractions in Kemer have been an important part of and a big part of the design of the city for many years. Do you think that you will have a lot to visit? Leaving your apartment in the early hours of the morning, get ready to walk around the gorgeous famous squares to experience your getaway to the maximum. an extra touch like a complimentary activity, you can even make the most of an afternoon on holiday buying local products in the local markets in Kemer, You have apartments really close! To conclude your getaway of non stop cultural tourism , by heading out is feeling closer to the daily life of the people of Antalya in the various local markets, from where you have the opportunity to get your hands on the souvenirs of the region, and ultimately making the most of having a chat with other tourists. Do you need to have more information for your next holiday? Visit our blog on travelling or our meta-search website for a detailed guide on all the secret attractions in different places of the world, we hope you find it practical if you're a regular traveller!

Where to eat in Kemer

Apart from visiting the most interesting neighbourhoods in the community you mustn't go back home again without first trying the essential aromas of the gastronomy in Kemer. The culinary art of this place is created by the ingredients that are grown here, offering an exclusive flavour. If you get the chance to add any of the old restaurants in Kemer in your plans it will fix your appetite and it will allow you to connect with a wonderful cooking culture with centuries of history.