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Let Peniche impress you! The fantastic natural countryside from your holiday letting and the incredible historical heritage of the province allows you to have a great time , whether it's cold or it's hot . A county which certainly is worth a few days there regardless of the month of the year . this area is known for being one of the prettiest parts of the country ; in particular for the architecture of the cities , which are just as breathtaking as the landscapes . Forming by a long way the most fascinating places where you should commence checking for your holiday apartment in Peniche. Whether you choose one of the less famous or one of the most modern cities, you'll have the peace of a traveller alongside the accessibility of a local person of Peniche . With the contribution of our partners such as , for example,, HomeAway or Airbnb , among over 100 more , you have the possibility to find your holiday in the city that you fancy . Reserve one of the 700 Holiday rentals available in this region!

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Travelling to Peniche is the best solution to get to know counties submerging entirely in their most special traditions. Thanks to the big importance in the tradition and habits of the whole country , this province is known for cities with a legacy and customs which are evident in the state of this country . Also, wherever you end up you can explore monuments famous and historical , which when you're there you have to see in Peniche , your temporary home. The local gastronomy of this area is also important to know due to the flavour of the products from the land and the culinary character of the most traditional cooking . We're sure you'll feel relaxed in this province from when you arrive , no matter what part you stay in your holiday villa in Peniche.

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Are you , still, thinking about what there is to do on your holiday in Peniche? If you love the environment , the natural areas that you can find here are , without a doubt, excellent. The ideal way to submerge yourself and roam around the beautiful green spaces and plants of the county is wandering around the land close to your holiday apartment in Peniche. Live with any of the different hiking routes close to to your favourite holiday rental . A perfectly situated apartment or , failing that, a means of transport to rent gives you the possibility to visit the best kept streets of the nearby communities. Go to some of the commercial roads , in which you can purchase the traditional products from Peniche; and also you should make the most of travel to the most remote rural areas.

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Had you heard that Peniche holds some the most relevant castles historical in the country ? And also, the history where they come from are no less . Don't miss any of the the surprises that you're able to see in Peniche ! A province that hides secrets in every hiding place. Among the most characteristic places of the county there are buildings of the most varied design and origins : starting with the most historic and ending with the recent . if your ideal trip is to enjoy your experience in Peniche, Without a doubt you definitely have to get up and close to one of those . You cannot forget passing through the popular town centres of the most traditional most traditional cities . Nothing is irrelevant , all without exception give off an air which bring you back to the past : the details of the houses , the churches , the shopping streets ...