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The spectacular region of Friesland is counting down the hours for your arrival! This county of the entire country has some of the most vibrant and interesting places in the nation . You can pick your holiday rental in Friesland in the area which suits your needs , which means you can experience your stay to the maximum in the neighbourhood of all your dreams. A place where everything is possible. Explore every centimetre of the region of Friesland and find out all of its unknown hidden places . From east to west and north to south , don't leave any left undiscovered. Find the holiday rental in Friesland ideal for you we're sure you won't have any issues , we have a big database of holiday rentals collaborating with Hundredrooms. Booking, Wimdu and Tripadvisor are just some of the main ones , and we have many more . Thanks to our comparison website the really difficult part is choosing . You can choose between 2215 Holiday rentals in Friesland!

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There are plenty of villages in Friesland , some of which very visited also within the rest of the country, they reveal the attractiveness and culture of the county to the max. This is one of the biggest virtues from this piece of the world : any localisation is excellent to enjoy while you're in your apartment in Friesland. the smallest towns will bring you closer to the habits of this place resulting in a much more original experience; In the community with the most monuments you will feel like a local and you'll be able to get to know the places of interest while getting to know an urban atmosphere . Wherever you go , don't miss out on getting to know the famous buildings at the same time as the main architecture from all around this region of Friesland and also from the nation.

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Travelling to Friesland means immersing yourself in a very characteristic destination with a lot to discover . It will be possible to roam around the towns and understand everything about here , find some characteristic artisan products from this area and explore the main centre . The same as if you could be a local of Friesland. The stunning natural parks located in this area have every type of tree scattered around . Not exclusively because they are beautiful and a few of the best preserved in The the whole country , but , also , because they're sights which really shape this region. Now you know, if you love nature , you've found yourself on the right route to the right direction . Discover all the hikes in in Friesland!

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Now you know all the activities and everything you should see in Friesland? This county has an extraordinary legacy so much environment and history , which comes from centuries ago. In case you would like your travels to have a pure style of objective, to reserve your apartment in Friesland you should reconsider the place where you can find the most famous places of this region. And a few of the sights of interest in Friesland are dispersed around these borders , many without any pattern. Examine the map of Friesland and don't miss out on exploring the typical architecture and castles . Nevertheless, the place where you'll find the main essence of this place is in the old towns of the most known villages . Without going further, we should get lost in the shopping streets and grasp the local traditions of this part which are especially apparent in the themes of the buildings.