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Allow yourself to be impressed by Leiden! We're talking about a region which unquestionably deserves that you visit , no matter what month it may be on your travel . The incredible natural sky from your holiday flat and the rich history of this area allows you to have an incredible time , whether it's hot or it's cold . this area is characterised by being one of the most attractive parts of the country ; mainly for the value of the villages and towns which are just as great as their mountains . Being the perfect places to begin checking for your holiday rental in Leiden. Whether you rent one of the smallest or one of the biggest cities, you'll feel the accessibility of a native person of Leiden alongside the peace of a tourist . With the help of our other pages such as , for example, Airbnb, HomeAway or , among many others , you're able to find your holiday rental in the city that you fancy . Book one of the 65 Holiday rentals available around this province!

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With history and heritage which are visible in the state of the country , this county is special for having localities with an unquestionable importance in the nation . Visiting Leiden is a way to to be able to see counties immersing completely in their local customs. Also, wherever you go to you'll find monuments historical and famous , which once you're there you can't miss in Leiden , your favourite destination. The typical gastronomy of this destination also deserves a mention too due to the flavour of the natural products from the eco-system and the authenticity of the classic cooking . Regardless of the place where you rent your apartment in Leiden, you'll feel in love from the moment you get inside.

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You won't be able to do all the things to do in Leiden . From walking around the boulevard of the village that you want and buying the typical products such as if you were a resident also, until getting in a vehicle and choosing a tour around its the most spectacular villages or its beautiful passageways in the outskirts from there . The centres forms a special setting to learn about the customs from Leiden , as that, rural part of the local land is part of a different spirit . if you choose to do a trip around one of the best parts of this province , There won't be any shortage of tours, hiking routes to enjoy and beautiful lakes which you will want to visit . The surrounding makes exactly the main attributes of this region , seeing it should be a must during your trip to Leiden.

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Leiden is a county filled with an impressive value, both natural and at a level very monumental . Don't loose the points of interest that you have to go to in Leiden. One example, going to at least one of the castles you should not miss during your stay , in the same way that you shouldn't loose any of the main chapels . Without forgetting the most typical squares and parks of the heart of the main towns in this area . In the event that local culture would be one of your priorities , your holiday tours definitely should involve taking a walk around any of those places. Leiden is an authentic bag of surprises, experience it all from the patio of your holiday chalet .