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Compare thousands of apartments and villas in Madeira, find yours and explore one of the most fascinating archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean off the northwest coast of Africa. We have taken the time to search according to your tastes and requirements to bring you the most extensive offering of holiday rental availability on the Portuguese islands. Many holidaymakers travel to Madeira to take in some of the most incredible and fertile landscapes and volcanic scenery that there is to offer, and it is a place of truly overpowering natural beauty. Made up of the islands of Madeira, Desertas and Porto Santo, it has quickly become a popular destination with a whole range of Madeira accommodation. Just north of the Canary Islands, this tiny collection of islands is unique in its cultural offering. Now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it has a tremendous offering in terms of its flora and fauna and is also celebrated for its Madeira wine and gastronomy. You are guaranteed to be plunged into close proximity with some of the best botanical sites on earth while staying in one of the Madeira villas, all of which is grown on exuberant volcanic soil that means you will certainly eat well. Experiencing mild year-round temperatures, it has become a favourite for tourists and you can expect to go whale watching and enjoy its wonderful cuisine when visiting. Visit the capital of Funchal where they are a good amount of holiday apartments in Madeira- or stay in one of our villas in its deep green valleys or mountainous regions. We can help you save on time and money by searching across all of our partners and bringing the best of what they have to offer. In Madeira we have:

All about this portuguese island

Despite its size, Madeira has a vast and interesting history. It is the perfect mix of well preserved architecture and a mountainous backdrop that dates back to its origins from volcanic activity about 5 million years ago, which, in relation to the island of Porto Santo is relatively recent, as this island in fact dates back 14 million years! It was first discovered during the era of discovery by Portuguese explorers, who were following the leadership of Prince Henry the Navigator. It was immediately colonised due to the sheer richness of its history, landscape and luscious forests. It perhaps once developed a reputation as being a destination for honeymoon goers and little else, but has certainly reinvented itself in the past few years. It is now renowned for its outstanding rawness, luscious greenery and peaks. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break or a thrill-seeking adventure, Madeira has it all. It has a whole system of footpaths alongside the levadas (irrigation channels) which are perfect for all fitness levels, or alternatively has recently become popular for canyoning and mountain biking. In general, the weather in Madeira is glorious all year round. It only has a few rainy days per month between May and August, and if you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine and temperatures safely in the mid-20s, this is the best time to visit. While these are the hottest months, this is when accommodation in Madeira is particularly higher. While the island is not particularly equipped with sandy beaches, it has a fantastic natural offering and can be hiked throughout the year. With this in mind, the average temperatures never really drop below 16 degrees Celsius and you’ll have on average between 7 and 10 hours of sunshine. It is also worth noting that the price of villas is also noticeably lower during the winter months, so it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. If you are looking for an escape from gloomy weather but something cheaper, we would highly recommend visiting in October or November when the sunlight is still plentiful, but temperatures are perhaps slightly lower than the summer months. Depending on what you’re searching for from your holiday rental, Hundredrooms can sort accordingly. Looking for villas with a pool? Or perhaps self-catering is exactly what you’re after. We take this into account according to the filters that you select when using our holiday rental comparison technology. We use a unique system that sorts through thousands of Madeira holiday rentals in a matter of seconds - the hard work is done for you! Now all that’s left for you to do is browse from the best and book.

Places to stay in Madeira

These islands are to this day largely untouched by mass tourism, and it is important to know the geography of the island when taking into consideration where you would like to stay. While the islands are not as well equipped as other islands with endless sandy beaches to bathe on, this does not particularly matter. However, if you prefer to be relaxing on warm beaches, we would recommend that you choose a villa on the south coast of the island. The north of the island is dotted with incredible mountainside villages that are enjoyed for their authenticity. The south of the island certainly has its fair share of luxury villas that are sure to take your fancy. The north of the island is an absolute must if you are a nature lover and would like to spend your holiday exploring and hiking the incredible landscape.

  • Funchal: This is probably the most famous site on the islands, and is also the capital city. Overlooked by rolling hills, it has an impressive harbour, wonderfully manicured public gardens and is replete with Madeira wine cellars. Towering above the harbour is the Sao Tiago fortress which has since been transformed into the Contemporary Art Museum where you can admire a series of Portuguese works. The 16th century cathedral is an important feature of the city. Many people choose to find where to stay here in Funchal.
  • Madeira Island: This is the principal island of the archipelago. It is characterised by its rich volcanic landscape, rocky ravines and sea cliffs. The locals live mainly in beautiful and peaceful villages at the mouths of the ravines. Typical of this island are the levadas which are old levies which can be crossed by foot. Funchal, the capital is located on this island, and popular sites include the Caves of Sao Vicente and the Volcanic Centre. In fact, some of the best sights include the natural wonders formed by the volcanic activity of the island. The suburb of Monte is particularly impressive, and can be reached from Funchal uphill by cable car.
  • Porto Santo Island: The sweeping landscape of this incredible island is something to be marvelled at. It is famous for having warm waters that are perfect for swimming, but in particularly for diving. The capital of Vila Baleira could be a possibility for your holiday apartment is home to the Christopher Columbus House Museum and we recommend hiking to the Pedreira viewpoint. This island is also home to the Porto Santo Beach which is best recognised for being long and sandy.
  • Porto Moniz: A popular spot for cheap apartments as there are plenty of facilities for tourists, and it is located in the northwest corner of the island of Madeira. It is home to lava pools that are particularly fantastic for bathing in warm and pleasant waters.
  • Sao Vicente: Also located in the north of the island of Madeira, it is most famous for its volcanic caves that are a work of natural wonder and are waiting to be explored.. You can find some peaceful apartments to rent in Madeira in this region if you’re looking to be close to nature.
  • Santana: Choosing to stay in Santana might interest you if you are thinking of staying near the fantastic triangular-shaped traditional houses that are typical of Madeira.
  • Camara de Lobos: Once a traditional fishing village, this picturesque village was the source of inspiration for many who have visited Madeira in the past.

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Museu CR7 & points of interest in Madeira

  • Museu CR7: You might recognise Madeira as the birthplace of world class footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo. This museum is where you can find his trophies, and is located in his hometown of Funchal. Above the museum is a hotel.
  • Madeira Story Centre: This is a modern museum where you can discover more about the history of Madeira which features an interactive exhibition and has a bistro and terrace.
  • Museu Quinta das Cruzes: Here you can find many artefacts of ceramics, art, jewellery and more situated in a beautiful 18th century villa and luscious gardens.
  • Sacred Art Museum of Funchal: This is a good example of sacred art dating from the Renaissance, and is situated in a picturesque setting.
  • Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas: An interesting building that was formerly an 18th century house. It is dedicated to the decorative arts.
  • Universo de Mémorias: Another collection of decorative arts in an 1800s house that is certainly worth the visit.
  • Museu da Madeira Wine Company: Here you can taste the Madeira wine for yourself, and there are also some letters from Winston Churchill.
  • Museu da Baleia: An interactive and modern museum on the whaling history of Madeira.
  • Museu de História Natural do Funchal: Located in the Palace of Saint Peter, this is a natural history museum located in Funchal.
  • Cabo Girão: This is a popular lookout point located on a sea cliff in the south of the island and is very popular with visitors to the island.
  • Pico de Areitio: This is the third highest peak on the island, and reaches 1,818m in height. It is one of the most outstanding views over the island that certainly merits a visit.
  • Pico Ruivo: This is in fact the highest peak in the islands. It is reached by foot hiking from one of two points - Pico do Areiro or Achada de Teixeira.
  • Mount Pico: This is the highest mountain in Portugal at 2,351m in height. It is a stratovolcano and one of the island’s geographical wonders.
  • Madeira Botanical Garden: A beautiful day out should be spent here - it is located on the hill and has a natural history museum, incredible local flora, views across the sea and a bird park.
  • Sao Vicente Caves: Located in the north of the island, this is a system of lava tubes that are some of the most amazing natural wonders that you can possibly see. Formed by volcanoes, you can travel inside and admire them.
  • Praia de Calheta: One of the sandy beaches in the south of the island. Here you have all of the facilities necessary for sunbathing and swimming. There are also water sport facilities.
  • Madeira Theme Park: A fantastic day out for the kids, this is a theme park which is themed in Madeira’s cultural traditions.