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How about spend your holidays in the province of Bern? This area includes many of the most wonderful parts of the entire country. Every second which passes on your stay in Bern a memory in your mind to keep forever ; whether its in the streets of a town you picked , in the mountains of the town or in your own holiday rental in Bern . Whether you prefer to search for the ideal holiday rental in the natural area of the outskirts or you prefer in the central part of any of the most traditional cities , we're sure you'll have an incredible experience. Diversity will not be lacking , because we cooperate with websites dedicated to booking holiday rentals such as Homeaway, Airbnbor which means you have more possibilities to select from the holiday apartments available in this region in the entire country . In Bern you'll find 7921 Holiday rentals!

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The province of Bern saves still now a lot of elements which date back to the roots of their first locals , and evident in the hearts of the localities . The quaint villages have a lot of the personality ; although, combined with the biggest towns , all show perfectly the quality passed down from historical generations. This is the trait which best describes Bern, which too is made of various areas of interest , each and every one of them can be discovered all over the main parts this region. Castles , temples and various types of buildings typical in the centre of this area , of so many structures and from many periods of the past which appear to be impossible to make and which will surprise you. Get ready to go to wander around the province from top to bottom starting from your holiday villa in Bern!

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Appreciate the time in Bern ; don't spend your time locked up in you holiday cottage , regardless of how much you like it . The most amazing mysteries are waiting for you an your travel partners ; in a different ambience, unheard of for you . This is one of the most exciting choices of activities to do in Bern: explore up close the culture of this area in which you're staying. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the plants and the fauna which come from this region. And in or out of the unforgettable natural parks , you try out the routes of this province so that you can uncover any of the most secret treasures . The same with the towns : be a local and taste a snack in one of the local eateries in the main squares or buy classic products in any of the shopping centres that you pass when you're doing your tour .

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There are various main spots to see in Bern , none should be missing from your holiday itinerary . This part owns an extraordinary historical heritage , a quality obtained from previous civilisations of the area. The main traces of past years are present these days in the avenues and the historical part of the provinces . Certainly it's important that you visit see them yourself , making the most of your holiday time in Bern. The most distinguished pretty zones of interest are spread in the region , so wherever you are you'll be walking distance to some of the main sights in Bern.