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Hundredrooms gives you the opportunity to book from the best sites for holiday rental apartments in Camariñas from some of the best partners such as Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor to help you go on holiday as cheap as possible, because we know that you enjoy travelling to diverse places and you deserve the nicest holiday rental in the area which you love. In Camariñas there are 33 amazing apartments with a view of the monuments in the city, 1 studios made for couple holidays, and 27 homely tourist flats for those who love to travel with groups of friends. Never put limits on your dreams to travel, the most exciting escape that you've ever experienced before in your life now just a few clicks away. Sleep in any of the low cost holiday rentals in Camariñas and start comparing apartments which you will love!

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You have your idea all a list of brilliant things that you can experience in a holiday rental in Camariñas when you start on your travels. First, getting out of bed without a schedule is a small pleasure in life. Then you can start with a bit of music while you prepare the breakfast and try to cook that tasty pudding from A Coruña . Share unique, wonderful memories of your journey with your partner with the freedom that you might only be able to have in an apartment. Considering your preferences, we search the best apartments from TripAdvisor Camariñas and you reserve at the lowest price. Do your luggage and say goodbye to your hometown, Finally you have holidays! Get ready for a day filled with tourism in Camariñas looking at monuments with years of history. The beautiful thing of getting away is seeing the rarities that are history and celebrations from the different places around the world, speaking another language, taking a bike ride or simply drinking a hot chocolate in a small bar get lost around the old town and get out of your comfort zone to travel more than before and further away. Waking up in a city in a different part of the world is a sensation which you cannot put a price on, even though it's best if we find a holiday rental with the lowest price possible, right? We help you to move from your hometown to your holiday rental in the best way, great!

Holiday rentals in Camariñas

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Holiday lettings in Camariñas

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Would you like to get ready for all the most interesting things to see in Camariñas from the moment in which you get into your getaway and walk right into your holiday rental? The thing that we love most about the cities like Camariñas is that they have a great variety of attractions for adults and kids, this destination is where to go on holiday a great place to travel with all ages. They just look for to have a good time And the only interesting part of your holiday is not about just seeing monuments, we suggest going to travel with kids you can alternate the historical tourism with a quiet wander around the walkways which are most popular, on bike or doing hiking, see how good it is sleep when you return to your apartment! Seeing and observing the beauty of the natural parks of A Coruña , and when you're tired, you can find the possibility to take down the pace and to eat something in any of the pubs of the city. Taking a day trip to the zoo is one of the most interesting ideas and very useful if are planning to travel with kids. And don't forget, in many museums of Camariñas you can visit interactive expositions which you will like with the kids, with interactive elements and more activities that wake up your passion for art and history in A Coruña. If you're feeling energised and you think that there's nothing else in the city, well you have to know that luckily in Camariñas a lot of the things to do are with kids. For souvenir lovers, the main shopping centre in Camariñas is a great place to have a look around the shops. Do you feel like looking at holiday rentals with Hundredrooms and begin to plan your accommodation for your trip?

Things to see in Camariñas in 3 days

It's not different that you sleep in a holiday rental from where you can watch the monuments of Camariñas and also saving on your trip. You only have to compare the most amazing holiday rentals that are situated in the centre of the city, filter, and pick the one you like. You only need to think about making your luggage, we show you the best and most incredible holiday villas. How could we finish the holiday and go back without visiting all the attractions that Camariñas has! Leaving your apartment in the morning, let's follow the rhythm of Camariñas and wander around the wonderful famous squares to experience your getaway to the maximum. The places of interest in Camariñas have been a relevant part of and a big part of the evolution over a lot of time. And a bonus for your escape, you can even spend an afternoon on holiday shopping in the famous shops in Camariñas, You have the possibility to sleep in an apartment right next door! To conclude your days of non stop cultural tourism , what we would suggest is to head out from the most beautiful building in Camariñas getting around by bicycle to the place where you'll watch the best views of the countryside, and give yourself a treat afterwards with a tasty meal. Are you ready for the plan of your trip? First, let's start by booking a holiday rental!

Where to eat in Camariñas

Apart from getting to know the most interesting areas in this part of the world you won't be able to return home without first experiencing those classic aromas of the gastronomy in Camariñas. The culinary tradition of this area is completely formed by the ingredients that come from this eco-system, giving it a unique taste. If you get the chance to add any of the old restaurants in Camariñas in your timetable you can taste local foods and it will give you the possibility to connect with a wonderful cooking culture with decades of tradition.